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Some Fun Family Friendly Games To Be On The Lookout For

Some Fun Family Friendly Games To Be On The Lookout For

Parents are always looking for ways to spend more time with their children. While parents would like to see their kids playing outside, kids love video games. Video games are easily accessible, with endless possibilities for play. Great family-friendly games will impart some value to the child, while teaching critical thinking skills and broadening their imagination. Keep reading for some family-friendly video games that would be great for a virtual hangout.


BLOCKLORDS, the first medieval blockchain game, is a strategy game for many people where players make their adventure in a shared medieval land. MetaKing Studios, a company that started with only a few employees, now spans eight countries and employs more than 100 people. MetaKing created Blocklords as a fun, strategy game that would stand the test of time.  It was designed to be a game where multiple players make their adventure inside a shared medieval land.

Players can engage in different play styles such as fighting, farming, and ruling. Players’ skills and decisions impact the economy and allow gamers to affect the entire world of Blocklords. The world contains risks, rewards, and opportunities. Gamers who want more details can check it out here.

The Last Campfire

The Last Campfire is an adventure based on a puzzle about the quest for the meaning of life and the meaning of home. It is cute, but there is a dark side at the edge, which provides an excellent opportunity for parents to discuss the evil in the world with their children. The story is about Ember, who is lost. He must travel through caves, woods, and marshlands to get back home. While on the quest, Ember meets mythical creatures and spirits who are at each campfire.

Among Us

Among Us is an online video game played from almost any device with WiFi. The game takes place on a space station. To win a round, each gamer must complete certain tasks. The difficulty is an impostor on the ship that tries to sabotage and kill players. This game relies heavily on deduction, teamwork, and betrayal. This is a game played with a group, and players can generate a code to play only with those they know. The rounds are quick, and there is very little player interaction.


Unpack is a Zen-like puzzle game developed by Witch Beam, a development studio based in Australia. While shifting gears is usually a stressful activity, this game challenges this with soft background music and a whimsical retro art style. The game gives hints about the character while following his journey through 8 houses. As gamers unpack their belongings, they discover more of the character’s story by noticing items they possess and leave behind when they move. This is a family-friendly video game that tells a story along the way.

Parents want to have a positive influence on their children while encouraging creativity and building problem-solving skills. Playing a quality video game together can give a medium for instruction and an outlet for fun together.

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