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How and Where Can You Play Cribbage Online

How and Where Can You Play Cribbage Online


Cribbage is a fun game you can play with friends or online. You can even compete in online Cribbage tournaments. As it is so popular, numerous Cribbage apps help players score in personal games, score tricky hands, or use your gaining strategy. 


If you are wondering where can I play online Cribbage with a friend, we have got your back. We have tested many different websites and listed the best ones in this post. 


Top Sites to Play Cribbage Online 


If you are wondering where can I play Cribbage online for free, check out the below-mentioned sites. 


Play Cribbage Online 


It's a popular site where you can freely play Cribbage card game without any issue. This site also has rules and the gameplay that you can go through to understand how Cribbage is played like a pro. Besides Cribbage, you can play many other games through this site, like Solitaire, Hearts, Euchre, Spades, Rummy, and Gin Rummy. 




It's a popular Cribbage online site that offers multiple varieties of this game to choose from. You get an option to choose from a traditional game to 11 other variations, which include Team Cribbage, Cribbage Baseball, Kings Cribbage, and more. 


Once you have created a free account and enabled Java on your computer, you can freely play the game through this site. You can freely choose whether you want to compete with computers or other players. 


eCribbage also lets you play Cribbage tournaments and compete with random opponents so you can get better at your game. This gaming site also has testimonials from happy users. It has over 109,000 registered players. 


What's better about eCribbage:


  • It has multiple players 
  • Great competition 
  • 12 different cribbage variations 
  • It gives you the chance to play against famous HAL bots 


What could be better:


  • The graphics of this site's game does not feel very new


Rubl Games 


Next is Rubl Games, which offers options for single and multi-player games. This site has two variants, including six-card Cribbage and five-card Cribbage. If you want to play this game smoothly on the browser, you need Java and Flash. Additionally, there is an HTML5 version. 


Even though this site has not been updated for many years, it is still popular among thousands of players. For Android phones, this gaming site has also launched an app. 


Cribbage Classic 


The simplest version of the game lets you play for free. This site only gives you the option to play against the computer. That means the multiplayer option is unavailable. 


Before registering with this site, it's important to note that it is advertising-supported. Thus, you would have to view ads while playing. This site lets you change the game settings to provide hints, change the card, or manually count scores. 


You can also check the tutorial that will help you enhance your game. Although Cribbage Classic does not have all the features, it's still one of the most trusted sites to play Cribbage online. 


If you have recently started playing Cribbage and want to sharpen your skills, this is the right site. 


Cribbage JD


Cribbage JD is one of the complete Cribbage games that have better graphics, progress tracking, and achievements. It also offers you the ability to play against real humans. 


Interestingly, Cribbage JD is available on iPhone and Android as a mobile app. Also, it syncs your user stats and level. But if you want to chat with your friends, you must use the Facebook version of Cribbage JD. 


What's better about Cribbage JD:


  • It offers fun player achievements 
  • It supports in-depth statistic tracking 
  • Online multiplayer 
  • User account syncs with mobile apps 


What could be better: 


  • The graphics of Cribbage JD does not feel new 
  • The chat option is only available for the Facebook version 


Free Cribbage Apps for Mobile Devices 


Are you wondering where can I play Cribbage online? Well, here are some more options. 


Besides the websites, there are a few mobile apps as well that let you play this game. If you are interested in playing Cribbage on the go for free, you can choose one of these apps that works perfectly well on iOS and Android devices. 


Cribbage Pro


Cribbage Pro is a free app created by Fuller Games and is available for Android and iOS devices. It comes with three difficulty levels, trophy achievements, and multi-player tournaments. 


You can also send messages to your friends while playing the game. This gaming app is trusted by several people and has thousands of positive reviews. If you want to use the ad-free version of Cribbage Pro, you must pay $2.99. 


Ultimate Cribbage 


It's an ultimate gaming app that is available for iOS and Android. This app is created by Wild Card Games and is quite popular among the players. Ultimate Cribbage comes with a six-player difficulty level, Shotgun variation, and Muggins. 


If you are new to the Cribbage playing world, you can also get access to live hints to enhance your game. In addition, Ultimate Cribbage lets you read explanations so you can understand how a hand was scored. Plus, there are daily challenges and chances to earn medals. Lastly, this app offers an in-app purchase for coins that ranges from 99 cents to $100. 


Enjoy Cribbage Online 


Enjoy Cribbage Online is also an exciting app where you can play the Cribbage game without any issue. You can play through this app even if you do not have a partner. It offers playing options for both multiplayer and single games. 


Benefits of Playing Cribbage Online 


Cribbage is an interesting game that you can either play on the traditional board or online. But it's advised to choose the online version as it eliminates the hassle of purchasing the original Cribbage board. 


Also, when you play online, you do not have to worry about keeping track of your scores. This way, opponents cannot steal your missed points. Furthermore, when you play online, you do not have to look for people to play with you, as many sites and apps offer single-player options. 




We hope this post has answered your question, "where can I play Cribbage online with a friend?" You can also play the game through different mobile apps with your friends or on the single-player mode. 


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