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From Hero to Villain — Here Are 3 of the Most Loved Legend of Zelda Characters

From Hero to Villain — Here Are 3 of the Most Loved Legend of Zelda Characters

Nintendo announced that it had sold 906,000 Switch consoles in March of 2017, along with 925,000 copies of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game. While the fact that the gaming giant sold more copies of the game than the console itself showcases the sheer popularity of the Zelda series, there are many characters that fans have come to love over the years. From the beloved avatar himself to underrated characters and even a villian, here are just three of the most loved — and what makes them so popular to begin with.
Link, the hero
As an avatar for the player since the beginning of The Legend of Zelda games, fans cannot help but love the character — green cap, tunic, and all. As the main protagonist, Link is best known for being the designated hero that is tasked with saving Princess Zelda, though coupled with the fact that he’s the avatar is what truly sets him apart from others. For instance, because players use the avatar to play, they get to experience Link’s adventures first hand. In turn, this allows fans to gain a personal and engaging gameplay experience with the character and the game as a whole.
A love-to-hate villain?
Ghirahim is a well known villain in The Legend of Zelda series, though may be particularly remembered due to his role in the game Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Rather than a playable character in the game, Ghirahim is presented as the central antagonist, and while not the final boss to beat he does appear several times throughout the game in order to stop Link from saving Skyloft. While the villain’s cocky attitude is a main part of his personality, players must beat him in the game by using a sword and shield in order to stave off Ghirahim’s ruthless attacks (or by using the Goddess Sword, which will allow for Ghirahim’s attacks to be reflected back onto him). In any case, Ghirahim’s overconfident and cocky demeanor coupled with winning a battle against him make for the perfect love-to-hate situation, making him one of the most popular villain’s of the series. 
Groose’s notable character development
Often an overlooked character when compared to bigger names like Princess Zelda herself, Groose first appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as a student at the Knight’s Academy. While Groose proved himself to be one of the strongest students in the Academy, however, many who have played the game will likely remember the character due to the undeniable rivalry he had with Link, much of which was due to Groose’s apparent crush on Zelda, as he disliked how close Link was with her. One notable instance of Groose’s character, however, can be recalled when Groose headed to the Sealed Temple to ask the Old Woman where Zelda is — only to be told that he was not the one who would be the hero who would save her. Eventually, Groose does wind up taking his own, separate way, which highlights a major character development that many fans can’t help but love. Finding work through the creation of a device he names the ‘Groosenator’, Groose’s efforts are proved to have been a necessity in helping Link re-seal a threatening beast.
The Legend of Zelda games have been around for quite some time, making for a number of fan-favorite, popular characters. Whether it be an underdog like Groose, a villain like Girahim, or the avatar himself, there’s no doubt that each brings their own personality to the table.
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