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Cool Statistics About Your League Account

Cool Statistics About Your League Account

League of Legends is an online game played by millions of players. This is a battle game that was inspired by Defense of the Ancients. Creators want to make a stand-alone game and did so in 2009. This game is a multi-player game that is also an action role-playing game.

            There are many websites that give you information about League of Legends. There are also websites that you can check your accounts worth to see how much you have in your game. You can do some research and find out all you need to know about League of Legends.

            This article will share some cool statistics about your League account. There may be some things that even you did not know about. Read on to get some interesting information about League of Legends.

Cool Stuff

      1. During the World Championships in 2016, nearly two hundred thousand minions were killed. Cloud 9’s Sneaky broke the all-time record of creep score with six hundred ninety last hits.
      2. Steve Mieczkowski said that the first champion ever to be created in the game was named Singed the Mad Chemist. Although he was the first champion created, he was the eighteenth champion released. Read more about Steve Mieczkowski here: He is an interesting person to read about.
      3. Only one person out of nearly two million participants correctly guessed the outcome of every match in a Pick’em in 2016. For his efforts he received all three ultimate skins and 2 poro summoner icons. This was worth about sixty-five US dollars, but the win was more important than the money.
      4. Teemo the champion was based off an emoticons terrifying grin. The creators only had the grin to work with and the team created a character that you love to hate – or hate to love. The name, Teemo, comes from an anagram of the word “emote.”
        Cool Statistics About Your League Account
      5. The Urf the Manatee skin has helped to raise money for a foundation to save endangered manatees. This was done due to the fact that the skin was once the most expensive skin to buy and then became the cheapest one.
      6. Riot announced in 2016 that an interview that they had reached over one hundred million monthly players. In 2014, they had only sixty thousand players, so they nearly doubled their player base in about two years. It continues to grow each year and has no signs of slowing down at this point.
      7. There are odds of seeing a pentakill that are one in one hundred fifty matches. The odds of getting a pentakill yourself are only one in fifteen hundred. The people most likely to get a pentakill are Master Yi, Jinx, and Katarina. Read more statistics about the game here. You can be the talk of the next party when you learn some of them.
      8. A condom filled with beans and dog food being slapped against a wall was used to make the sound effects for Zac’s abilities and his bouncing against the wall. This was disgusting but worked well for the sounds.
      9. The tier with the most AFK, or away from keyboard, rates of about ten percent is the Unranked tier. Out of all tiers put together, the Brazilian server region had eleven percent of people AFK.
      10. Unchained Alistar is the most popular skin, with Riot Girl Tristana coming in second. These are two of the free skins that you can get for subscribing to Riot’s YouTube channel or liking their Facebook page.
      11. Defense of the Ancients and League of Legends were both created by the same person, Steve Feak. He is one of the three original creators of the game and scouted by Riot to help create League of Legends.
      12. Most of the characters in League of Legends were named after key people at Riot Games. This includes the Morellonomicon that was named after Riot Morello, and Ashe who is named after Ashley Merrill.
      13. If you wait patiently and read the credits after Play Aram, you will get a little surprise. Lissandra will give a nearly two-minute monologue giving you some interesting facts about the game. You must win the Howling Abyss to see the monologue.
      14. There is a dark story in the land of League of Legends that involves Urf. The legend says that while Urf was swimming in Summoner’s Rift a blood hunter killed him. Not only did the blood hunter kill Urf, but he also stole his skin. That evolved into the skin called Urfwick.
      15. A big surprise for many people is that the fashion designer, Louis Vuitton, is a partner in League of Legends. The True Damage skin design was made with the help of Louis Vuitton. Some of the designs from their line were used in the design of the game as well.
      16. Many of the champions in the game are related to one another. Seven sets of champions are related to each other. Most of that was common knowledge, but some had to be learned throughout the game.
      17. In the deserts of Shurima in the country of Runeterra lives mystical beings called the bracken. The essence of these beings is poured into the crystals that make up their bodies and emit powerful energy. While they were sleeping, scientists in the world found them and used their essence for fuel.

These are just a few of the hidden facts about the awesome game called League of Legends. There are more secrets that you can find by playing the game or doing a little research on your own. These facts can become interesting fodder for the next time you play a round of the game.

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