System Requirements
PC OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP CPU: 300Mhz RAM: 64MB HDD: 20MB VIDEO: 8MB 3D accelerated, Direct X 7 compatible SOUND: 16 bit Direct X 7 Compatible AGE: Everyone


The Evil Dr. Jet has trapped Seb inside his castle Chaos which has many magic labyrinths. There are eighty 3D mazes altogether but to win, you must escape through twenty randomly selected mazes. The mazes get tougher towards the end. Can you help Seb escape?

Just mazes?

These are magic labyrinths, so it\'s more than just finding your way to the exit. There are enchanted tiles which you must cover with blocks in order to cross them. Sometimes you\'ll discover there are blocks in your way. Be careful when moving them. You don\'t want to get yourself stuck! Many labyrinths also have turn stiles. They will only move a certain way so don\'t get them jammed or you\'ll be trapped for eternity!

How do I score?

There are four levels of difficulty (easy, dopey, crazy and insane). The harder of a level you play, the more points you get for beating a level. There are other factors on how you can rack up points. You get points for completing the maze in less than the suggested amount of time. You can also get points for taking less steps then the average amount. Finally, if you do a combo move you can get some nice points added to your name.


From a Christian perspective there are magic references to the mazes you cross but overall this game is very clean. There is no magic use or anything like that. Virtual Insanity is safe for the whole family and will make everyone think. Some of the mazes are quite challenging. There will be a junior version coming out soon.

Overall experienceEase of use

This game is easy to install and play. The controls use the WASD or arrow keys. My only complaint with the interface is that it would be nice is there was an option to save your progress. Stability wise I ran across some fatal errors. Sometimes it happened when I first started the game, other times it happen when I got to level 16 or so. Very annoying. For the most part it ran well. The graphics are 3D accelerated so make sure your card can support it. The animated backgrounds are random, there are some really cool looking ones. The background music was techno like and fit real nice. The sound effects were fitting but a little repetitive. This game is single player only, however when I played it I often found a crowd around me helping out. For $12.95 this game is well worth it. It\'s fun to play, but it will also make you think real hard.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play B+ Sound B Interface B Stability C Offensive Content A

Overall 81% B-

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