System Requirements
OS: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP CPU: 400MHz RAM: 64 MB RAM (128MB for Windows XP) VIDEO: 32 MB direct 3D capable video card SOUND: DirectX 8 compatible sound card
The Madden NFL series has dominated football simulation games for over a decade. With the fast game play, awesome graphics, intelligent AI, various game moves and game modes, the streak will surely continue. The question remains: Even though I am a girl and don\'t know much about football (I just know what a touchdown is), Will I still enjoy this game?

Game Modes

There will be several game modes available in the full game. You will be able to do Exhibition, Franchise, Mini-Camp, 2-minute Drill, Practice, and Situation. The Exhibition and mini-camp is unlocked in the demo. If you\'re like me and needing training...mini-camp is where you should start.


Mini-Camp will teach you how to do all the moves you need to play some serious football. For example you will learn: Clutch kicking, Precision Passing, Ground Attacks, Chase & Tackle, Pocket Presence, Trench Fight, and Swat Ball. The demo has the swat ball technique unlocked. Swat ball is blocking a pass form the intended receiver. The training exercises teach you how to maneuver and which controls to use. This is very useful for a newbie like me. As you complete drills you will unlock different game situations. So practice, practice, practice!

Game Play

When you think you know what you\'re doing it\'s time to play an Exhibition. There are four levels of difficulty. (Rookie, Pro, All Pro, Madden) The only teams you can play in the demo are the Rams and the Patriots. You choose your controller options and play ball. The game play is VERY realistic. You take into consideration the weather conditions like humidity, wind, temperature etc. After the coin is tossed, be prepared for some real action! You can switch between real life football players at any time. You also choose your game plan/strategy before each play. When you make a good move you\'ll see instant replays with cool camera effects. There is a matrix looking effect as you see all the angles of a ball being intercepted. Very well done! In the full game you will be able to call time outs, challenge plays, and build strategies.


From a Christian stand point this game is no different than watching football on TV. I see nothing wrong with it. There\'s tackling, fighting, and taunting but no blood. The cheer leaders in the game are no different than the ones on TV.


To start off I must say that the graphics are amazing. The players are highly detailed and very life like. The sound effects were great too...sounds like you\'re actually at a real game! You hear the audience, referees, players talking to each other. Very nicely done. For controls you can use keyboard, game pad, or keyboard and mouse. The combinations for doing various moves has a bit of a learning curve. I am sure seasoned Madden players will adjust nicely but newbies like me may struggle. The demo ran fine for me with an exception of one blue screen/reboot. For multiplayer, there are online championships so you\'ll be able to play against your friends. You can play every team under the sun, there is plenty to do to keep you busy. I am sure any football fan will appreciate this game. This game was pretty fun but I still don\'t care much for football :P

Final Ratings

Graphics A Sounds/Music B+ Game play A Interface B Stability B Appropriateness A

Overall 89%

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