System requirements
OS: Windows XP/2000/ME/98 CPU: 333Mhz RAM: 128MB HDD: 1 GB VIDEO: 8MB with 3D acceleration SOUND: 16 bit Direct X 8 compatible Age: Teen

When you start this game you are a simple farmer plowing the fields. You get news that the Krug have destroyed your farm, family, friends, and the world of Ehb you have once known. You set down your hoe and pick up a knife and vow revenge. You are told of a person in the next town that will help and join you party. From there your adventure begins.


Your will journey across the land of Ehb through mountains, caves, dungeons and deserts. The scenery is amazing and the land is full of rich colors and detail. Enemies lurk around ever corner, often bearing nice treasure when defeated. You don\'t have to fight alone. Along the way you will encounter many willing to join your cause. Some are free others, charge a hefty sum. You can have up to eight characters in your party. One great feature in this game is pack mules. They are a great way to stow away items you plan to sell or just can\'t wear yet.

What am I?

Most RPG games make you choose your character class in the beginning like mage, warrior, archer etc. This game is unique and lets you become what you use most! You still have your typical attributes like strength, intelligence, and dexterity. If you use melee weapons you will increase your strength, bows will increase your dexterity, and magic increases your intelligence. Dungeon Siege uses a complex system for increasing your stats and magic levels. For example healing spells won\'t increase magic levels as well as attacking spells will. The harder the enemies you fight, the more experience you will earn towards your skill.

How hard is it?

Most of the fighting is click and kill. The enemy AI is challenging and there are hot spots that you walk on and they will spawn. Once you defeat an enemy they will not spawn again. The enemies will get progressively harder as you get stronger and as your party gets bigger. You can always re-adjust your difficulty setting during the game. Like most games there are bosses that you will fight to move on the next chapter. Some of the bosses are incredibly easy while others are pretty challenging.


Although this game did not crash on me, I still did encounter some glitches. As I mentioned earlier this game has hot spots. Unfortunately I had my toughest warrior get stuck in the goblin dungeon. I e-mailed their debug team and did not get a response. I know others have experienced the same glitch, so I hope this gets fixed when the patch is released. To solve the problem I disbanded him from my group since my previous save was not very recent. Also, sometimes the treasure items are hard to reach when opening chests. Other than that the game ran fine.


From a Christian perspective this game has some things that need mentioning. You will be hacking and slashing many creatures through out your journey so yes there is violence. You can disable blood or even turn it green if you like. There are also cheat codes to make it more bloody if you prefer. You will be fighting a variety of monsters including dragons, goblins, and many original arachnid looking types. You\'ll encounter some darker creatures like undead, skeletons, and horned ones called Kells. Magic can be used in this game, but it\'s not mandatory. Although the Christian God is not mentioned, they have a god named Azunai. Finally, some of the villagers/shop keepers you encounter will have colorful vocabulary and swearing.

Overall experienceEase of use

The game was easy to play. The interface was simple to use and was designed very intelligently. The game engine loads just once, which is nice. You can zoom in and out freely and the map view is great to see where you have and haven\'t explored. The graphics and character detail were great. Your character reflected every change in armor and the creature animation was great. I also enjoyed the cinematic cut scenes. The musical score is awesome, I really want the music from this game! The sound effects were unique for each creature type and the voice acting was good. The single player mode will give you over 30 hours of game play. When you defeat the game there is a new world and new quests for you to explore through Multiplayer. You can fight together or do player killing. You can also import your character from the single player game, but you cannot save it back. Overall this is a fun and relatively clean game. It does contain violence, swearing, and evil looking creatures. There are many MODs out for this game, so if you do buy it, you\'ll get your moneys worth!

Final Ratings

Graphics A+ Game play A Sound A+ Interface A Stability B Offensive Content C

Overall 90% A-

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