Doom3: Resurrection of Evil Developed by: ID Software Published by: Activition Release year: 2005 ESRB Rating: M Requirements: -384 MB RAM -8X CD-ROM -1.5ghz+ Intel Pentium 4 Processor/ Athlon XP 1500+ - Direct X 9.0c 64mb 3D Card For: PC
Ah yes, Doom3 caused a bit of a debate on this site when it was first released some nine months ago. Now this somewhat early released add on pack has graced the shelves (Or forsaken them, which ever way you look at it.) and the question is raised:

?Is it any good.?

Well I can honestly say the add-on is a MASSIVE let down.

So how does it look?

Stunning, but then again it is a Doom III add on. The graphics are crisp and clear, you can make out every gory detail in full 1600x1200 pixels. The lighting is sheer stunning and the models look fantastic, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the graphics, well apart from the fact you?ll need a cutting edge machine to play it on and of course a copy of Doom3.

What?s the story?

Two years have past since the demonic invasion of the ultra modern UAC facility on Mars, which was of course was quickly covered up by the UAC and forgotten about. However things are never that simple and all it takes is a mysterious signal to be detected in order for the UAC to mount a full scale team to investigate, led by one Dr Mc Neil. You play a combat engineer who is sent in to find out where the signal is coming from, turns out its some form of artefact, you then screw up and release the legions of Hell upon the decaying base once more? Not very original or thought provoking, you can almost predict what?s going to happen as soon as you hit the ?New Game? tab.

What\'s the combat like?

Well its literally hoard after hoard after hoard of demons and zombies running at you in a desperate attempt to tear your face off. You blow them away various weapons (Including the artefact, which caused the mess in the first place.) and a few other treats such as the double barrel shotgun (Which is somewhat of a disappointment when you get your hands on it) and a ?gravity gun? (Everyone repeat after me ?Rip off!?) The gravity gun simply doesn?t work all that well with the Doom 3 Physics. Things that you ?should? be able to move you simply can. It isn?t a scratch on Half life 2?s variation. Basically the combat is the run and gun style from the original, no change at all.

How does it sound?

The sound FX are great, all of the weapons sound fluid for the most part and the eerie noises coming from the facility are enough to create tension for a few hours (You get used to it quickly.) This is the one subject where Resurrection of Evil shines the most, you can tell ID spent a good while in the sound department.

Is it a good game for a Christian?

Simply put no. However I?m not religious so I can only comment on what I know of Christianity. The game scared me in some areas just as the original. There are gore soaked corridors/rooms everywhere which add to the growing sense of ?hopelessness.? The game is also ?disturbing? considering the nature (Hell and evil shines through, although I MUST stress your fighting against the dark forces and not for them.) Overall I WOULDN?T recommend this to a strict Christian, however at the same time it does not glorify hell or its evil minions in anyway.


Hope you have a powerful machine if you choose to buy this game, your going to need it. My computer managed to chug its way through the levels although the number of monsters on screen at any given time have increased since the original, so expect more slow-down then the original.

Final Comments

The game play is repetitive and it seems the story was thought up within the space of a few hours. I don?t recommend this add-on to anyone, infact I took mine back to the shop for a full refund I was that disappointed in it. This hasn?t got a scratch on Doom3 and I also keep getting the feeling that this was a rushed product in order to make ID Software some quick cash? Shameful tactic. Until next time. -Radman

Final Ratings

Gaming Experience: Graphics: 10/10 Sound: 9/10 Game Play: 5/20 Stability: 3/5 Interface: 4/5 Total: 31/50
Appropriateness Issues: Language: 4/10 Sexuality: 7/10 Violence: 0/10 Occult: 0/10 Moral Issues: 0/10 Total: 11/50

Overall 42%

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