Play as a soldier in three fronts of the war, Eastern,(Soviet Union)Western,(American)and Southern(Great Britian). In every campaign you get promoted as you show bravery on the battlefield. From the battle of Kursk(largest tank battle of all time) to the Battle of the Bulge.(Last great German offensive)to protecting a bomber under attack, Call of Duty really delivers. Play with your squadmates as you clear out buildings, charge up a heavily fortified alley, or defend a critical train station. Grey Matters studios has taken over for this game, and they?ve upped the difficulty quite a few notches.

Game Play

Very fun. Overall the game is filled with 12 missions. What they lack in missions, they make up for in longevity of the missions, and the sheer \'funnness\' of them. The last mission was almost impossible, as they had you defend a train station from constant barrage by the Germans. Eventually, I got tired of it and hid in a corner until the reinforcements arrived. Otherwise though, a very fun game.


Same as call of duty, although the background animations seem better than the first.


Very, Very good.Although the voiceovers didn?t seem as believable for the American campaigns. Otherwise the weapons are astounding. Could even beat Medal of Honor in terms of realistic sounds. My favorite would have to be the tank sound as it lumbers ever closer to your hiding place. Very scary.


Tons of weapons for you to choose from, considering you are from three different nations at different parts of the game. My favorite is the ol\' tommy gun. One of the cool missions is when you command a tank.


Being an expansion pack and all, you can?t really expect much in terms of longevity. I happened to beat it in about a week. The replay value makes up for the lack of playing time, though.


Being a war game, you have to expect violence. Blood is present in the game, although it doesn?t pool on the ground when someone dies. The shooting, clubbing, and sniping of Germans is frequent in the game. Also, there is some language. None too bad, but it is still present throughout the missions. There are also Nazi swastikas in the game which may be offensive. In my opinion, you should limit this to kids older than 11.


Same as Call of duty except with an new mod called domination, where everyone scrambles to capture rally points on the map. Also, in the new map, you can drive tanks and Jeeps. There is also a promoting system now active, which gives the more advanced people more grenades and ammo, and, eventually, you can even call in an artillery strike. There are also eight new maps.

Final Ratings

Appropriateness-2/5 Gameplay-5/5 Graphics-4/5 Sound-5/5 Weapons-5/5 Longevity-3/5 Multiplayer-5/5

Overall 87%

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