System Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP 486DX-2 or better CPU 16MB RAM 2X or faster CD-ROM Sound card and speakers Rated E for everyone
Do your kids like music? With this software, they can learn the basics of music and rhythm, as well as compose their own songs! There are many fun games and an easy to use music-making interface. Kids can learn music both visually and aurally in this title.

What is in this program?

There are five key segments for your children to enjoy. To help get familiar with them there is an excellent walk through. Some of the segments are easier to pick up on than others.

Making Music

This is the main portion of the program and the easiest to learn. Have you ever played with Microsoft Paint? This is kind of like that except you get to paint music instead. You can choose your scale and instruments and then paint away. You can distort and modify your work as you go along.

Building Blocks

In this segment you get to listen to pre-arranged compositions, and then edit and move them around to make your own music. There are two key components you need to work with: the melody and the rhythm. The birds on the telephone wires represent the notes and the hatched eggs on the bottom represents the rhythm. You can alter them both and then combine them to hear what you have made.

Mix and Match

Here again we are working with melody and rhythm, except that this one is a little more visual and less technical. There is a picture of a student with an instrument. You can change the instrument by clicking on it. To change the rhythm you change the top half of the kid and to alter the melody you change the lower half. You can get some neat combinations in this segment.

Melody and Rhythm Maker

Other than the painting method of making music with Music Maker, you can also use bird notes and rhythm eggs by placing them on telephone wires. You can alter the pitch by either changing a bird?s position on the wires or using the slide bar. You can also use different instruments to make what you desire.


This is my favorite part of the program. There are many listening games here that can help you identify the proper pitch. As you progress in the games you collect puzzle pieces to finish the puzzle.
Same or Different
- In this game you hear two samples and you must determine if they are the same or different. Find the Same- There is a mystery black ball and three samples. Find the one that?s the same as the black ball.
Name that Difference
-Two samples will be played. You must identify if they are the same, lower or higher pitch.
Make a Game
-You can make your own game using the samples that you made!


This program is totally sound driven, as music should be. The music samples are pretty good in quality. The narrator voice is a little monotone. There is some kid voice acting as well, which is cute.


Nothing special here, then again that explains the low system requirements. The interface is pretty easy to get around and maneuver. Everything is very colorful which should attract kids.


I see nothing wrong with this program; it?s great for helping kids appreciate music.

Final Thoughts

This is a great program for kids of all ages to learn and play with music. The Music Maker program is very visual and easy to use. The games to help identify the right pitch are fun to play with, too. If you are a music lover and your kids are too, check this program out!

Final Ratings

Game Play B Graphics C Sound B Appropriateness A+ Interface B+ Stability A

Overall 81%

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