System Requirements Windows 98/Me/2000/XP 32MB RAM DX 8 Compatible Sound Card CD-ROM
Do you like Solitaire? Do you want a fun way to memorize scripture? This game combines the best of both worlds! There are seven different game styles to learn and play. Not only do you combine cards by suit, but by scripture too! You can choose to have the verse showing on the background, and/or on the cards (as a hint) or off ? you have to have the verse basically memorized!

I love card games, what are the game types?

  • Klondike-The default game type and is the typical solitaire except you match cards by scripture order and not numbers.
  • His Yoke is Easy-Put the cards in order by suit. It?s impossible to lose but to get a high score you need to pay attention.
  • Noah?s Ark-Pair cards with the same phrase and put them into the ?Ark.? There is a cabin area you can use for temporary storage.
  • New Jerusalem-The goal is to move all the cards to the four foundation piles. You must match by verse and suit.
  • God?s Favor-Similar to ?Fortunes Favor? where you must move the cards to the foundation pile one at a time.
  • Checkerboard- Build the verse in order regardless of suit. You can peek to remember where cards are; your goal is to get them all to face up. This game is pretty hard.
  • Free Cell- This is probably the hardest game mode. The rules are just like Free Cell where you see all the cards on the screen and move cards to temporary spaces to get the right order.

How do I learn to play these games?

In the options menu there are instructions for each game type. The instructions describe the game, difficulty level, goal, actions, and helpful notes. The rest of the learning process is trial and error. Whenever you do something right you?ll hear a clapping sound effect.


Well there is violence. NOT! These card games are perfectly clean and they offer a fun way to memorize scripture. There are scripture themes such as One From Every Book (KJV, NIV, NLT), Proverbs For Living, Salvation, Bible Favorites, Christ?s Last Days, Life of Christ, Love and Normal if you want just regular solitaire.

Final Thoughts

There are different graphical and scripture themes to help keep things interesting. The graphics and sound are simple but you don?t need much to enjoy playing cards. The game ran stable without any problems and the installation was a breeze. I would highly recommend this game to any card game lover. The games are fun and challenging. The best part is that it can help you memorize scripture. Many of the games are easy to learn and play. There are some tough ones too. If you or anyone you know likes Solitaire, try the Demo!

Final Ratings

Appropriate A+ Game Play B+ Graphics C Sound C Stability A Interface A

Overall 81%

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