System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 CPU: N/A RAM: N/A HDD: 60MB VIDEO: Direct X 8 compatible 3D compatible graphics card SOUND: DirectX 8 compatible sound card Age: Everybody
I have played both MotoRacer 1 & 2. Both are great motorcycle racing games. So naturally, I had high expectations for this game. It did not disappoint; the graphics and game play are great. The demo has two tracks and multiplayer game play enabled. The two tracks are Barcelona and Sachsenring. Barcelona is an indoor dirt track whereas Sachsenring is an out door race track. I like the Barcelona track because the bumpy track makes you soar in the air for a bit. Keep your bike steady, if you don\'t land right it will cost you some time! The bikes and tracks are very realistic. Many of the tracks are designed after real ones, the same goes for the bikes. The demo lets you ride a Motul 125 and a 250cc engine motorcycle. In the full game, you will have access to forty different bikes with engines as powerful as 500cc\'s! There will also be fifteen tracks and six different game modes. You will be able to do Super Cross, Grand Prix, Trial, Free Style, Motocross and Traffic. After you install the game you will have two executables. One for running the game after setting up your video and sound, and the other is to just run the game. In the setup mode, you will be able to adjust your resolution, number of colors, rendering and antialiasing options. You will also be able to enable joystick support as well as configure your sound settings. You can turn on and off music and sound effects. You can even adjust the engine chorus and reverb. After you have your game settings tweaked, it\'s time to race. You have the same two tracks for single and multiplayer games. I really enjoyed the dirt track. The Sachsenring track was pretty challenging with all the sharp turns and surfaces. Especially when you\'re going 150mph! The game is pretty realistic when it comes to balance and traction. It doesn\'t take much to knock you off your bike. You will fall if you bump into the walls or other bikers real fast. You\'ll also wipe out if you don\'t land right from bouncing off the dirt bumps. Be careful when racing outdoors; surfaces like gravel and grass will slow you down. After you complete a race you can watch the re-play. There are many different camera angles and shots. I was impressed. From a Christian standpoint, this game is very clean. The game was easy to install, it uses Install Shield. It\'s pretty easy to setup your sound, video and controller settings. For controls there is joystick, game pad and keyboard support. I didn\'t see force feedback available in the demo. The graphics were good, the bikes and race track were very detailed. There wasn\'t any background music or many sound effects. You pretty much heard the engines roar, and the count down. That\'s about it. I noticed the engine noises were a little crackly in Windows 2000, but in 98 it sounded fine. I encountered some glitches in the menu system. Sometimes it would not accept keyboard or mouse input, and I would have to ctrl-alt-del out of the game. There\'s a patch out for the full version of the game. Hopefully it will fix these issues I encountered. If you liked the first two MotoRacers, add this one to your shopping list!

Final Ratings

Graphics B+ Game play A Sound B Interface A Stability B- Offensive Content A+

Overall B+

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