System Requirements
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP CPU: 266Mhz RAM: 64MB VIDEO: Open GL compatible SOUND: 16 bit Sound Blaster Compatible


God gave a message to the apostle John regarding the seven churches and their faults. Your goal is this game is to set straight the seven churches and fight off the enemies within. Each level has an angel to tell you what to do exactly. Something tells me that God didn\'t necessarily plan on accomplishing this with funny looking weapons and junk food. This is definitely one wacky game!

Junk Food?

That\'s right. In this game your ammo consists of donuts, cookies and Bible grenades. For health, you\'ll be consuming milk, ice cream and coffee. The health is spaced out pretty evenly but I found that the ammo is very tight. I highly doubt that there\'s enough ammo to kill all the enemies in the levels and their bosses. I wound up skipping some baddies to help conserve it.


You have your standard donut rocket launcher. There\'s a cookie dart gun in which you don\'t see the ammo come out but after 10-12 shots the enemies fall. (It\'s not really ammo efficient). My personal favorite was the donut chain gun that you see in the picture on top. That gun is sweet. Lastly you\'ll get a Bible grenade launcher which is hard to have the grenades land where you want them. Each weapon comes with it\'s own 50\'s car flame painting finish :)


For the most part the AI wasn\'t too bright. They often tried to attack me through walls and you can usually catch them off guard, or shoot them and they\'re slow to respond. They do seem randomly placed, so if you load a saved game, you might have company when you return. You can often see where they are lurking via your nifty little radar. They are the red bleeps. Here\'s a breakdown of what you\'ll be seeing: * Clocks-3 hits with your rocket and down they go * Helmet headed skull-funny sound when they attack you \'neh neh neh neh\' * Demons-these guys pelt you with fire pretty good * Winged clown heads-probably the toughed enemies in the game, they hurt a lot! * Junk yard bots-All hit points no brains * Egg heads-Not too hard to hit, rocket launcher works better than grenades * Flying eye balls-very easy for last level bad guys, two hits and they\'re down * Some levels have bosses, so save your ammo or run!


There is multiplayer in this game. It looks to be the same as single player but with a friend or more. I can\'t tell for certain since it kept crashing to my desktop when I tried hosting. :(


There is no blood in this game. I personally find pelting enemies with junk food a little silly but hey it works. There are lots of Biblical scriptures of encouragement to read along the way. We can all learn from the mistakes of these churches.

Overall experienceEase of use

For a first game this isn\'t too bad. There are definitely some rough spots but the message is good and it\'s clean fun. The graphics are pretty decent. It\'s powered by the Genesis 3D engine. Many of the levels have mazes you can get lost in, others have puzzles to figure out. You can get lost or stuck, but nothing overly challenging. Some of the textures were well done while others could use tweaking. The weapons as mentioned could be improved. Often times there were no explosions or trails to tell you if you hit the bad guy or not. The sound effects were decent, the background music was nice but it was the same tune through the whole game. I noticed that when loading a game the music would not resume sometimes. Another slight gripe is the ending or lack of. On the last level you get to a point where you read a scripture and it tells you to live like a good Christian, then it closes to your desk top! A better ending sequence or even credits would have been a better ending then automatically closing the game on me. The controls are customizable and the interface is easy to navigate. Installation was painless. For game play time I beat this game in two sittings it\'s pretty short. Guessing 5-7 hours. To compensate the price tag is $16.99. You may get more time out of it if the multiplayer works for you. This is definitely the wackiest Christian game I\'ve played yet! Be sure to check out the demo and Bible study in the game and on the site!

Final Ratings

Graphics C Game play C+ Sound B Interface A Stability C+ Offensive Content A

Overall 73% C-

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