System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME CPU: 400mhz AMD/Intel processor RAM: 64 MB HDD: 100 MB VIDEO: DirectX 8 compatible 3D graphics card SOUND: 16 bit DirectX 8 compatible sound card
This game is based off the movie From Dusk Till Dawn. I don\'t know how well it follows the story line. I have not seen this movie because of the nudity and vampire theme it has. It looks like this game isn\'t any better. I don\'t know about the nudity, but this game has everything else wrong with it. Anyways, you are Seth Gecko. You\'re in jail and sentenced to die for the murders your brother committed. You have to escape from jail alive. This will not be easy but you do get some other inmates to help you. You will encounter many types of monsters along the way. Some examples are zombies, demons or vampires. Good luck, you\'ll need it. This game is a cross between a first person shooter and third person action. It\'s an action because it has a story line carried over from the movie. On the other hand, you are also shooting enemies. You get a little of both. In fact even when I switch the graphics option to first person, it still goes third person sometimes. It\'s meant to be played third person I guess. From a Christian standpoint, this game is pretty bad. The game is eerie and is very dark. It has some weird Aztec like God symbols. The enemies are demonic looking. You deal with vampires. There is swearing. Lot\'s of blood and violence. Your enemies can lose and walk around with-out limbs. Only good thing I can say is that the bodies disappear for you. Not that it makes this game any more appropriate. The game was easy to install. It has a weird (some God face) looking launch interface. The graphics are good, the camera angles can be annoying at times. Good sound and music. The game ran well in Windows 2000. Very stable. There is no multiplayer in the demo. I\'m not sure if it will be available in the final or not. I would not recommend this game.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play B Sound B+ Interface B- Stability A+ Offensive Content F

Overall C+

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Cheryl Gress

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