System Requirements
OS: Windows 95,98,ME,NT SP5, 2000, XP
CPU: 300mhz AMD/Intel processor
RAM: 64 MB
HDD: 450MB
VIDEO: Open GL 3D compatible card
SOUND: 16 bit compatible sound card
Age: Mature

This is the sequel to Serious Sam First Encounter, you can run it as a Mod for the original or stand alone. It's only $20 so it's a great bang for the buck game. You are still Serious Sam and you are tracking down Mental and his alien ship. You already wiped them from Egypt and you're now in South America's rain forest. You must head for Mental's fortress and save the world from his reign.

You can do this on your own or with friends because this demo offers both single and multiplayer games. You will encounter many of the same enemies from the original like the Kamikaze's (AHHHHHHHHHHHH), Mechs, scorpions, and bone creatures. There are seven new foes in the sequel. Including; Cucurbil the pumpkin, Fiendian Repiloid Demon, Zumb'ul, and Zorg mercenaries and commanders.

Don't worry, there are also new weapons available to help you out. There are chain saws (my favorite), flame throwers and a sweet 16mm sniper rifle with laser aim. Not to mention all the original weapons like pistols and shot guns. Still don't think you can handle it? There are three new power ups too. These include invulnerability, serious speed shoes and serious damage. The serious speed is cool, you go so fast you leave a smoke trail. For single player game play, there are many mode of difficulty you can choose from. You can play Tourist, Easy, Normal, Hard and Serious. Happy blasting! You only have one model to choose from for single player. In multiplayer mode you have five models. You can be Serious Sam, Santa Sam, Groovy Gregory, Fast Finger Freddy or my favorite; Commander Cliff. There is one map available and that is Sierra de Chiapas. There are three modes of game play. You can do Co-op, score match or frag match. No matter what game style you choose you will have a lot of enemies and a lot of fun.

From a Christian Standpoint, there is blood and gore. You are not killing humans unless they are already headless, it\'s mostly aliens. Unfortunately they have the Harpies from the original game and they are still barely clothed. :( On a side note, this game takes place in the rainforest and has tribal ruins, so you will find Aztec like temples and stone carvings of God and creatures. I did not notice any offensive symbols.

The game is easy to install, it uses the Install Shield Wizard. There are three executables regular, safe mode, and 3DFX compatible. The game is easy to set up and configure with it\'s options menu. The default controls are WASD and mouse for moving. The number keys and scroll wheel select your weapons. The game ran real well and is compatible with all forms of Windows from 9X on. The graphics are excellent, nice lighting and reflections. The graphics were very smooth and the enemies are detailed. I like the movie scenes when you get near a boss. The sounds effects and voice acting were equally good. Sam has his normal silly phrases like 'Look ma! I'm a lumber jack!' (when he picks up the chain saw) The background music was fitting and the boss music is cool. The game play, graphics and price won't disappoint you. If you want a cheap multiplayer game or add-on, get Serious Sam 2. Just don't have a queasy stomach or get offended by barely clothed Harpies.

Final Ratings

Appropriate C- Game Play A Graphics A+ Interface A Sound A Stability A

Overall A-

About the Author

Cheryl Gress

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