System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP CPU: 333mhz AMD/Intel processor RAM: 128 MB HDD: 450 MB VIDEO: 4 MB Direct X 8 compatible card SOUND: 16 bit Direct X 8 compatible sound card
In this game, you are a member of the Air Force Special Operations Group. One of the elite Combat Controllers, responsible with everything from directing air strikes to controlling air traffic, you are ready to be sent in the Middle East. Trouble has arisen again over there, and you will support a team of Army Rangers. In this demo, you will find yourself alone in enemy territory with no radio communication what so ever. Your mission is to rendezvous with the allied special operations personnel. (Team Sioux) You can\'t be seen and you have to be careful. There are some trigger happy rangers out there to get you! There are weapons of all sorts available to aid you in your mission. For machine guns you get Uzis and MP-5\'s. There are few rifles available too. You can get M4\'s, assault rifles, XM36\'s and sniper rifles (M25). For heavy guns, there are two grenade launchers at your disposal. The rocket propelled and the XM179 launcher. There are M9 pistols, knives, grenades, remote detonated and trip wire explosives to make things interesting as well. The demo has both single and multiplayer modes. They both have one map to choose from. The multiplayer map is called warfare and takes place in a deserted middle eastern town. There are four multiplayer game modes: Death match, Team Death match, Capture the Flag and Survival. There is no map for the survival mode. There are many options you can customize in the game. You can manage the character models and weaponry available. You can also set the respawn, time limit, bullet impact effects, as well as the kill and suicide score impact settings. The coolest part to the multiplayer are the player skins available. You can be a ranger, veteran, black ops or even terrorists or their leader. The leader has an uncanny resemblance to Osama Bin Laden. There are more humorous players skins like tourist, business man, leather girl or hooligan. From a Christian Standpoint, there is violence. It\'s not that bloody and you can set how realistic or animated you want the effects to be. You can even make damage on your character realistic too. Also, some of the female skins in the multiplayer are not as well clothed as the male ones, but it could be worse. The logo is worth mentioning, it\'s has a skull and it\'s motto is \'Death from above\'. It makes sense since you are an Air Force officer. The game is easy to install. The graphics are decent, be sure to use Detailed textures if you have a nice video card. They are not enabled by default. The movement was choppy at times. Especially when jumping onto different areas. I wish the graphics were a little more polished in moving in general. The sound effects were great. You could hear the wind blowing, and there were different sounds when walking on various surfaces. The background music was pretty good. There is a dynamic shadowing patch available for the game. That may be worth getting. The game ran well, I did not experience any lock-ups. For controls you can use the keyboard (WASD) and mouse. The game has good multiplayer and single player game play, but is not very original. Like most war games, you have your mission objectives to complete, and you have to stay alive. If you like war first person shooters, then chances are you\'ll like this game as well.

Final Ratings

Appropriate B- Game Play B- Graphics B- Interface A Sound A Stability B+

Overall B-

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