System Requirements
OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP CPU: Pentium 450Mhz RAM: 128MB HDD: 300MB VIDEO: 16MB 3D accelerated, Direct X 8.1 compatible SOUND: 16 bit Direct X 8.1 Compatible


The year is 2365, space exploration has discovered six planets that are rich in hyper radioactive materials. Colonization of these planets started when many of the earth\'s resources have been depleted. Each plane is divided into different states with it\'s own military authority. There are two main rivals in this game. There\'s the Axis-of-Good and the Shadow Clique. Neither force can take control of earth just yet, they both need to acquire distant allies and resources.

Game Play

Massive Assault is a turn based strategy game. You can play against the computer or across the internet with friends. With the turned based style of the game, make sure your online buddy doesn\'t take off for a movie and leave you waiting. :) The AI on the other hand is very responsive and very intelligent. With each turn you get to move and attack with your units. Once completed, if you have allies, they will provide you with more units. If you forget an action when ending your turn, the game will kindly remind you.

What kind of warfare?

In this game you will be doing air, navel and ground battle. Be sure to use your surroundings and terrain wisely. Your enemy will! There will be massive strikes and guerilla warfare tactics. You can cut off your enemy supply route and sabotage them as well. Examine every move you make, one wrong move and you can lose. Fortunately if you do mess up there is an undo and a rewind feature.

What kind of levels are there?

The concept test has four levels of training (Easy Victory-low, Island Clean Up-low, Little Overlord-medium, Under Pressure-high) The preset difficulty varies on each. Most of the training levels require you to capture your enemy\'s capital. To do that, make sure you destroy all enemy units and their allies. The other single player mode available is World War Deathmatch. New Paradise has you operating on large continents where you\'ll have massive naval battles and landing operations. Noble Rust is a medium sized world with three small continents all with equal resources. In this level you\'ll have land, navel and air battles. The last level is Antarticus which has one small continent that doesn\'t leave you with much room for navel battles, but ground battle will be tight and furious. The online mode requires you to have an account to log into (Restore profile). If you\'re like me and forget your password, you\'re outta luck. A password reset or reminder option would be nice.


From a Christian perspective this game is war based. There is bombing, blasting and missile launching. But there\'s no blood or gore. I would recommend this game for any war or strategy game enthusiast.

Overall experienceEase of use

This game is easy to install and play. The interface is easy to use and maneuver. Like I mentioned earlier a password reminder or change feature would be nice. The game does have multiplayer, but single player mode is quite challenging as well. The game ran very stable, I did not experience any crashes. For controls you just need your mouse. The sound effects and explosions are nice. You hear sound effects for movement, firing, bombing and explosions. There\'s no background music or anything snazzy like that. Then again this is a concept version of the game, who knows what the final version will have. The tutorials are all text based and there is no voice acting whatsoever. The graphics are 3D and the units are all nicely detailed. The terrain looks decent and the water is animated a little. The vehicle hit point font is a little rough around the edges but other than that the graphics look nice. If you like war and strategy games this game is one to definitely keep an eye out for. Beta testing should begin this month. There are not many turn based games out there but this one does look promising.

Final Ratings

Graphics B- Game play A Sound C+ Interface B Stability A Offensive Content B+

Overall 83% B-

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