System requirements
OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME CPU: 233mhz AMD/Intel processor RAM: 64 MB (64MB recommended) HDD: 90 MB VIDEO: 8MB DirectX 8.0a compatible graphics card SOUND: DirectX 8.0a compatible sound card Age: Everyone
This game is based off the principles of the board game. You want to own the market and get as many monopolies as possible. You can get monopolies with streets, rail roads and utilities. There are thirty three city blocks, four rail roads and four utilities for your taking. Most of the names are new but there are some of the originals in there too. Altogether there are forty four businesses to buy and run. What makes this game different than the board game is the amount of detail. You have to pay attention to what the people want, prices of goods and stock, landlords, and profits. Just like the board game there are all the markers (racecar, wheel barrow, dog, cannon etc.), they all have detailed personalities too. For example the dog is a snobby lady, whose wealth comes from old money and she always carries her dog wherever she goes. The canon is a strategic army commander, the wheel barrow is a builder who is a shrewd investor. In the single player you get to place the racecar, he is a quick minded individual who does not always think of the consequences of his actions or investments. This demo has a nice tutorial and one single player mission. The full version will have sixteen scenarios and multiplayer mode where you can play scenarios like last man standing, get voted for mayor etc. You can network play with up to five people. You can also play online via game spy. The campaign in the demo is a race to sell 500 items. You play against the computer being all the characters mentioned earlier. There is only one difficulty setting available and that is easy. This game isn\'t about owning properties, in this game you build them. There are many businesses to put on them, to help you choose it\'s a good idea to take a poll, and then build what the people want. The time periods vary from 1930-2000 so some additional businesses will become available later in the game. You need to consider people\'s needs and wants for the day and evening entertainment. You have to manage each businesses\' books, prices and profits. If you go in the red for more than 24 hours, your game is over. The chance cards are still in this game and you never know what they will deliver. You can open them anytime, just make sure your cash flow is ok before you do so. If you do find your in a pinch for cash you auction off properties. You can also demolish businesses for a small fee. If you are low on cash and want to change a business you can refurbish it to something else. You can also sell stores back to the city or a lower cost. It\'s usually a bad idea to buy out opponents\' stores, unless you have a monopoly on that land. The monopoly allows you to buy the stores at less than actual value, so you make money instantly with each purchase! If you buy stores on a block where you don\'t have a monopoly, on the other hand, you\'ll overpay. From a Christian perspective this game is as clean as the board game. The game was easy to install, it uses your typical install shield. There is a separate applet to configure your video resolution and sound source. The graphics were good, definitely 3D rendered. There were three view modes, and the camera movement was very smooth. It has good sound effects and nice background music. For controls you only need the mouse. The interface is easy to use, my only complaints is that the text is hard to read. The game is not designed for Windows 2000 but it does run well on it. The game is a slow on exiting, it makes you wait to read what the full version has to offer. Overall a nice remake of monopoly, and just like the original it\'s fun for the whole family.

Final Ratings

Graphics A Game play B+ Sound B Interface B Stability A Offensive Content A+

Overall A-

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