System Requirements
OS: Windows 95 CPU: Pentium 100 RAM: 16MB HDD: 70MB VIDEO: Direct X 7 compatible. SOUND: 16 bit DirectX 7 compatible sound card
Dink Smallwood is a freeware RPG game. You can download it here, be careful, there are many dead links. Anyways, on with the story. You are the witty Dink Smallwood, and you live with your mom raising pigs. You desperately want a more adventurous life than doing chores for your mom. Milder Flatstomp is in the king\'s army and gets all the girls, as much as you hate him, you wish you were in his shoes. Until then, you are stuck doing chores and side quests. Some of the side quests include killing some monsters and finding a pet duck for an old lady. On your way collecting nuts for your mom, little do you know your life is going to change drastically. For starters you will run into a wizard, whom after you insult a couple times tells you where his secret hideout is. Perhaps you can learn some magic from his little guy. Once you collect the nuts, you come home to your house on fire and your mother is dead. With no one to boss your around or take care of, you can finally live the adventurous life you dreamed of. Here is where your adventure begins... Like most RPG games you gain experience from fighting bad guys. The enemies include big rolly polly looking critters, land sting rays, one eyed monsters, goblins, evil guards etc. Once you gain a level you can choose to increase your attack, defense or magic attributes. There are potions available as well to enhance your skills as well. To regain your health you can collect hearts, eat, use health potions or get healed. From a Christian perspective I would not recommend this game for a younger audience. First and foremost there is swearing, the D & A words are used. Dink also has a few wise cracks that you may not want your kids to repeat, no matter how funny they are. There is also lots of blood and fighting, including domestic violence. Finally, magic is used in this game as well. The graphics are not 3D rendered but they still look pretty good. The game layout was very fast because this game is not very system resource intensive. One down side to the graphics or game layout is that; sometimes the switching of screens was a little quirky causing you to get stuck. For sound, there was beautiful midi music in the background. The sound effects were good, but the conversations were text only. I did come across a sound glitch when facing a boss, the game still ran but sounded horrible, I had to exit the game to fix it. Then again I am running Windows 2000 which this game does not technically support. They are however, working on a version 1.07 which will have better support for Windows 2000. Other than that, the game ran great. For controls you can use the keyboard or joystick. The keyboard controls are different, so be sure to read the readme file. Even if you know the control scheme, read the readme anyways it\'s pretty funny. Overall, this is a very fun FREE game. I don\'t recommend it for children though.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play A Sound A- Interface B Stability B Offensive Content C

Overall B-

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Cheryl Gress

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