It\'s 2099, nuclear war has ruined the earth. Not that many humans remain. Monsters are coming through demon gates to finish off humanity. Save the human race and complete the side quests given to you. When you design your character you choose your element to represent Earth, Fire, Water or Wind. You can team together by creating or joining rings. This games boasts that it allows 16,000 simultaneous players on each server. There\'s plenty of room, join the action! The story is kinda slow starting off. There\'s a bit of a learning curve too. For fighting and controls it\'s much like Diablo, pretty much click and kill. When fighting enemies there\'s a lot of clicks involved so your fingers might get tired. There are a variety of enemies, some typical ones like skeletons, but there are new or unique ones like sting rays or sea horses (both on dry land). From a Christian perspective, my main complaint is the female clothing or lack of it. The website has worse graphic art than the game. Seriously, if you\'re going to kill creatures wouldn\'t you want to be fully clothed? Also there is an option for player killing, it depends on the server you choose. Lucifer is for player killing and Michael is for non player killing. Kind of appropriate no? The game is easy to install. The graphics are good. Nice sound effects. There isn\'t much background music, but when there is it\'s nice. The interface is decent. There are town people who help you out. Some charge gold. However, I had to learn things from other players, like how to equip a a weapon (make a covenant) and how to run (tab). For controls use can use mouse and keyboard. There is a hot key option, that helps. The game runs in Windows 2000 and is quite stable. My only complaint is it\'s slow at times and can disconnect you from the server. Overall a good game to play with friends if you want to kill time or bad guys.


Appropriate 3/5 Interface 4/5 Game Play 3.5/5 Music/Sound 4/5 Graphics 4/5 Stability 4/5

Overall 75%

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