This is a D & D style game. You create your character and their attributes. In the demo you are limited to being male. The character you design affects how people treat you. For example, I was an ogre and was ugly, but strong. Since I was ugly villagers hassled me when I wanted to talk to them. The game starts by you finding yourself in a blimp accident and people are trying to kill you. You have no idea why. Along the way, you find a partner who knows magic and you take on many quests. The interface is nice and pretty easy to use. You don\'t have to remember your quests, there is a nice log book that records your conversations and quests you need to complete. From there you begin your journey. When you need to fight it\'s pretty much click and kill. From a Christian perspective this game uses magic (it\'s in the title: Magick), and can have some dark areas. When you create your character you can choose their strengths, weaknesses, and other attributes. You can also choose their past. Some are funny like, raised by snake handlers, but others are dark like raised by witches etc. Another thing that disappointed me was the language. The word D*mn. Was used a couple times. The graphics are OK, no 3D rendering from what I can tell. The sound effects were good. Game play is fun on single player. I did not see a multiplayer option in the demo, it will be available in the final. This game is designed to run on Windows 9X, however I did run it on 2000 and it does work. The only thing I noticed was a slow down when left in combat mode for a while. The game was stable, no crashes.

Final Ratings:

Appropriate: 2.5/5 Interface: 5/5 Game Play: 4/5 Music/Sound: 3/5 Graphics: 3/5 Stability: 4/5

Overall 75%

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