With the arrival of the PSP, many games are soon to follow, but one question still remains. Are they any good? In this review I will look at WipEout purE, arguably, the best game to hit the handheld scene. Following a lackluster showing by it\'s predecessor, Wipeout Fusion, Studio Liverpool has greatly improved the game, removing uneccessary features and returning to what made Wipeout a great game. Its amazing physics and sleek auto designs are unrivaled among any other PSP game (excluding Ridge Racers) and the breathtaking courses are a joy to behold. The racing is quite addictive as the appropriate sound effects and smooth gameplay lure the gamer into the virtual reality which is WipEout purE. The futuristic landscape and ultra stylized menu screens suit the game perfectly as techno beats are projected through the PSP\'s stereo speakers. The 16.77 million different pixel colours perfectly render the anti-gravity vehicles and ultimatley captures the essence of WipEout purE. Adding to the fact, a 16:9 widescreen LCD screen and you have entered a handheld utopia of excellence and awe.

The four modes included, tournament, single race, time trial and free run, are spectactualar as the player must carefully navigate through narrow passages and survive the enslaught of oncoming vehicles. The controls are quite decent although they take a while getting used to, and the different levels of difficulty helps you play at your own rate. The only skirmish this spectacular title has is a minor framreate issue that occurs at the more chaotic parts of the game. Fortunatley, it doesn\'t heavily affect your experience and lasts for a very short period of time (usually a few seconds or less). Also it would have been nice to see some online play as it is limited to Wi-Fi connectivity.


WipEout purE is a game which could be enjoyed by everyone, as the only mentionable aspect is the minor explosions. Which don\'t really show devestating effects, except for a loss on your life bar. (The explosions are very minor and i had to be very picky on this one)


Gameplay: 20/20 Graphics: 10/10 Sound: 9.5/10 Stability: 5/5 Controls/Interface: 4.5/5 Total gameplay score: 49/50


Violence: 9.5/10 Language:10/10 Sexual Content:10/10 Occult/Super Natural:10/10 Cultural issues:10/10 Total Appropriateness Score: 49.5/50

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