Game Info:

War Robots
Developed By: Pixonic
Published By: Pixonic
Released: August 26, 2015
Available On: Android, Fire OS, Windows
Genre: Action, MOBA
ESRB Rating: 14+ (Fantasy Violence)
Number of Players: Single player game however each player is on a team of six against another team of six.
Price: Game is free, In-app purchases: $0.99 - $309.99 per item

Somewhere in the future wars are fought with robots. Some robots are large and heavy while others are small and light. Each has a unique quality: Some are jumping robots, some are like tanks, a few have four legs and shields while others even fly for a bit. Some have only light weapon slots, some only heavy while others have a mix of light, medium and heavy weapon slots.

War Robots allows for different styles of game play. One can set up their hanger with close fighting robots, long-range support robots or a combination of these. Each hanger can contain up to 5 robots and there are a total of 5 hangers available, each with a cost of gold, to allow the player a diverse range of available robots for different styles of play as well as for different maps.

Ranking within the game are called "Leagues" and they allow the release of supply chests offering things like silver, gold, robot or weapon pieces and occasionally a full weapon or robot. Keys may also be obtained to open black market supply chests containing a random prize similar to supply chests. The higher the League the better the gifts from the chests.

Leagues include Recruit, Private, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Expert, Master, Champion and Legend. Each league has three tiers to manage. For example Gold League III would be obtained before Gold League II and I making the next league Diamond III and so on. Points may be added or subtracted after each battle taking the player up or down in rank. Number of enemy robots destroyed, number of beacons captured and general performance of the player all contribute to the point system, either as a plus or minus.

war robots

Strong Points: There are several maps to play on with regular updates; Multiple robots available of many different types and 3 different size weapon slots; Multiple weapon types for each different size weapon slot; Clans are available for additional rewards and team battles; Players are from all over the world. Allows imagination to determine what style of robot to use, which weapons to use and how the battle will be fought; Promotes the need for teamwork. The game offers lessons in budgeting and planning.
Weak Points: Many who play do in fact spend money to upgrade robots or weapons, get more gold and other advantages. This makes upper tier battles almost unwinnable. Being a game accessed from all over the world there are some language barriers.
Moral Warnings: Some player names and a few clan names are unmentionable and/or suggestive of dark thoughts; Not all clans are polite nor proper. Having said that, it is quite possible to find respectable players and clans within the game.

Players also gain personal experience points which increase their level. Some robots and weapons are only available to a specific level or higher. Level 30 is the highest level obtainable at this time.

There are occasionally contests held in a special mode of combat called Skirmishes. These are held with robots which are complete with weapons. Sometimes these robots or weapons are rare and occasionally the same robot in all five slots with different weapons. Both the robots and weapons seem to be highly upgraded.

Along with the contests are daily tasks offered to obtain gold and/or silver. Sometimes the daily tasks will offer a special weapon or robot as a prize. Several types of currency are implemented to enhance one's hanger: Silver is the most common. There are also gold and keys. A daily supply line also offers a chest to open which offers rewards in accordance to the player’s rank.

There are video advertisements to watch which allows opening of a black market chest, faster production of weapon or robot upgrades and faster completion of daily tasks. Most of the videos are less than 3 minutes. Occasionally coins may be won or earned which allow a special black market chest to be opened for robots or weapons.

With the various robots and weapons available it is possible to obtain a hanger of many styles of battle. Each time a player chooses to enter combat they have a choice: Domination (Obtain beacons and keep them longer than the other team), Beacon Rush (Obtain beacons and hold them for players who lost a robot can respawn at home base or a beacon), Team Deathmatch (The team with the most kills at the end wins, no beacons involved), Free For All (Everyone for themselves, player with the most kills wins) and Skirmish (Special pre-equipped robots, sometimes rare robots or rare weapons). There are five beacons on each map. King of the Hill battles have been removed (for now) but have only one beacon, which is the main objective of both teams.

Each battle (except for Free For All) has teams of six players each and lasts for about 10 minutes. If a team has no more robots available for any player the battle is won by elimination. Players also have the option to begin special battles which are called "Custom Matches". A player may recruit other players to join their squad (up to a total of six players) as well as select which style of battle will take place (Domination, Free For All, etc.) A skirmish will only be available from the battle select screen and is only offered by Pixonic.

There is a chat system in place for clans to communicate with each other but most players use something like Discord or Skype for example. Some of the chat may contain unacceptable word usage or even some bullying. Some of the names used by players go beyond unacceptable.

The game itself does offer players the ability to learn teamwork and strategy. It offers players a lesson in being responsible for budgeting resources as well as the in-game currency. Players also discover how to prioritize time, money and resources.

war robots
Score Breakdown:
Higher is better
(10/10 is perfect)

Game Score - 86%
Gameplay - 18/20
Graphics - 9/10
Sound - 7/10
Stability - 5/5
Controls - 4/5

Morality Score - 80%
Violence - 6.5/10
Language - 5/10
Sexual Content - 10/10
Occult/Supernatural - 10/10
Cultural/Moral/Ethical - 8.5/10


Game graphics are quite good. Robots are designed rather well, as are the weapons. Players have the ability to paint their robots at a cost (in game currency). Objects between the player and their target do in fact block any weapon's attack except for area of effect weapons which can still do some damage. Sound quality is pretty good as well, although it does seem a bit loud. Each weapon has a distinct sound and even the sounds of robotic legs can be heard when walking.

Game control is quite simple. Two locations on the screen are all that's necessary to both move and fire weapons. It is even possible to strafe (move sideways while shooting forward) as well as backing away while shooting forward. Some robots have an extra feature button located near the fire button to activate a robot's special feature such as repairing the robot or ability to lock onto stealthy robots just to name a couple.

In conclusion this game offers players a fantasy world of massive entertainment and flexibility in the approach of how they play. It also offers some a chance to de-stress and gives an outlet for the imagination. Even with the issues of clan chat and player names, this game offers some satisfaction when battles are won and even in a loss a good battle can be enjoyable.

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