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                       Dragon Warrior I + II


06.15.01  This is my first attempt at a FAQ Walkthrough of a game.  I 

know there are already FAQs for this game, but from what I saw they were 

incomplete as far as the Dragon Warrior 2 aspects.  So I figured to do 

Dragon Warrior II and if all goes well go back and do Dragon Warrior I.


08.01.01  I finally finished this FAQ(DW2 portion), and prepped it for 



08.02.01  I started work on the Dragon Warrior 1 portion of the 



08.10.01  I beefed up the legal, and have gotten to Garin's Tomb in DW1.  

I also need to get my GameFAQs handle on the name list.  I am Wyldcard.


08.18.01  I finished the Dragon Warrior 1 part of the guide.  I also 

added a thank you section.  I remind everyone that I am Wyldcard on 

GameFAQs.com.  My first FAQ/Walkthrough is now complete.  I plan no more 

updates, unless someone emails me with something important.  I hope this 

FAQ/Walkthrough helps you :o)



Version 2.0



NOTE:  Most directions I give are from the standpoint of your character.  

So if you are heading south(or down) and I say take a right, the 

character is facing south, and then heads west.  Other times I talk 

about how the screen looks, and talk about the screen.


NOTE:  When I list a treasure chest has a certain number of gold, that 

is the most that I received.  Quite often the chests have a differing 

amount depending on your level, or maybe its just random. 



                     DRAGON WARRIOR 1


1.   Intro

2.   Tantegel Castle

3.   Garinham

4.   Loto Memorial(Cave)

5.   Kol

6.   Shrine(northwest of Kol)

7.   Cave(south of Kol)

8.   Rimuldar

9.   Keys

10.  Garin's Tomb

11.  Shiny Harp

12.  Shrine south of Rimuldar

13.  Cave Southwest of Tantegel

14.  Destroyed Desert Town(Domdora)

15.  Golem

16.  Mercado

17.  Loto Seal

18.  Rainbow bridge

19.  Dracolord's Castle

20.  Underground Castle

21.  The End



                        DRAGON WARRIOR 1


There is a cool little cut scene.  The king tells you that Loto was 

given the Light Orb, and it had the power to fight the monsters that lay 

siege to the land.  Dracolord came and stole that sacred orb that sealed 

the evil.  The king also tells you to take the contents of the three 

chests; they contain: (120g) (Torch) (Key).  The King's assistant tells 

you of the Lady Lora, the kings daughter.  She was kidnapped by 

monsters, and he implores you to rescue her. Use the key to exit out the 

door to leave the king's throne room.


                            TANTEGEL CASTLE

Explore Tantegel Castle, and talk to everyone you can.  There are areas 

that you can not access yet.  Thats okay.  In the middle of the castle 

is a little pond with some damaging land in the middle of it.  To the 

right side of that pond is three vases.  The first vase you come to has 

a Herb in it.


                           TANTEGEL TOWN

At the Inn in the lower right corner near some stairs is a 

dresser(inside is a Warp Wing).  Dracolord is to your south in that 

castle, and the party that went looking for Lady Lora was wiped out.  

The harp of the legendary Bard Garin was buried with him.  A soldier 

asks you for proof you are a descendant of Loto(Loto Seal).  Garinham is 

the far north, and when you reach the sea travel west.



To get to Garinham head northwest of Tantegel.  Eventually you will 

reach the sea, and then head to the west along the coast until you see 

Garinham.  You find out that monsters took the princess to the east,  

there is a cave nearby with a memorial to Loto, and Garin founded 



                               LOTO MEMORIAL(Cave)

Southeast of Garinham, and Northwest of Tantegel Castle is a small area 

of desert(it is way closer to Garinham).  In the middle of the desert 

land is a cave.  Go to it, and once you are inside use a Torch.  There 

are quite a few ways to go on the first floor.  Work your way to the 

southeast corner of the screen for some more stairs.  On the second 

floor there is only one way to go.  Every choice you have either leads 

to a dead end(rather quickly) or is the right way.  Work your way to the 

west, and eventually north, and finally back east for the memorial to 

Loto.  Loto's message is about how to get to the demonic island if evil 

should ever rise again.  You need three magic items given to three 

sages.  Their descendants will have it.  Might as well leave the cave 




From Tantegel Castle head to the north, and then west to go around the 

mountains.  Once you are by the mountains head north for a bit, and then 

head east.  Once you reach the ocean head north until you find the 

bridge.  Cross the bridge and head east until you reach the mountains, 

and then head southeast for another bridge.  Cross it.  Then follow the 

coastline south until you reach another bridge.  Cross this bridge, and 

you better be level 6 and have some decent armor, and a decent weapon.  

The reason is the monsters will get a lot tougher in this area.  Once 

you cross the bridge stay in the grass and head north.  Eventually the 

grass will end, and you will enter the forest to your northeast, and 

head northeast into Kol.  In Kol you can find some good stuff.  In the 

Hot springs is 4 dressers, the first, and third dresser has items(Cloth 

Armor and StrSeed).  Interesting info you find out in Kol: Cleo's 

husband is out looking for keys.  Rimuldar is on the island to the 

south.  You must find Loto's sword.  A monster called the Golem fears a 

flute.  There is a beautiful woman, and monsters in a cave to the south.  

A shop in Rimuldar has keys.


                            SHRINE(NORTHWEST OF KOL)

A little before the grass ends and you would head towards Kol, head west 

into the forest.  Follow this forest with mountains on both sides 

towards the northwest, until it reaches the sea, and then head east for 

the shrine.  The mage there will give you the rain staff only after you 

bring him the Shiny Harp.


                               CAVE(SOUTH OF KOL)

Before you head to the cave south of Kol you will want to be at least 

level 10, have all the best armor, and weapon, and also stock up on 

Herbs(you can carry six), have a warp wing, and a torch.  Once you enter 

the cave head south all the way until you have to head a little east, 

and then turn south, and once you can head west to the stairs.  Please 

note that this cave has a door that requires a key in the southeast 

corner of the map.  This leads to a nasty dragon.  Leave him alone for 




Once you exit the cave head towards the southeast.  Cross the desert, 

and head towards the southeast again a little.  You will note to the 

west is some mountains.  Keep going south until you can go west around 

the mountains.  Then head north to see Rimuldar inside a bay of water.

Bear in mind that the monsters around here are going to be tougher :o)

Once you enter town head straight north, and talk to the lady.  Then 

head west around the edge of the city, and when you reach the northwest 

corner you can enter a shop.  This is the key shop.  For 16g you can buy 

keys, and hold up to six at a time.  There are also two vases in this 

shop, search them for (123g) (DefSeed).  At the inn after using two keys 

you will find a chest(LifeAcorn).  You hear about a shrine northwest of 

Kol.  You also hear about a secret item two steps south of the bath in 

Kol.  Inside the dresser near a lady that screams at you, and tells you 

she is changing is a Warp Wing.  You also hear about the Rainbow bridge, 

and the sun stone.  Sacred shrine to the south of Rimuldar.  



Tantegel Castle:  West house houses four chests(MysticNute)(AglSeed)  

 (Key) (350g).  To the northeast of the castle leads to a shrine where  

 a cleric will heal you.  Across some damaging tiles is a knight that 

 tells you to kill the monster in Garin's tomb.  He says to push 

 against the wall of darkness.  Head outside for the man who sells keys 

 for 24g. By the key shop is a woman.  Go south from her, and along the 

 edge of the screen for the stairs to the basement.  In the basement is 

 an old man that will let you have the Sun Stone.  In the room to the 

 right of the sun stone is two dressers.  Inside them are (Herb)  


Tantegel town:  Upper right hand corner house is a shop that sells 

 monster repellent for 12g a bottle.  At the inn the man there tells 

 you fairies put Golems to sleep.  At the inn is also a storage 


Kol:  Two steps south of the bath is a Pixy Flute(right in front of 

 that man).  Use the key in southwest house to talk to an old man.  He

 asks if you found the Pixy Flute.  If you tell him yes he tells you to 

 go to Mercado.


                             GARIN'S TOMB

Once you enter Garinham enter that house directly to your characters 

right.  Use a key to open it.  You are told that Garin's harp summons 

monsters.  There are three chests (Copper Sword) (Torch) (630g).  A lady 

in a locked room will give you a key.  Directly north of her table on 

the dark wall is where you exit towards Garin's Tomb.  A mage is in 

front of the stairs and he will tell you that no one has ever returned 

from the tomb, and then he vanishes.  Try and be level 11 and have the 

Steel Sword.  Once you enter cast Radiant to see or use a torch.  Go 

north, then east.  North a little, and then take the first east.  Go 

east until you reach the wall.  Then go north, and then west for three 

treasure chests (LifeAcorn) (537g) (Key).  Head back to where you headed 

north from the east wall, and head directly south this time instead of 

the northern path.  Head south until you reach a door. Open it, and 

follow the path to the west to the stairs down.  On the second floor 

head south until you reach the lower right corner.  Take those stairs 

down to the third floor.  Go south from the stairs until you reach the 

wall, then head west until the wall, and then head north for a treasure 

chest (343g).  From that chest head south and take the first east path.  

Take that east path until you reach some stairs back to the second 

floor.  When you are back on the second floor you will be in the upper 

left hand corner of the second floor.  From these stairs head south to 

the lower left hand corner.  Take the stairs there down to the third 

floor.  From these third floor stairs head north, and then take the 

right take northern path, and then keep heading north, and finally east 

for some stairs going down to the fourth floor.  On the fourth floor 

work your way around to either the north or the south.  Work your way 

around, and then come back for some stairs back to the third floor.  On 

the third floor go northeast for the shiny harp.  You can use the shiny 

harp, and monsters will appear.


                          SHINY HARP

Take the Shiny Harp to the shrine northwest of Kol.  The mage there will 

give you the Rainbow Staff.  You can now head to the cave(tunnel) south 

of Kol, and fight the dragon if you are level 13 or higher.  Heal or use 

herbs when you get low, and after 6-8 turns you should kill the dragon.  

Walk past where the dragon was to find the princess.  She wants you to 

hold her.  You have to take her back to Tantegel Castle(cast outside, 

then return).  Talk to the king, and receive Lady Lora's Love.  BTW she 

is now in love with you.


                        SHRINE SOUTH OF RIMULDAR

Head south of Rimuldar.  You will be going south for awhile.  When you 

reach the ocean head to the southwest for a bridge.  Cross the bridge, 

and head south.  When you come to the ocean with a lot of poison land, 

head to the east, and then north into the mountains for the shrine.  The 

old man there will kick you out since you do not have the Loto Seal.


                       CAVE SOUTHWEST OF TANTEGEL

Head northwest from Tantegel Castle.  Work your way northwest around the 

mountains and water.  Then cross the bridge to your southwest.  From the 

bridge head south to some mountains.  Go southwest around the mountains, 

and once you are south of the mountains head directly to the east.  

Avoid the huge amount of poison land that you will pass.  After a bit to 

the east you will find the cave.  Once in the cave work your way to the 

first intersection.  Go east, then south, and east again.  Work your way 

around.  Head east through the intersection.  Work your way south, then 

take the west path.  There is a lot of water here(like a small lake).  

Work your way around to the north, and on the east side is a treasure 

chest (350g).  To the south of the water is a path.  Take it.  At the 

first intersection take the north one.  At the next intersection take 

the east path, and then at the next intersection take the west path.  

You will come to some stairs.  Take them down to floor two.  From the 

stairs go south to the wall, then head east.  Go east through the first 

intersection.  Walk by the first room to the north, and enter the second 

room to the north.  It has a chest (670g).  The third room to the north 

also has a chest (Torch).  Continue east until you reach the wall, and 

then head south.  Go south to the first intersection, and take the west 

path.  At the next intersection take the north path, and at the next 

intersection take the east path, and then take the first south into a 

room.  In that room is a chest (Iron Shield).  Equip the iron shield.  

Head north out of the room, and then head to the west.  Go west through 

the first intersection, and then go south into the next room(it has a 

red carpet).  At the south of this room is a chest (War Ring).  Equip 

the war ring.  Leave this room to the north, and then continue to the 

west.  When you reach the wall head to the south.  Go all the way to the 

south, and you will have to goto the east into a room with four torches 

and two chests (StrSeed) (Mystic Nut).  Time to leave the cave.



Head northwest from Tantegel Castle.  Work your way northwest around the 

mountains and water.  Then cross the bridge to your southwest.  From the 

bridge head south to some mountains.  Go southwest around the mountains 

to the coast.  Then hug the coast that will be going south, and then 

southeast until you reach another bridge.  Cross this bridge and head 

south.  When you reach the mountains head southwest around the 

mountains.  Once you are south of the mountains head directly east into 

the desert.  There is the town.  When you enter you should be no less 

than level 15-16.  There are some nasty enemies here.  Okay head to the 

southeast corner of the town.  You will find two destroyed shops.  In 

between these two destroyed shops(and inside the two destroyed shops) 

will be a lot of poison land.  Right in the middle of the two shops is 

one space of grass that has two trees on the other side of the grass.  

Walk towards there.  Heal before the last poison spot before the grass.  

Why?  A Mad Knight will attack you.  Kill him, and then go on the grass 

spot and search.  You just found the Loto Armor(equip it).  Now you will 

heal when you walk(just like the magic armor), and poison land will not 

hurt you.  



Head south, and a little west from the destroyed desert town.  Right 

near the ocean will be a bridge.  Cross it to the east.  Then go 

northeast through the forest.  Do not take the first bridge you come to 

on your east, instead keep heading northeast until you reach the second 

bridge.  At that second bridge cross it to the east.  Head straight 

south, and you will see the Golem blocking a town.  Bring the pixy flute 

with you.  Use the pixy flute as an item, and the Golem will fall 

asleep.  After 3-5 turns the Golem will drop.  Now you can enter...



Mercado has a storage service, you might as well leave the pixy flute.  

The dresser at the Inn has a DefSeed.  Dresser in the house in the 

southwest corner has a Key.  House in the southeast corner has a dresser 

with a MysticNut in it.  Middle of town is a big building.  Enter on the 

middle of the west side of it.  Talk to the elderly lady.  She says to 

get the Loto Seal talk to the elder just south from there. Exit the 

building, and re-enter near the bottom of the west side.  This will 

allow you to exit the building in the south.  Open one of the doors to 

your south with a key.  Walk down to the elder.  He tells you that the 

Loto Seal is 70 paces north, and 40 west from Tantegel Castle.


                             LOTO SEAL

Leaving Tantegel Castle you will soon find that you are unable to go 70 

spaces north, and 40 paces west.  So do not even waste your time trying.  

Instead leave Mercado, and head north.  Cross the bridge to the west.  

Then head southwest to the bridge that you originally passed on your way 

to Mercado.  This time take the bridge to the east.  Head to the 

southeast.  You will come across a huge amount of poison land.  Keep 

walking across it until you reach a point where the sea comes up, and 

you only have one space to cross on land.  Count seven paces to the 

east, and you will be three paces from the sea to your south.  Search 

there for the Loto Seal.  Count your blessings that you did not have to 

search most of that area like I did.


                            RAINBOW BRIDGE

Take the Loto Seal, the Sun Stone, and the Rain Staff to the shrine 

south of Rimuldar.  Talk to the old man there, and he will take the Sun 

Stone, and the Rain Staff and create the Rainbow Drop, and let you have 

it.  Now head to the northwest of Rimuldar where there is a desert.  In 

the northwest corner of the desert is a spot where there is only one 

space of water between the land.  Use your Rainbow drop here to create 

the Rainbow Bridge.  Cross it, and follow the path to...


                            DRACOLORD'S CASTLE

Ignore the right side of the castle, it is a waste of time.  Head to the 

left hand side of the castle, but ignore the door that requires a key(it 

is also a dead end).  Head to the throne room.  Search the throne, you 

will find out that there is a draft.  Walk behind the throne and search.  

A hidden staircase will appear.  Open the door and head to the south.  

Follow the path and at the first intersection take the west path.  At 

the second intersection take the northeast path to some stairs going 

down to the second cave level.  From the stairs take the west path, at 

the second intersection take the north path.  At the third intersection 

take the east path.  At the fourth intersection take the south path.  At 

the last intersection head to the south for some stairs.  On the third 

cave level from the stairs head to the west for two treasure chests 

(Herb) (502).  Head back to the stairs, and this time head to the east.  

You will eventually go north, and come across some stairs.  Ignore them 

and head to the west.  You will find another set of stairs.  Take those 

stairs for the fourth cave level.  From the stairs head south, then east 

at the first intersection, and then an immediate north for some stairs 

down.  These stairs lead to some more stairs which eventually lead you 

to a chest (Loto Sword).  Equip the Loto Sword.  Head back to the fourth 

cave level where you started towards the Loto Sword.  Head south from 

the stairs till you hit the wall, then head east until the next wall, 

and then north until your first east.  Take this for some stairs 

surround by 4 pillars.  On the fifth floor cave level follow the path 

until you reach the stairs.  Take them to the sixth floor cave level.  

This will be a huge room.  Head straight east across it for some stairs 



                            UNDERGROUND CASTLE

Go north and work your way around to the east until you can enter a 

treasure room using a key on your west.  The treasure room has (Dvl 

Belt) (Warp Wing) (535g) (key) (417g) (Herb) (Mystic Nut).  There are 

also a couple of empty treasure chests.  Head back to the entrance, and 

instead of taking the north path to the treasure room this time take the 

west path.  Then take your second north path.  At the next intersection 

take the eastern path.  Work your way around the castle.  Eventually you 

will exit the castle, and walk across some bridges, and then re-enter 

the castle and goto Dracolord's throne.  You should be around level 22 

when fighting Dracolord.  Note: Sleep, Stopspell, and Firebane do not 

have any effect on him.  When your HPs get down to around 70 use 

Healmore.  Once Dracolord goes down(4-7 rounds) his second form appears, 

and its a huge dragon that you have to fight.  This will take  a little 

longer.  Be careful, and heal when your HPs get down to 60.  He can do 

that much damage in one attack if he chooses.  Fight and heal, and after 

a little bit(7-10 rounds), he will go down.  He will die, and you will 

take the Light Orb from his hand, and that will banish all the monsters 

and poison land.


                              THE END

If you like you can go to towns and talk to people.  They pretty much 

all tell you one of four things.  When you are ready head to Tantegel 

Castle.  See the king.  He will offer his kingdom to you.  In a Conan 

answer your character tells him no(you don't get to help make this 

decision).  Lora will then ask to go with you.  She wants to be with 

you.  I agreed, and she and I walked off.  Credits roll until.. THE END.



Tantegel Town 

  Armor Shop                 

Bamboo             10g      Inn            3g per person

Club               60g      

Copper Sword      180g

Cloth Armor        20g

Leather Armor      70g

Leather Shield     90g      



Garinham Town 

  Armor Shop                 

Club               60g    Inn            3g per person

Copper Sword      180g      Item Shop

Iron Axe          560g    Herb            10g  

Leather Armor      70g    Torch            8g

Chain Armor       300g    D-Scale         20g

Iron Shield       800g



Kol Town 

  Armor Shop                 

Copper Sword      180g      Item Shop

Iron Axe          560g    Herb            10g  

Iron Armor       1000g    Torch            8g

Steel Armor      3000g    D-Scale         20g

Leather Shield     90g    Warp Wing       24g   

  Inn          12g per person



Rimuldar Town 

  Armor Shop                 

Copper Sword      180g      Item Shop

Iron Axe          560g    Herb            10g  

Steel Sword      1500g    Torch            8g

Iron Armor       1000g    Warp Wing       24g   

Steel Armor      3000g

Magic Armor      7700g

  Inn              24g per person



Mercado Town 

  Armor Shop(1)                 

Bamboo Rod         10g      Item Shops

Club               60g    D-Scale         20g  

Copper Sword      180g    Warp Wing       24g

Leather Armor      70g    Repellent       12g   

Chain Armor       300g    Keys            24g

Iron Shield       800g

  Inn              50g per person

  Armor Shop(2)             Armor Shop(3) 

Iron Axe          560g    Flame Sword    9800g

Steel Sword      1500g    Silver Shield 14800g

Steel Armor      3000g

Magic Armor      7700g




Main Character

level  3 -  Heal

level  4 -  Firebal

level  7 -  Sleep

level  9 -  Radiant

level 10 -  Stopspell

level 13 -  Return

level 15 -  Repel

level 17 -  Healmore

level 19 -  Firebane




              DRAGON WARRIOR 2


1.   Intro

2.   Castle Lorasia

3.   Castle Cannock

4.   Getting to Hero Springs

5.   Hero Springs

6.   Finding Prince Karl

7.   Leftwyne

8.   Lake Cave or Silver Key Cave

9.   Shrine West of Leftwyne

10.  Shrine South of Lorasia

11.  Back to Shrine West of Leftwyne

12.  Hamlin

13.  Moonbrooke Castle

14.  Lar Mirror

15.  Return to Castle Moonbrooke

16.  Getting to Wind Cape Tower

17.  Wind Cape Tower

18.  Getting to Drakhorns

19.  Drakhorns

20.  Shrine

21.  Lianport

22.  Drakhorns(Lianport Side)

23.  Tantegel Castle

24.  Treasure in Sea

25.  Dracolord Castle

26.  Island Tower

27.  World Leaf Island

28.  Beran

29.  Zahan

30.  Gold Key

31.  Osterfair Castle

32.  Town of Wellgarth

33.  Jail Key

34.  Tuhn Village

35.  Tower

36.  Volcano Cave Island

37.  Cave to Rhone

38.  Iceland(aka Rhone)

39.  Hargon Castle

40.  Waterfall Shrine

41.  Hargon Castle again

42.  The End


                       Dragon Warrior II


        The intro starts out the story.  The king of Moonbrook is 

killed, and his daughter witnesses it.  Her fate is unknown at the time.  

One guard makes it free from the attack by monsters on the castle.  This 

guard makes it to lorasia(your castle).  He tells the king(your father) 

of the terrible attack by Hargon.  The king tasks you with 

investigating.  In order to do so he tells you to find a fellow prince 

in Cannock.  You are then given 50 gold, and a copper sword.


                         CASTLE LORASIA

Explore all that you can in the castle, mainly because this habit will 

help you later in the game.  Once you are satisfied with the castle, 

head south to the screen exit.  Stay close to the castle and in the

grass at first. You should face only slimes until you are level 3.  

Going into the forest and/or mountains will grant you more and stronger 

monsters to fight.  You can go back to the castle at anytime

to rest in the inn(only 4g).  Also you can to the king, and he will save 

your game and tell you how much more until your next level up.  You can 

buy the Leather Shield, Antidote, and Potion.  I would advising having 

one of each of the later two.  Around level 5 you can head out to...


                        CASTLE CANNOCK

For the beginning of a game this area can seem HUGE.   To get to castle 

caraban, you must head northwest.  I would advise staying in the grass 

until you almost reach the castle.  When see some water in the 

northwest(a small lake), head north in the grass until you come to an 

intersection of forest and mountains.  The Castle will be in the middle 

of a forest straight north of the intersection.  Talk to everyone in 

this town.  A prisoner gives you some good news about a silver key.  

When you are ready talk to the king.  He will tell you that his son Karl 

has gone to the Healing Springs, and it is to the north.  



                   GETTING TO HERO SPRINGS 

Before you go, make sure you have the chain armor and the sickle.  Leave 

Cannock Castle and head north to the water.  Then head east until you 

reach a bridge.  Cross over the bridge and continue going east.  After a 

little bit you will see Hero Springs to your north. 


                           HERO SPRINGS 

You should be at least level 6 in here(I was level 8).  The higher your 

level the easier this area will be.  Once you are in the cave head 

north.  Ignore the left room(it is empty).  When you reach the wall take 

a right to see some water.  Go around the water and head down for a 

chest(it is an herb).  Come back to the water, and take a right.  It 

will lead you down and around to the right.  Right before the dead end, 

head north for a treasure chest(88 gold).  Head back up to the water.  

Go north from the water and take the first right to the stairs.  Go down 

the stairs to talk to a knight that asks you if you have been baptized 

by the Hero Springs(pretty worthless).  Go back up the stairs, and take 

a right(this is the only way you have not gone yet).  Follow it up and 

around to the next screen.  On the next screen follow the only path 

possible, but before going between the large pillars to the Hero 

Springs; walk right past the entrance for a chest(Antidote).  Now goto 

the Hero Springs.  There is an old man standing there.  Talk to him.  He 

will tell you that you just missed prince Karl, and he will heal you.  

He also tells you that prince Karl is on his way to look for you at 

Castle Lorasia.  Might as well work your way back to the entrance of 

this cave.  


                         FINDING PRINCE KARL

Go back to Castle Lorasia.  Talk to the king(your papa) and he will tell 

you that you just missed prince Karl(again!!).  He tells you that prince 

Karl went to Castle Cannock.  Be sure to talk to everyone in town.  A 

person in the upstairs at the inn tells you that some people stop at a 

town called Leftwyne on their way to Castle Cannock.  Run off to Castle 

Cannock and talk to the king there to find out that Karl has not made it 

back yet.  That leaves one place prince Karl could be...



Leftwyne is west of Castle Lorasia and a little bit north.  It is also 

south and just a little bit east of Castle Cannock.  Leftwyne has a 

handy place you might need: a Storage Bank.  There is a limit to how 

many items you can carry, so this is a God sent.  You can also store 

gold there.  Which is handy because each time you die, you lose half of 

your gold(unless you go back to your last save).  Prince Karl is in the 

inn resting.  Talk to him, and he will join.  Now that your party has 

two members, the price of the inns now doubles  In the upstairs of the 

Temple is a couple on a date.  The man tells you to go west to a shrine 

to get to Moonbrooke.  Behind a silver key door in Leftwyne inside the 

armor shop is the slot machine gambling game.  Equip Karl with the best 

armor and weapons that you can.  He starts out level one(31h 6m)


                         LAKE CAVE OR SILVER KEY CAVE

To get to the silver key cave leave Castle Cannock, and head northwest 

through the grass until you reach water.  Then head west to a bridge.  

Cross the bridge and enter the forest.  In the forest head south west 

until you exit the forest.  Then head north until you see a double 

bridge.  Cross the double bridge and the cave is in the middle of a 

little island.  Once you are in the cave, you better have a couple of 

antidotes at least.  Always kill King Cobra's and Babbles first(they 

poison you).  Your character should be at least level 8, and Karl should 

be at least level 7.  Head straight south(passing a path to the right), 

and then right when you reach the wall.  It will lead to a 

chest(Aglseed).  Head back towards the entrance, but take the left that 

you passed. Ignore the two rooms to the north(they are both empty).  

Eventually you will reach a wall and a path to the left.  Take the path 

to the left.  Keep heading south until you reach a path to the right, a 

path straight south, and a path to the left.  The path straight south is 

a dead end.  The path to the left has a Slot Token at the end of it.  

The path to the right leads to a set of stairs to the second floor.  

Once you have the Slot Token(or decide its not worth your time) head to 

the second floor.  There is one direction to go on the second floor.  

Head to the left until a path to the south opens up.  While you are 

traveling south a room to the right and left will appear.  The room to 

the right is empty, and the room to the right has a chest(Life Acorn) in 

it.  After you get the Life Acorn keep heading south to see a room on 

the right.  It will have a chest(Antidote).  Keep heading south to the 

bottom of the screen where there will be another two set of rooms.  The 

one on the right will have two chests(241 g) (Warp Wing).  The room on 

the left will have the silver key.  You can now open all silver key 

doors(go back to each castle and town you have visited so far).  


                     SHRINE WEST OF LEFTWYNE

West and a little north of Leftwyne is a shrine.  There is a priest who 

asks if you have seen his brother at the shrine south of Castle Lorasia.  

If you already have the silver key, the guards will let you pass.  If 

you feel like a little trek you can go to the shrine south of lorasia.  

There is a locked door that you do not have the key for yet.


                      SHRINE SOUTH OF LORASIA

To reach the shrine south of lorasia head straight south from castle 

lorasia until you reach a bridge.  Once you reach the bridge, cross it.  

After crossing the bridge head east until you reach water(the ocean), 

and then head south.  The shrine is down pretty far at the end of the 

land.  The priest at the shrine tells you about the two keys.  The Gold 

Key and the Silver Key.  He also tells you the Silver Key is in the Lake 

Cave which is located west of Castle Cannock.  This shrine also has a 

locked door that you cannot access yet.



After visiting the priests brother, or if you felt like skipping the 

whole thing, and already have the Silver Key.  Talk to the guards, and 

they let you pass.  You should be at least Level 8, and have Karl at 

level 6.  Pass the guards and go down the stairs.  If you go left and 

then down, and exit out the stairs you will be on a small island.  So 

don't go that way.  Instead head straight down, and then go left and use 

those stairs.  You will be on the mainland of a new continent.  The 

monsters here will be tougher.  From the tunnel exit head south, and 

then a little east to get on the grass.  And finally south to reach ... 



Hamlin sits in the middle of a little forest.  It has everything you 

need.  You can save with an old man to the left of the temple.  To the 

left of him is a dog that will follow you around.  A man to the south of 

the town tells you about an item that lets you fly for a short time if 

you jump from a high place.  There is an old man in the middle of an 

island by himself(you can't reach him yet).  A man also tells you where 

to find castle moonbrooke.  But before you go there, you will want to 

level up, and get enough gold to buy all the new items.  Karl will get 

the spear, and You will get the steel sword, steel armor, and steel 



                      MOONBROOKE CASTLE

When you are at least level 12, and Karl is at least level 10, you can 

head out to Moonbrooke Castle.  From Hamlin head to the bridge just 

south of town.  Head south until you reach some mountains.  Then head 

west to some desert, from there head south, and a little west to see a 

castle surrounded by poison ground.  Be aware, that the castle has tons 

of nasty monsters waiting for you.  Head straight north to the soul of 

the king in the throne room.  He will tell you that the princess is 

cursed, and she was turned into a dog.  Now exit the throne room, and 

head to your character's right.  You should see two treasure chests to 

in a room to the north.  Work your way around to find them both empty.  

Keep working your way around and to the west to find the soul of a dead 

guard.  He tells you that something called the Lar Mirrors is to the 

east of the castle moonbrooke, and that it is in sight of two bridges.  

After talking to him, walk just outside the castle wall and head south.  

Eventually you will be able to walk back onto the castle grounds(near 

the bottom), and you will notice this is where the king made his last 

stand, and the princess had gone down some stairs in the game's intro.  

Cross the little bridge and go down the stairs.  Talk to the guard who 

tells you that the Lar Mirror will break the curse on the princess.  And 

then he dies.  There is nothing else of interest in the castle.


                           LAR MIRROR

If you need to, go back to town, and rest.  Otherwise head straight east 

from the castle.  Walk by a bridge just to your north, and then you will 

see a square of poison ground.  In the upper right space of the poison 

ground do a search(B button), and you will find the Lar Mirror.  Just to 

the north, and west is the second bridge the guard told you about.  

Pretty simple.  Return to Hamlin, and use the mirror on the dog to the 

left of the man that lets you save.  It's the Princess Fran.  She now 

joins your group.  If you thought Karl was weak, wait till you get a 

load of her.  None of the current weapons or armor is compatible with 

her.  She is strong in magic, but you will need to build her levels to 

get any spells worthwhile.  Hang around the level up Fran to at least 

level 5.  



This is a small side quest that you do not need to do.  But if you are 

curious, head back to Castle Moonbrooke with Fran in your party.  Talk 

to the king, and he will ask if its Fran, and tell you that he can't see 

anymore.  Head downstairs and see the soldier that died earlier.  He 

will feel vindicated that he did not fail in saving the princess, and 

his soul will leave(I assume resting at peace).


                   GETTING TO WIND CAPE TOWER

From Hamlin, head east through the forest.  When you come to a bridge 

turn north(do not cross over to the other side).  Cross the very next 

bridge you come to.  After crossing start heading south.  Work your way 

south, and east along the coast, until it ends, and you are forced to go 

only west.  Head west to a bridge.  Cross it, and then head east, and 

south.  There will be a series of bridges and land.  Cross them until 

you are in a desert.  From there head west to find the Wind Cape Tower.  


                        WIND CAPE TOWER

I would recommend using some repellent as soon as you enter the Wind 

Cape Tower.  Also have your character at least level 13, Karl level 12, 

and Fran level 6.  From the start of the tower head south, and after you 

pass some stairs take the next left, and then a left again to walk near 

the edge and up to some stairs.  There will be a knight that will tell 

you about walking on the outside of the tower.  Stay on the outside of 

the tower, and take each stairs on the outside.  Eventually you will 

reach a floor that will have two stairs on the outside.  The first one 

leads to the wind cape, and the second one leads to the Wizard Ring. The 

only other thing of interest in the tower is on the first floor.  To get 

it, you head south from the entrance and take the last left turn that 

you can take.  You will find a treasure chest with an herb in it.


                       GETTING TO DRAKHORNS

From Hamlin, cross the bridge just south of town.  Head south until you 

reach the mountains.  From there head straight west.  Keep heading west 

until the ocean is in sight on the west.  From there head south.  Cross 

the bridge to the south, into some desert, and after crossing the bridge 

head west to the shrine.  In the shrine, the priest will offer you the 

normal priestly services.  Also note that there is a gold key door in 

here.  Go up the stairs, and you will exit out on the other side.  From 

here stay in the grass(the monsters are tougher), and head west.  Keep 

heading west until you reach the ocean, and then head north.  Head north 

through the desert, then mountains, then forest.  Finally you will see a 

two towers on opposite sides of a river.



The Drakhorns is pretty simple.  Talk to the man.  Then head up the 

stairs.  On each and every floor, walk around the center of the 

room(which is a huge whole), until you reach the fifth floor.  On the 

fifth floor equip the Wind Cape on your character.  Walk off the 

northern most hole from that floor.  The cape will gently glide you down 

to the other side of the river.  You can go into the tower on this side.



Head straight north from the Drakhorns, and through the mountains.  From 

there head west, and then south for a shrine.  The priest will tell you 

that you need the gold key to open that door, and that someone on the 

island has the gold key.  But that he has no boat.



From the Drakhorns head north on the grass until you reach the 

mountains.  From there head east, and a little south until you see the 

town of Lianport.  On the first floor of the temple to the left is the 

old man that lets you save.  Rest at the inn and save.  Very important 

you do that before checking out the rest of the town.  I would also 

equip all your characters with the Evade Armor, and get Fran, the Wizard 

Wand.  Talk to the old man standing in your way to the boat.  He will 

not loan it to you, because you are an outsider.  Check out the upper 

left hand corner of town to see two Gremlins harassing a young girl.  

She runs to you for help.  The Gremlins tell you to hand her over.  

Answer no.  You now must kill the two gremlins.  The fight is not too 

hard.  Concentrate on one at a time.  The young girl is happy and wants 

to take you to her grandpa.  Surprise, its the old man that would not 

let you get the boat.  Well now he will.   Walk past him, and get in the 

boat.  Head out, and to the south, exit the boat, and enter the door to 

talk to a sailor that crashed his boat, and lost his treasure.  He wants 

you to find it for him.


                    DRAKHORNS(LIANPORT SIDE)

The Drakhorns tower on the Lianport side of the world has a secret.  Go 

to the third floor.  From the stairs take two paces left, and then one 

up.  You will find the Dew Yarn(it will become important later.  Just be 

thankful you don't have to spend the hours I spent searching that tower.  

I knew something of importance had to be there.


                      TANTEGEL CASTLE

Sail straight east from Lianport.  Exit on the grass just north of the 

bridge.  Head east, and then north through the mountains and then east 

again to see Tantegel Castle.  There is a repellent to the left of the 

old man that says he can lift curses in a vase.  Their king has gone 

into hiding because of Hargon.  You can save at the first floor of the 

temple.  On the second floor of the temple is an interesting man that 

asks if you have heard about the sunken treasure. Tell him yes, and he 

says look for the spot in the ocean that glitters.  (Note: I searched 

all over the sea for something that looked different, or like a 

shipwreck, and found nothing, after I talked to him, I found it).  Equip 

your character with the Hammer, and Iron Helmet.


                      TREASURE IN SEA

From Lianport sail one tile east, then 58 tiles north, and finally one 

tile west to be right on top of the sparkling ocean.  Search right 

there, and you will find the sunken treasure.  Return to Lainport, and 

give it to the sailor.  He will be soo happy, that he is going to change 

his life.  He starts this with you.  He gives you the Echo Flute.  Your 

probably thinking great, another item for some time in the future :o)


                       DRACOLORD CASTLE

The easiest way to do this is something I accidently came across.  Go to 

Tantegel castle.  Save your game, and then decide to get some rest 

before continuing.  When you are ready to restart your game, leave 

Tantegel Castle, and your boat is sitting right there to the south of 

the castle.  Jump in your boat, and sail south to see a castle 

surrounded by poison.  Cast stepguard if you have it, and then enter the 

castle.  In the northeast corner of this desolate castle is some stairs 

down.  There is only one way to go until you reach the fourth floor 

down.  On the fourth floor take the second set of stairs.  Then take the 

only stairs going back up in the middle of the room.  Follow all the 

stairs till you reach a treasure chest.  It has the Loto sword.  Might 

as was well equip.  Head back to the point where you took the stairs up.  

The only other stairs of interest are in the middle of the room going 

down.  Work your way around, and next will come a huge room.  Cross that 

room for more stairs, and then you will be in what looks like a castle.  

Take the first right, and you will see some shiny silver type of floor.  

It is nasty poison.  You must have Stepguard for this, or heal after 

each two steps.  Walk through for a silver key door.  Open it, and there 

are four treasure chests.  I found 151g, a Worldmap, Steel Armor, and a 

STR seed.  Cast Stepgaurd again before touching the silver tiles again.  

Take the only other path, and work your way around until you finally 

come to a throne room, and Dracolord. Well kinda.  He says he is the 

great grandson of the Dracolord and he is not impressed by Hargon.  He 

tells you of 5 seals you need to defeat Hargon.  He also tells you that 

in order to get them you must start in what used to be Mercado, it is to 

the south on a small island.


                         ISLAND TOWER

To reach the island tower, leave Castle Tantegel and head south.  Go 

west around the castle of Dracolord. Head south following the mountains 

south of Dracolord's castle.  Once the way east opens up head east, and 

then head south once it opens up.  Keep heading south until you see the 

island with a tower on it.  Walk into the tower and talk to the man on 

the outside of the tower.  He will talk about the 5 seals.  Try and have 

your main character around level 20, Karl around level 18, and Fran 

around level 17/18.

Walk into the entrance of the tower.  Go to the right, eventually you 

have no choice but to head north.  Head north, and take the second left.  

Then head north and take another left.  Head that way to the end, and 

then head south.  Head south all the way to the end.  Then work your way 

back towards the entrance, and then head north.  Go through the hole in 

the wall to the north, and then head to the right(going around a big 

room).  Once you can head north(still going around that room).  Once a 

big entrance opens up to the left head into it(and that big room).  You 

will see an exit to the top of the room, the bottom of the room, and on 

the left side of the room.  First off head through the exit to the top 

of the room.  You will find a chest with 502g.  Come back to this room, 

and this time take the exit to the bottom of the room.  You will enter a 

room with stairs, and an exit to the left of the room.  Take the stairs 

and follow the different rooms to the different rooms with stairs until 

you reach a Sickle.  Come back to the first stairs you starting going up 

on.  This time take the only other exit in this room(to the left of the 

room).  You will see another set of stairs, and an exit to the north of 

the room.  Take these stairs.  Work your way around to the next set of 

stairs.  You will come to a room with two set of stairs.  Take the 

second set of stairs, and work your way up until you reach a giant pot.  

Southeast of that pot is a man that tells you about Hargon and Rhone.  

Listen to him.  And then head back where the two stairs were.  This time 

take the first set.  Now head south a little and on the right side will 

be an entrance to a room.  Head into that room, and follow the hallway 

to the stairs to get 733g.  Head back, and find the stairs on the left 

that lead to a LifeAcrorn.  Head back to the stairs again and this time 

head north, and around to the west for some stairs on the edge of the 

tower.  Keep working your way from the upper left edge of the screen to 

the middle edge of the screen.  Eventually you will reach a door.  Open 

it, and head to the upper left of the screen again.  After those stair 

go towards the middle again to see a monster disappear into a wall.  

Follow right where he went to see an old man.  Talk to him, and he asks 

you to follow.  Follow him room after room, and when confronted with two 

stairs take the lower set of stairs.  Keep following until you see a 

treasure chest.  Open it, and find it empty.  The old man says its a 

trap, and he turns into a Gremlin.  Three more Gremlins join in to 

attack you.  This is a pretty easy battle especially if Karl has 

Firebane(kills them all in one hit).  You now have the Star Seal.


                       WORLD LEAF ISLAND

In order to find the World Leaf use the worldmap item to look at the 

Dragon Warrior 2 world.  On the southeast corner of the world map is a 

small island almost totally surrounded by mountains, and the inside has 

desert, and there is one tree right in the middle.  Walk onto the tree 

and search.  You will find the World Leaf.




To reach Beran, leave Lianport, and head straight north.  After quite a 

bit of sailing you will see an average sized island with forest all on 

it.  Just north of that is land.  Land on the grass, and enter the 

desert to walk around into an enclave where the town of Beran is.  A man 

at the inn tells you that the Sun Seal is in the Flame Shrine.  And 

while you are at the inn, go ahead and stay there.  When you wake up 

Karl is still in bed, he is sick from what he thinks is a curse from 

Hargon.  Go ahead and use your World Leaf to restore Karl.  But before 

you do walk around town and get sympathy from everyone.  After doing 

that.  Be sure to head back to the World Leaf Island and get another 

World Leaf.  It is a small side quest.  You can bypass this totally if 

you want.  You will also hear about the Dew Yarn, and the Holy Loom.  



To reach the port town of Zahan use the world map to sail to the lower 

right hand corner of the map.  You will find Zahan there.  Talk to 

everyone in town.  All the ladies think the men are away fishing.  A man 

tells you that they are all dead but he did not have the heart to tell 

them.  You will also hear about a cave surrounded by coral and the Moon 

Shard.  A little boy says that a dog keeps grabbing his sleeve and 

wanting him to follow.  The dog is just north of the boy.  Talk to the 

dog, and he wants you to follow.  Search right in front of him, and you 

will find the Gold Key.


                             GOLD KEY

Since you are so close to a shrine that has a Traveler Gate on the 

island close by Zahan(to the southwest).  This leads to Lorasia Castle.  

In Lorasia Castle: you find Mystic Nut, Loto Seal, StrSeed, 1198g, Life 

Acorn, and a Herb.  Shrine West of Leftwyne: has a Travelers Gate that 

leads to a travelers gate hub(3 travelers gates) with a man and a 

Wizard.  The man tells you where the gold key is(as if you need to know 

now).  Castle Cannock: there is the Loto Shield by the Wizard.  Upstairs 

there is nothing.  Hamlin: Opens a door to some stairs.  Underground is 

two gremlins locked in a cage, and a set of stairs that leads to an old 

man that tells you about the Spirit Shrine.  Shrine Southwest of Hamlin: 

This has a travelers gate that leads to the same place(travelers gate 

hub) that the Shrine West of Leftwyne went to.  Tantegel Castle: There 

is a house that has a lady that sells sewing supplies.  She is out of 

Dew Yarn, but tells you exactly where it is.

Shrine Southeast of Lorasia:  Leads to a travelers gate that transports 

you to Osterfair Castle.  Note:  Now that you have the Loto Seal from 

Lorasia Castle head south of Tantegel Castle.  To the southeast is a 

shrine with a priest.  He is holding the Loto Helm.  Talk to him, and he 

will let you have the Loto Helm.  Go to shrine northwest of Lianport.  

Talk to the old man, and he borrows your gold key to open the door.  He 

gives it back, and uses the travel gate.  Follow him through the travel 

gate.  Use your Echo Flute to find out that there is a Seal somewhere on 

this screen.  To the very upper right side of the screen is a tree. 

Stand by it, and search.  You find the Sun Seal.


                            OSTERFAIR CASTLE

The first thing you need to do from the travelers gate is head to the 

bottom right.  Open the door there, and come into the weapons and armor 

shop from the back side.  Open the two treasure chests to find the Gai 

Armor and a knife.  The shop keeper tells you that you shouldn't be 

there.  Head back towards the travelers gate, and head north from it, 

and follow the only path.  Talk to the guard, and the two bunnies.  

Enter where the bunnies are.  Talk to everyone but the king.  Get any 

new armor and weapons you might need.  Find out about the Echo Flute 

changing tones around a Seal.  When ready head to the king.  He asks if 

you will entertain him.  You do this by fighting a SabreTiger.  If Karl 

has the Firebane spell, that along with an attack from your character 

will kill it one turn before it can attack back.  The king is sooo happy 

that he gives you the Moon Seal.  To the northeast of the king is some 

stairs.  If you go two paces to the right of the stairs and search you 

will find a StrSeed.  Go downstairs and talk to the prisoner.


                         TOWN OF WELLGARTH

On the lower right hand part of the map on the mainland is the town of 

Wellgarth.  You need to use the golden key to go underground where the 

town is.  People in the town tells you that you are south of the Rhone 

foothills.  Wellgarth has two item shops.  One of them has a blank item.  

That blank item is the Jail key.  It costs 2000g.  You find out that the 

village of Tuhn lives a great robe weaver named Don Mohame.Go into the 

empty jail cell, and search the lower right corner.  It opens to find 

the escaped felon.  He gives you the Dam key.


                            JAIL KEY

Take the jail key to the town of Hamlin.  Head to the jail, and fight 

the two Ozwerg's.  In the upper right corner of the jail cell is the 

Water Seal.  In Lorasia Castle head to the dungeon.  The first man tells 

you about the Life Seal being in the caves to Rhone.  The second cell 

has a maniac in it.  Stand in front of him, and turn left or right to 

find an AglSeed. Prepare for a tough fight.  You have to fight Magus.  

Hit him with everything you got.  After you beat him you get the Bolt 

Wand.  This is great for Fran.  Zahan has a Wizard Ring in the right 

room, and the Holy Loom on the left side room.  Beran has a man that 

tells you about the travelers gate nearby.  Take that travelers 

gate(cast Stepguard before opening the door).  After going through the 

travel gate, you are surrounded by harmful tiles.  Cast Stepguard again.  

Go to the top of the screen and to the right, search to find an AglSeed.  

Then take the stairs.  Talk to the old man, who tells you the Road to 

Rhone is to the West.  Head back downstairs now.  Directly to the south 

of the travelers gate is the exit from the screen.  Go talk to the 

Gremlin, who tells you the Water Seal is in Hamlin.  You can exit 

anywhere from this screen to be in an area surrounded by mountains.  In 

Osterfair Castle you can free the guy in prison.  


                              TUHN VILLAGE

Leave Beran, and head north and around the island that Beran is on.  At 

the north of the island head east towards the mainland.  Once you reach 

the mainland, head a little south to reach a river that goes inland.  

Each time you have a choice on the river, take the northern path.  At 

the end of the river exit to the west, and start walking to the north, 

and then eventually east.  Then head south, and you will see Tuhn.  You 

need to head east, and then south, and then west to work your way back 

to town.  You will hear that the tower to the south has the moon shard. 

You will also find that Robe Weaver.  Give him the items and come back 

the next time you play.  North of the item shop is the lazy man, and to 

the west of him is the dam. 



Leave Tuhn, walk back to your boat.  Sail back through the river to the 

ocean.  Sail south along the coast of the mainland.  Eventually as you 

follow the coast you will find another river that goes inland.  Take the 

right hand turns each time.  You will pass by Tuhn, and then south to 

the tower.  From the entrance of the tower, head south, and then have 

your character take his first right turn for a chest(StrSeed).  There is 

also some stairs going up to the second floor.  Take them.  On the 

second floor in the middle top is a chest(Mystic Nut).  On the lower 

right hand side of the screen is some stairs that go back down to the 

first floor for a chest(DefSeed).  There are two stairs that goto the 

third floor.  They are both in the middle of the floor.  The left hand 

stairs lead to a treasure chest(1209g).  Then take the other stairs to 

the third floor.  On the third floor, go north and up to the stairs.  On 

the fourth floor, go south for two chests(272g, DefSeed).  Go right to 

the stairs.  On the the fourth floor open the door and take the stairs 

down.  Keep going downstairs until you find a man to talk to.  Talk to 

him, and open the chest for the Moon Shard.  Now if you want a Wizard 

Ring, go back to the fifth floor, and take the stairs to the sixth 

floor, and finally the seventh floor(where the Wizard Ring is).


                         VOLCANO CAVE ISLAND

To the southeast of Osterfair Castle(Use the worldmap) is that small 

island surrounded by reefs.  Use the Moon Shard to clear the reefs.  

Then you can enter the cave.  Cast Stepguard to walk on the lava safely.  

From the steps go north and west for a chest(1198g).  Go back to the 

stairs, and go south from the stairs.  Take the first west that you come 

to.  Then take the second road to the north for a chest(Mystic Nut).  

Then take the path to the south for some stairs down.  Go straight 

south, and into a room for a chest.  Its a trap, and will poison your 

main character(you can avoid this if you want).  Keep heading west, and 

you will see a soldier.  He tells you about the Volcano.  Work your way 

west, and south to see another soldier.  He tells you about the Hargon 

temple in the volcano.  Follow the path, and work your way around till 

there is a room to your north.  Enter it for a chest(Wizard Ring).  Go 

back to where you saw the first soldier.  Head west from him, and take 

the second lava path.  Follow it till you get to the far upper left hand 

corner of the map.  Take the stairs you see there.  You will be in a new 

room with a door.  Open the door.  The first chest you come to is a 

trap(poisons you again).  The second chest is a StrSeed.  The two stairs 

here are worthless.  Instead head around and take the path to the south.  

Work your way around and up.  In the upper corner of this room with all 

of these stairs is a chest(Magic Armor).  Head to the east and see three 

stairs in a diagonal row.  Take the middle stairs for a chest(Amulet).  

Cast stepguard and walk to the upper left hand corner for some stairs 

down.  Follow the path around to see an evil mage.  Walk up to him, and 

another joins him, and the two evil clowns attack you.  Kill them, and 

head to the north for the EvlStatue.


                               CAVE TO RHONE

Take the travel gate in Beran and head out of the shrine.  Goto the 

west, and get on the poison ground.  Use the evil statue.  Four paces on 

the top part into the poison ground a cave will emerge.  Go north into 

the cave.  Once in the cave head north.  Either take some stairs, or 

fall through a sinkhole.  You will fall down a level.  There is a man 

hiding in the tombstones.  But that's not the interest to this room.  

Use your Echoflute to find out that the final seal is here.  Head to the 

lower left hand corner of the room for a treasure chest(Life Seal).

After you fall through a sinkhole and come back up the stairs the hole 

will now be visible.  But to safely traverse the sinkholes, from the 

beginning head north, go right by some stairs.  Vear off to the right, 

staying towards the left as you go north.  At the next intersection take 

a right and take those stairs.  You will now be in a repeating maze(I 

completely hate these).  Take the right hand exit from the screen, and 

then take the third exit to the south.  Take the stairs.  Work your way 

to the south, and to the right for a chest(Slot Token).  Keep going east 

for some stairs up.  There will be a chest after a couple of floors(Loto 

Armor).  Work your way back to the stairs.  Go to the west from the 

stairs and up and around for a chest(1389g).  Go back around and south, 

go into the room for a chest(Magic Helm).  Give the helm to Fran.  There 

are Metabbles on this floor(they give 10150 exp if you can kill them in 

time).  Head back north take the left at the intersection, then go 

north, and then take a left and follow the path around for some stairs.  

There will be two chests(Evil Shield, 568g).  Do not equip the Evil 

Shield, it will curse you).  Go back to the last intersection, and take 

the east path for some stairs.  This floor has more sinkholes in it.  To 

avoid them go south two paces, go west two paces, then go south four 

paces, then go east to the wall, and one pace south to the stairs.  If 

you fall work your way to the upper right hand corner of that floor for 

stairs going back up.  Okay, now we are in another repeating screen 

maze(I really hated this one).  Take the right hand exit, then the left 

hand exit, then the right hand exit, then the Right hand exit, then the 

upper right hand exit, then the upper left hand exit, then the top exit, 

and finally the right hand exit.  After a couple of screens stairs will 

appear.  And that takes you to...


                             ICELAND(AKA RHONE)

The enemies here are extremely tough.  Do not go into the forest or 

mountains.  Also note that your Worldmap no longer works.  Work your way 

east, and north.  Eventually you will see a bridge to your north, take 

it, and another one to the north to see a Shrine.  Enter it and save.  

This shrine also has a travelers gate that returns you to your own 

world.  The priest that lets you save also heals you.  This is an 

excellent place to build up levels.  Build your levels until your main 

character is around level 37, and Karl is around 33, and Fran is level 



                              HARGON CASTLE

To get to Hargon Castle, leave the shrine, and head northwest(staying in 

the forest).  Eventually the forest will go south, and then west again.  

From there follow the forest to the south, and then head to the east.  

At the end of the forest you will notice some mountains to the north.  

Head through those mountains for a castle.  Hargon Castle looks exactly 

like Lorasia Castle.  Everyone there thinks it is Lorasia Castle.  The 

treasure chests in the armory are all empty, and the dungeon is also 

empty.  The travelers gate goes nowhere.  The king is being entertained 

by some bunnies.


                            WATERFALL SHRINE

Obviously since nothing you do at Hargon Castle works, we are missing 

something.  At first I thought it was having to talk to anyone at 

Lorasia Castle, but that did no good.  Save at the shrine in 

Iceland(Rhone), and go back to your world(Beran).  Sail to the 

south(way) and a little west of Lorasia for a small island.  This island 

is one space on the map, and has a shrine on it.  Look carefully at the 

worldmap and you will see it.  Go to this shrine.  I am not sure of the 

exact name, but since it had a waterfall on all the screens down, it 

seemed like a good name.  At the bottom(after a ton of stairs down), you 

will find a place to stand.  All the seals will ignite, and you will 

receive the RubissChm.  Now you can just cast return, and you will go 

right back to the Iceland(Rhone) shrine.  Now you can go back to...


                          HARGON CASTLE AGAIN

Return to Hargon Castle, and use the Rubiss Charm.  Hargon Castle will 

change drastically.  Go to the throne, and talk to the fire to fight two 

BatDemons.  From there head to the west of the throne, cast StepGuard, 

and on the second space to the left of the throne is a hidden door.  

Open it.  To the left side path is a chest with a DvlTail(its cursed), 

and to the right side path is a Devil Armor(also cursed).  To the middle 

room is a cross in the middle of a ton of damaging land.  Goto the 

middle of the cross(keep casting Stepguard for each new damaging land 

you come across) and use the EvlStatue.  You will be transported to the 

next level.   Head straight north, and then to the east for the stairs.  

The next floor has only one path to the stairs. This third floor is the 

same, but be sure and have your health up to its max before reaching the 

colored tiles near the stairs.  A major monster attacks you there.  He 

is Atlas.  If you have had no difficult fights all game, here is a good 

strategy:  Cast Increase on you, Defense on him, and then just attack.  

If your HPs get low, heal.  Chance will heal everyone.  After three or 

four turns he will fall.  Heal back up, and then take the stairs to the 

fourth floor.  On the fourth floor go to the far northwest corner room.  

Enter it for the stairs.  As soon as you enter it Bazuzu attacks you.  

Use the same attack method as you used with Atlas.  After a couple of 

rounds, down he goes.  On the fifth floor there is only one way to go, 

and right before the stairs Zarlox attacks you.  Defense did not seem to 

work on him.  However I cast Increase on myself twice, and after three 

to four rounds, he went down.  Remember to heal when you are in trouble.  

Take the stairs to the sixth floor.  There are a bunch of damaging tiles 

here, so cast Stepguard.  If you are low on magic, I would recommend 

going back to the shrine(those boss battles can take it out of you).  

When you are ready go towards the west for the opening into the room.  

Talk to Hargon.  He is not too happy with you for disturbing his sleep.  

Again Defense does not work, but Increase does.  Fran is worthless 

attacking him(unless she uses spells).  Explodet will work wonders.  I 

mainly kept Fran as a healer, and Karl increased twice, and then he 

joined the main character in Attacks.  Pour it on when Hargon starts 

healing himself.  After Hargon goes down, then you find you cant leave 

the throne area, ad Sidoh appears.  Again use Increase on yourself 

twice.  Revive your characters when they die.  Cast Defense on Sidoh 

when he casts Increase on himself.  If you have a balance of healing, 

and attacking he should go down after around ten rounds.  When your 

magic get low use the Wizard Rings(they should have at least one full 



                          THE END

You hear a voice, that is happy that Sidoh's evil is gone, you are 

teleported out of the castle, and the castle crumbles.  Head back to the 

shrine.  The priest congratulates you, and tells you to return to your 

world(Rhone is going away).  Return to your world, and everyone is 

pleased at what you did.  The priest in Beran tells you to see your 

father.  BTW there are no more enemies anywhere in the world :o)  Go to 

your father the king, and he offers you the crown.  I accepted and 

became a King.  Fireworks shoot off, and the game credits roll(along 

with some cool scenes from the game).  THE END





Castle Lorasia 

  Item Shop                   Temple

Herb               10g      Revive       20g per level 

Antidote            8g      De-tox        2g per level

Leather Shield     90g      Uncurse    1000g

Inn                 4g per person



Castle Cannock 

  Item Shop                   Temple

Herb               10g      Revive       20g per level

Antidote            8g      De-tox        2g per level

Repellent          40g      Uncurse    1000g

Warp Wing          25g 


  Traveling Merchant        Inn           8g per person  

Copper Sword      100g 

Knife             200g 

Sickle            330g 

Leather Shield     90g 

Chain Armor       390g 



Town of Leftwyne

  Item Shop                   Temple

Herb               10g      Revive       20g per level  

Antidote            8g      De-tox        2g per level

Warp Wing          25g      Uncurse    1000g


  Weapons/Armor Shop        Inn           6g per person

Club               60g

Copper Sword      100g 

Knife             200g 

Sickle            330g 

Chain Armor       390g

Leather Shield     90g 



Town of Hamlin

  Item Shop                   Temple

Herb               10g      Revive      20g per level

Antidote            8g      De-tox       2g per level

Repellent          40g      Uncurse   1000g


  Weapons/Armor Shop           Inn      12g per person

Sickle            330g

Spear             770g

Steel Sword      1500g

Chain Armor       390g

Steel Armor      1000g

Steel Shield     2000g


Town of Lianport

  Item Shop                   Temple

Herb               10g      Revive      20g per level  

Antidote            8g      De-tox       2g per level

Repellent          40g      Uncurse   1000g

Warp Wing          25g

Amulet            640g


  Weapons/Armor Shop           Inn      20g per person

Wizard Wand      2500g

Knife             200g

Steel Sword      1500g

Evade Armor      1250g

Steel Armor      1000g

Steel Shield     2000g


Castle Tantegel

  Item Shop                   Temple

Herb               10g      Revive      20g per level  

Antidote            8g      De-tox       2g per level

Repellent          40g      Uncurse   1000g

Warp Wing          25g

Amulet            640g


  Weapons/Armor Shop           Inn       2g per person

Wizard Wand      2500g

Steel Sword      1500g

Hammer           4000g

Evade Armor      1250g

Steel Armor      1000g

Steel Shield     2000g

Iron Helmet      3150g


Town of Beran

  Item Shop                   Temple

Herb               10g      Revive      20g per level  

Antidote            8g      De-tox       2g per level

Warp Wing          25g      Uncurse   1000g


  Weapons/Armor Shop           Inn      30g per person

Wizard Wand      2500g

Hammer           4000g

Dragon Sword     8000g

Steel Shield     2000g

Heal Shield     21500g 

Iron Helmet      3150g


Osterfair Castle


Revive      20g per level  

De-tox       2g per level

Uncurse   1000g


  Weapons/Armor Shop           Inn      25g per person

Steel Sword      1500g

Hammer           4000g

Dragon Sword     8000g

Evade Armor      1250g

Magic Armor      4300g

Iron Helm        3150g


Town of Wellgarth


Revive      20g per level  

De-tox       2g per level

Uncurse   1000g


  Weapons/Armor Shop           Inn      40g per person

Hammer           4000g

Dragon Sword     8000g

Light Sword     16000g

Fur Armor       65000g

Heal Shield     21500g

Iron Helm        3150g


  Item Shop #1                  Item Shop #2

Herb               10g        Herb       10g

Antidote            8g        Antidote    8g

                              Warp Wing  25g

Warp Wing          25g        Amulet    640g


Village of Tuhn


Revive      20g per level  

De-tox       2g per level

Uncurse   1000g


  Weapons/Armor Shop           Inn        40g per person

Hammer           4000g

Dragon Sword     8000g         

Falcolm Sword   25000g         Item Shop

Magic Armor      4300g         Repellent  40g

Heal Shield     21500g         Warp Wing  25g

Iron Helm        3150g         Amulet    640g


Hargon Castle


Inn               4g per person


Item Shop

Herb             10g

Antidote          8g

Leather Shield   90g





level  1 - Heal

level  3 - Fireball

level  6 - Antidote

level  8 - Stopspell

level 10 - Return

level 12 - Outside

level 14 - Healmore

level 17 - Stepguard

level 18 - Firebane

level 20 - Increase

level 23 - Defeat

level 25 - Revive

level 28 - Sacrifice



level  1 - Healmore

level  2 - Sleep

level  4 - Infernos

level  6 - Surround

level  8 - Repel

level 10 - Defense

level 12 - Antidote

level 15 - HealAll

level 17 - Outside

level 19 - Explodet

level 22 - Revive

level 25 - Chance

level 29 - Open



                        THANK YOU


First and foremost I would like to thank my Savior and Lord Jesus 

Christ.  Without him nothing would be possible.  

Secondly, I would like to thank my wife for all of her love and support.

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Fourth, I would like to thank my brother.

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