DD  D     rrr        aaaaaa       gggggg     oooooo      nnnn
     DD   D    rr rr     a     a      g     g     o    o    nn    nn
     DD    D   rr  rr   a      a     g      g     o    o    nn    nn
     DD   D    rr        a     a      g     g     o    o    nn    nn
     DD  D     rr          a   a        g   g     oooooo    nn    nn
     DD D      rr            aaa         gggg

     W         W
     W         W      aaaaa   rrr       rrr       ii   oooooo   rrr
     W    W    W    a     a   rr rr     rr rr          o    o   rr rr
     W   W W   W   a      a   rr   rr   rr   rr   ii   o    o   rr  rr
     W  W   W  W    a     a   rr        rr        ii   o    o   rr
     W W     W W     a    a   rr        rr        ii   o    o   rr
     W         W      aaaaa   rr        rr        ii   oooooo   rr

        11                                    22
      1111                  ++              22  22
        11                  ++             22    22
        11                +++++++                22
        11                  ++                   22
        11                  ++              2222222
        11                                 2     222
        11                                 2     22 2
      111111                                2222222  2

                *  Written by Wyldcard                  *
                *  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    *
                *  All rights of this FAQ are owned     *
                *  by Family Friendly Gaming            *
                *  http://www.familyfriendlygaming.com/ *

                       Dragon Warrior I + II

06.15.01  This is my first attempt at a FAQ Walkthrough of a game.  I
know there are already FAQs for this game, but from what I saw they were
incomplete as far as the Dragon Warrior 2 aspects.  So I figured to do
Dragon Warrior II and if all goes well go back and do Dragon Warrior I.

08.01.01  I finally finished this FAQ(DW2 portion), and prepped it for

08.02.01  I started work on the Dragon Warrior 1 portion of the

08.10.01  I beefed up the legal, and have gotten to Garin's Tomb in DW1.
I also need to get my GameFAQs handle on the name list.  I am Wyldcard.

08.18.01  I finished the Dragon Warrior 1 part of the guide.  I also
added a thank you section.  I remind everyone that I am Wyldcard on
GameFAQs.com.  My first FAQ/Walkthrough is now complete.  I plan no more
updates, unless someone emails me with something important.  I hope this
FAQ/Walkthrough helps you :o)

Version 2.0

NOTE:  Most directions I give are from the standpoint of your character.
So if you are heading south(or down) and I say take a right, the
character is facing south, and then heads west.  Other times I talk
about how the screen looks, and talk about the screen.

NOTE:  When I list a treasure chest has a certain number of gold, that
is the most that I received.  Quite often the chests have a differing
amount depending on your level, or maybe its just random.

                     DRAGON WARRIOR 1
1.   Intro
2.   Tantegel Castle
3.   Garinham
4.   Loto Memorial(Cave)
5.   Kol
6.   Shrine(northwest of Kol)
7.   Cave(south of Kol)
8.   Rimuldar
9.   Keys
10.  Garin's Tomb
11.  Shiny Harp
12.  Shrine south of Rimuldar
13.  Cave Southwest of Tantegel
14.  Destroyed Desert Town(Domdora)
15.  Golem
16.  Mercado
17.  Loto Seal
18.  Rainbow bridge
19.  Dracolord's Castle
20.  Underground Castle
21.  The End

                        DRAGON WARRIOR 1
There is a cool little cut scene.  The king tells you that Loto was
given the Light Orb, and it had the power to fight the monsters that lay
siege to the land.  Dracolord came and stole that sacred orb that sealed
the evil.  The king also tells you to take the contents of the three
chests; they contain: (120g) (Torch) (Key).  The King's assistant tells
you of the Lady Lora, the kings daughter.  She was kidnapped by
monsters, and he implores you to rescue her. Use the key to exit out the
door to leave the king's throne room.

                            TANTEGEL CASTLE
Explore Tantegel Castle, and talk to everyone you can.  There are areas
that you can not access yet.  Thats okay.  In the middle of the castle
is a little pond with some damaging land in the middle of it.  To the
right side of that pond is three vases.  The first vase you come to has
a Herb in it.

                           TANTEGEL TOWN
At the Inn in the lower right corner near some stairs is a
dresser(inside is a Warp Wing).  Dracolord is to your south in that
castle, and the party that went looking for Lady Lora was wiped out.
The harp of the legendary Bard Garin was buried with him.  A soldier
asks you for proof you are a descendant of Loto(Loto Seal).  Garinham is
the far north, and when you reach the sea travel west.

To get to Garinham head northwest of Tantegel.  Eventually you will
reach the sea, and then head to the west along the coast until you see
Garinham.  You find out that monsters took the princess to the east,
there is a cave nearby with a memorial to Loto, and Garin founded

                               LOTO MEMORIAL(Cave)
Southeast of Garinham, and Northwest of Tantegel Castle is a small area
of desert(it is way closer to Garinham).  In the middle of the desert
land is a cave.  Go to it, and once you are inside use a Torch.  There
are quite a few ways to go on the first floor.  Work your way to the
southeast corner of the screen for some more stairs.  On the second
floor there is only one way to go.  Every choice you have either leads
to a dead end(rather quickly) or is the right way.  Work your way to the
west, and eventually north, and finally back east for the memorial to
Loto.  Loto's message is about how to get to the demonic island if evil
should ever rise again.  You need three magic items given to three
sages.  Their descendants will have it.  Might as well leave the cave

From Tantegel Castle head to the north, and then west to go around the
mountains.  Once you are by the mountains head north for a bit, and then
head east.  Once you reach the ocean head north until you find the
bridge.  Cross the bridge and head east until you reach the mountains,
and then head southeast for another bridge.  Cross it.  Then follow the
coastline south until you reach another bridge.  Cross this bridge, and
you better be level 6 and have some decent armor, and a decent weapon.
The reason is the monsters will get a lot tougher in this area.  Once
you cross the bridge stay in the grass and head north.  Eventually the
grass will end, and you will enter the forest to your northeast, and
head northeast into Kol.  In Kol you can find some good stuff.  In the
Hot springs is 4 dressers, the first, and third dresser has items(Cloth
Armor and StrSeed).  Interesting info you find out in Kol: Cleo's
husband is out looking for keys.  Rimuldar is on the island to the
south.  You must find Loto's sword.  A monster called the Golem fears a
flute.  There is a beautiful woman, and monsters in a cave to the south.
A shop in Rimuldar has keys.

                            SHRINE(NORTHWEST OF KOL)
A little before the grass ends and you would head towards Kol, head west
into the forest.  Follow this forest with mountains on both sides
towards the northwest, until it reaches the sea, and then head east for
the shrine.  The mage there will give you the rain staff only after you
bring him the Shiny Harp.

                               CAVE(SOUTH OF KOL)
Before you head to the cave south of Kol you will want to be at least
level 10, have all the best armor, and weapon, and also stock up on
Herbs(you can carry six), have a warp wing, and a torch.  Once you enter
the cave head south all the way until you have to head a little east,
and then turn south, and once you can head west to the stairs.  Please
note that this cave has a door that requires a key in the southeast
corner of the map.  This leads to a nasty dragon.  Leave him alone for

Once you exit the cave head towards the southeast.  Cross the desert,
and head towards the southeast again a little.  You will note to the
west is some mountains.  Keep going south until you can go west around
the mountains.  Then head north to see Rimuldar inside a bay of water.
Bear in mind that the monsters around here are going to be tougher :o)
Once you enter town head straight north, and talk to the lady.  Then
head west around the edge of the city, and when you reach the northwest
corner you can enter a shop.  This is the key shop.  For 16g you can buy
keys, and hold up to six at a time.  There are also two vases in this
shop, search them for (123g) (DefSeed).  At the inn after using two keys
you will find a chest(LifeAcorn).  You hear about a shrine northwest of
Kol.  You also hear about a secret item two steps south of the bath in
Kol.  Inside the dresser near a lady that screams at you, and tells you
she is changing is a Warp Wing.  You also hear about the Rainbow bridge,
and the sun stone.  Sacred shrine to the south of Rimuldar.

Tantegel Castle:  West house houses four chests(MysticNute)(AglSeed)
 (Key) (350g).  To the northeast of the castle leads to a shrine where
 a cleric will heal you.  Across some damaging tiles is a knight that
 tells you to kill the monster in Garin's tomb.  He says to push
 against the wall of darkness.  Head outside for the man who sells keys
 for 24g. By the key shop is a woman.  Go south from her, and along the
 edge of the screen for the stairs to the basement.  In the basement is
 an old man that will let you have the Sun Stone.  In the room to the
 right of the sun stone is two dressers.  Inside them are (Herb)
Tantegel town:  Upper right hand corner house is a shop that sells
 monster repellent for 12g a bottle.  At the inn the man there tells
 you fairies put Golems to sleep.  At the inn is also a storage
Kol:  Two steps south of the bath is a Pixy Flute(right in front of
 that man).  Use the key in southwest house to talk to an old man.  He
 asks if you found the Pixy Flute.  If you tell him yes he tells you to
 go to Mercado.

                             GARIN'S TOMB
Once you enter Garinham enter that house directly to your characters
right.  Use a key to open it.  You are told that Garin's harp summons
monsters.  There are three chests (Copper Sword) (Torch) (630g).  A lady
in a locked room will give you a key.  Directly north of her table on
the dark wall is where you exit towards Garin's Tomb.  A mage is in
front of the stairs and he will tell you that no one has ever returned
from the tomb, and then he vanishes.  Try and be level 11 and have the
Steel Sword.  Once you enter cast Radiant to see or use a torch.  Go
north, then east.  North a little, and then take the first east.  Go
east until you reach the wall.  Then go north, and then west for three
treasure chests (LifeAcorn) (537g) (Key).  Head back to where you headed
north from the east wall, and head directly south this time instead of
the northern path.  Head south until you reach a door. Open it, and
follow the path to the west to the stairs down.  On the second floor
head south until you reach the lower right corner.  Take those stairs
down to the third floor.  Go south from the stairs until you reach the
wall, then head west until the wall, and then head north for a treasure
chest (343g).  From that chest head south and take the first east path.
Take that east path until you reach some stairs back to the second
floor.  When you are back on the second floor you will be in the upper
left hand corner of the second floor.  From these stairs head south to
the lower left hand corner.  Take the stairs there down to the third
floor.  From these third floor stairs head north, and then take the
right take northern path, and then keep heading north, and finally east
for some stairs going down to the fourth floor.  On the fourth floor
work your way around to either the north or the south.  Work your way
around, and then come back for some stairs back to the third floor.  On
the third floor go northeast for the shiny harp.  You can use the shiny
harp, and monsters will appear.

                          SHINY HARP
Take the Shiny Harp to the shrine northwest of Kol.  The mage there will
give you the Rainbow Staff.  You can now head to the cave(tunnel) south
of Kol, and fight the dragon if you are level 13 or higher.  Heal or use
herbs when you get low, and after 6-8 turns you should kill the dragon.
Walk past where the dragon was to find the princess.  She wants you to
hold her.  You have to take her back to Tantegel Castle(cast outside,
then return).  Talk to the king, and receive Lady Lora's Love.  BTW she
is now in love with you.

                        SHRINE SOUTH OF RIMULDAR
Head south of Rimuldar.  You will be going south for awhile.  When you
reach the ocean head to the southwest for a bridge.  Cross the bridge,
and head south.  When you come to the ocean with a lot of poison land,
head to the east, and then north into the mountains for the shrine.  The
old man there will kick you out since you do not have the Loto Seal.

                       CAVE SOUTHWEST OF TANTEGEL
Head northwest from Tantegel Castle.  Work your way northwest around the
mountains and water.  Then cross the bridge to your southwest.  From the
bridge head south to some mountains.  Go southwest around the mountains,
and once you are south of the mountains head directly to the east.
Avoid the huge amount of poison land that you will pass.  After a bit to
the east you will find the cave.  Once in the cave work your way to the
first intersection.  Go east, then south, and east again.  Work your way
around.  Head east through the intersection.  Work your way south, then
take the west path.  There is a lot of water here(like a small lake).
Work your way around to the north, and on the east side is a treasure
chest (350g).  To the south of the water is a path.  Take it.  At the
first intersection take the north one.  At the next intersection take
the east path, and then at the next intersection take the west path.
You will come to some stairs.  Take them down to floor two.  From the
stairs go south to the wall, then head east.  Go east through the first
intersection.  Walk by the first room to the north, and enter the second
room to the north.  It has a chest (670g).  The third room to the north
also has a chest (Torch).  Continue east until you reach the wall, and
then head south.  Go south to the first intersection, and take the west
path.  At the next intersection take the north path, and at the next
intersection take the east path, and then take the first south into a
room.  In that room is a chest (Iron Shield).  Equip the iron shield.
Head north out of the room, and then head to the west.  Go west through
the first intersection, and then go south into the next room(it has a
red carpet).  At the south of this room is a chest (War Ring).  Equip
the war ring.  Leave this room to the north, and then continue to the
west.  When you reach the wall head to the south.  Go all the way to the
south, and you will have to goto the east into a room with four torches
and two chests (StrSeed) (Mystic Nut).  Time to leave the cave.

Head northwest from Tantegel Castle.  Work your way northwest around the
mountains and water.  Then cross the bridge to your southwest.  From the
bridge head south to some mountains.  Go southwest around the mountains
to the coast.  Then hug the coast that will be going south, and then
southeast until you reach another bridge.  Cross this bridge and head
south.  When you reach the mountains head southwest around the
mountains.  Once you are south of the mountains head directly east into
the desert.  There is the town.  When you enter you should be no less
than level 15-16.  There are some nasty enemies here.  Okay head to the
southeast corner of the town.  You will find two destroyed shops.  In
between these two destroyed shops(and inside the two destroyed shops)
will be a lot of poison land.  Right in the middle of the two shops is
one space of grass that has two trees on the other side of the grass.
Walk towards there.  Heal before the last poison spot before the grass.
Why?  A Mad Knight will attack you.  Kill him, and then go on the grass
spot and search.  You just found the Loto Armor(equip it).  Now you will
heal when you walk(just like the magic armor), and poison land will not
hurt you.

Head south, and a little west from the destroyed desert town.  Right
near the ocean will be a bridge.  Cross it to the east.  Then go
northeast through the forest.  Do not take the first bridge you come to
on your east, instead keep heading northeast until you reach the second
bridge.  At that second bridge cross it to the east.  Head straight
south, and you will see the Golem blocking a town.  Bring the pixy flute
with you.  Use the pixy flute as an item, and the Golem will fall
asleep.  After 3-5 turns the Golem will drop.  Now you can enter...

Mercado has a storage service, you might as well leave the pixy flute.
The dresser at the Inn has a DefSeed.  Dresser in the house in the
southwest corner has a Key.  House in the southeast corner has a dresser
with a MysticNut in it.  Middle of town is a big building.  Enter on the
middle of the west side of it.  Talk to the elderly lady.  She says to
get the Loto Seal talk to the elder just south from there. Exit the
building, and re-enter near the bottom of the west side.  This will
allow you to exit the building in the south.  Open one of the doors to
your south with a key.  Walk down to the elder.  He tells you that the
Loto Seal is 70 paces north, and 40 west from Tantegel Castle.

                             LOTO SEAL
Leaving Tantegel Castle you will soon find that you are unable to go 70
spaces north, and 40 paces west.  So do not even waste your time trying.
Instead leave Mercado, and head north.  Cross the bridge to the west.
Then head southwest to the bridge that you originally passed on your way
to Mercado.  This time take the bridge to the east.  Head to the
southeast.  You will come across a huge amount of poison land.  Keep
walking across it until you reach a point where the sea comes up, and
you only have one space to cross on land.  Count seven paces to the
east, and you will be three paces from the sea to your south.  Search
there for the Loto Seal.  Count your blessings that you did not have to
search most of that area like I did.

                            RAINBOW BRIDGE
Take the Loto Seal, the Sun Stone, and the Rain Staff to the shrine
south of Rimuldar.  Talk to the old man there, and he will take the Sun
Stone, and the Rain Staff and create the Rainbow Drop, and let you have
it.  Now head to the northwest of Rimuldar where there is a desert.  In
the northwest corner of the desert is a spot where there is only one
space of water between the land.  Use your Rainbow drop here to create
the Rainbow Bridge.  Cross it, and follow the path to...

                            DRACOLORD'S CASTLE
Ignore the right side of the castle, it is a waste of time.  Head to the
left hand side of the castle, but ignore the door that requires a key(it
is also a dead end).  Head to the throne room.  Search the throne, you
will find out that there is a draft.  Walk behind the throne and search.
A hidden staircase will appear.  Open the door and head to the south.
Follow the path and at the first intersection take the west path.  At
the second intersection take the northeast path to some stairs going
down to the second cave level.  From the stairs take the west path, at
the second intersection take the north path.  At the third intersection
take the east path.  At the fourth intersection take the south path.  At
the last intersection head to the south for some stairs.  On the third
cave level from the stairs head to the west for two treasure chests
(Herb) (502).  Head back to the stairs, and this time head to the east.
You will eventually go north, and come across some stairs.  Ignore them
and head to the west.  You will find another set of stairs.  Take those
stairs for the fourth cave level.  From the stairs head south, then east
at the first intersection, and then an immediate north for some stairs
down.  These stairs lead to some more stairs which eventually lead you
to a chest (Loto Sword).  Equip the Loto Sword.  Head back to the fourth
cave level where you started towards the Loto Sword.  Head south from
the stairs till you hit the wall, then head east until the next wall,
and then north until your first east.  Take this for some stairs
surround by 4 pillars.  On the fifth floor cave level follow the path
until you reach the stairs.  Take them to the sixth floor cave level.
This will be a huge room.  Head straight east across it for some stairs

                            UNDERGROUND CASTLE
Go north and work your way around to the east until you can enter a
treasure room using a key on your west.  The treasure room has (Dvl
Belt) (Warp Wing) (535g) (key) (417g) (Herb) (Mystic Nut).  There are
also a couple of empty treasure chests.  Head back to the entrance, and
instead of taking the north path to the treasure room this time take the
west path.  Then take your second north path.  At the next intersection
take the eastern path.  Work your way around the castle.  Eventually you
will exit the castle, and walk across some bridges, and then re-enter
the castle and goto Dracolord's throne.  You should be around level 22
when fighting Dracolord.  Note: Sleep, Stopspell, and Firebane do not
have any effect on him.  When your HPs get down to around 70 use
Healmore.  Once Dracolord goes down(4-7 rounds) his second form appears,
and its a huge dragon that you have to fight.  This will take  a little
longer.  Be careful, and heal when your HPs get down to 60.  He can do
that much damage in one attack if he chooses.  Fight and heal, and after
a little bit(7-10 rounds), he will go down.  He will die, and you will
take the Light Orb from his hand, and that will banish all the monsters
and poison land.

                              THE END
If you like you can go to towns and talk to people.  They pretty much
all tell you one of four things.  When you are ready head to Tantegel
Castle.  See the king.  He will offer his kingdom to you.  In a Conan
answer your character tells him no(you don't get to help make this
decision).  Lora will then ask to go with you.  She wants to be with
you.  I agreed, and she and I walked off.  Credits roll until.. THE END.

Tantegel Town
  Armor Shop
Bamboo             10g      Inn            3g per person
Club               60g
Copper Sword      180g
Cloth Armor        20g
Leather Armor      70g
Leather Shield     90g

Garinham Town
  Armor Shop
Club               60g    Inn            3g per person
Copper Sword      180g      Item Shop
Iron Axe          560g    Herb            10g
Leather Armor      70g    Torch            8g
Chain Armor       300g    D-Scale         20g
Iron Shield       800g

Kol Town
  Armor Shop
Copper Sword      180g      Item Shop
Iron Axe          560g    Herb            10g
Iron Armor       1000g    Torch            8g
Steel Armor      3000g    D-Scale         20g
Leather Shield     90g    Warp Wing       24g
  Inn          12g per person

Rimuldar Town
  Armor Shop
Copper Sword      180g      Item Shop
Iron Axe          560g    Herb            10g
Steel Sword      1500g    Torch            8g
Iron Armor       1000g    Warp Wing       24g
Steel Armor      3000g
Magic Armor      7700g
  Inn              24g per person

Mercado Town
  Armor Shop(1)
Bamboo Rod         10g      Item Shops
Club               60g    D-Scale         20g
Copper Sword      180g    Warp Wing       24g
Leather Armor      70g    Repellent       12g
Chain Armor       300g    Keys            24g
Iron Shield       800g
  Inn              50g per person
  Armor Shop(2)             Armor Shop(3)
Iron Axe          560g    Flame Sword    9800g
Steel Sword      1500g    Silver Shield 14800g
Steel Armor      3000g
Magic Armor      7700g


Main Character
level  3 -  Heal
level  4 -  Firebal
level  7 -  Sleep
level  9 -  Radiant
level 10 -  Stopspell
level 13 -  Return
level 15 -  Repel
level 17 -  Healmore
level 19 -  Firebane

                        THANK YOU
First and foremost I would like to thank my Savior and Lord Jesus
Christ.  Without him nothing would be possible.
Secondly, I would like to thank my wife for all of her love and support.
Third, I would like to thank my parents for all of their love and
discipline throughout the years.
Fourth, I would like to thank my brother.
Finally I would like to thank CJayC for creating this site, and
publishing me.  God bless you CJayC.

I am Biblically correct, not politically correct.
                         LEGAL SECTION
This FAQ is copyrighted by Family Friendly Gaming.  Any use of anything in this
must acquire my express written consent, first and foremost.  Nothing
from my FAQ(s) can be used without my written consent.  This FAQ is
intended for people to use to help them get through the game, it is not
intended to make anyone any money at all.  You can contact us at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I can also be found on some of the GameFAQs.com boards.  I am Wyldcard.
Tell me what you think of my FAQ  :o)

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