System: Xbox 360, PC Rating: M (mature) for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, strong language, partial nudity Prey. One of the first FPS games for 360 and it\'s also available for PC. This review is based around the 360 version, so I don’t know about the PC version. If you don’t know, prey is one of the first games ever to be released on a videogame console. About 40 years ago it was supposed to come out on the old intelvission system but the company went bankrupt and everything went downhill. But humanhead and 2k games brought it back to life, and here’s my review. In prey you take the role of Tommy, a Cherokee Indian Garage mechanic who lives on a reservation with his girlfriend, Jen. (There are no sex scenes with her) you are introduced to all the characters in about ten minutes. Then everything goes up in chaos.

Graphics: 10

Even though they aren’t eye-popping good, they are amazing and the world of the sphere is amazing. It uses the Unreal engine 3, and its graphics are unparalleled for 360. I Can’t say anymore.

Storyline: 9

There is a good storyline to the game, to bad it lasts 5 hours. It’s excellent, some diversions, and brain bending puzzles, but its great.

Audio: 10

Surround sound with Dolby, hi-def audio, and excellent voiceovers, it makes the game real, and I’m not kidding.

Controls: 10

Smooth like butter. The controls are great, and work mostly like Perfect dark zero. Very responsive, and changeable.

Objectionable Content

Here is where the game goes so downhill it’s not funny. First off blood is not a huge factor in this game, but there’s still a lot of it. Lots of the parts are pretty scary, and extremely gut wrenching, definitely not for the weak hearted. The game is a FPS, so it\'s really not surprising that it\'s violent. –10 points for violence, blood, and gore. The language is just horrible. the F word is said clearly about 50 times through out the game. –5 points. But you can turn it off by going to the audio change in the pause menu, so it drifts away like a dream. +1 There isn’t much nudity in this game. The aliens and some of the other creatures do not where that much clothes, but you kill them and they go away. The last boss, Mother, is scantily clad but not horribly, and you can study her that well. –3.5 for lack of clothing. The last thing that might be objectionable is the spirit walk. With this little added mini-game, you shoot wraiths to replenish Tommy’s spirit and health. Now the spirit walk is where you leave Tommy’s body and you can sneak up on enemies, and its not hugely exaggerated, and it follows some of the ancient Indian myths. I really didn’t care about it, but it might bother other people. Borderline magic (hard to tell if occult) is used by player. -3.5 pts I’ll give this game a nine for its fun game play, crazy hard puzzles, and its good storyline but for the weak hear mind or spirit or stomach this game is definitely not for you. there is a demo on xbox live marketplace and I would recommend checking out first.

Final Score 78%


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