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Developer: Eidos ESRB: T Price: $19.99 (I\'m pretty sure) $4.99 for used on Well, this is it. The big-time mindless slug-fest known as Timesplitters. You get to fight in different eras, with different guns, and different player models.

Game Play 13/20

Well, your typical shoot-em-up game play. Point, shoot, repeat. But, there are a few little aspects you can play around with. There\\'s a fairly simple map editor you can use to make your own maps with, which I still haven\'t QUITE found out. You can set custom bot and weapon sets for pretty good re-playability, but the single-player campaign totally stinks. There are three levels, and three difficulties. Oh well, at least you can have fun trying to beat your previous records. (Time based, time going up) The game modes for arcade include: Deathmatch, Bag Tag, CTB (Capture the bag) and Knock Out.

Graphics 5/10

Well, it\'s a PS2 game, but the graphics aren\'t exactly superb. Sometimes looking poly-gonish, the models are decent. Weapons in the first-person viewpoint are quite horrible looking. The maps were actually decently-done, better than the other things, but still not THE best.

Sound 5/10

One big impact on the sound! There is no dialogue! Not in text, OR in voice. The only sound you hear is faint footsteps and BIG gun shots. Not even too realistic gunshots, either.

Stability 5/5

Nothing wrong here. I have not noticed any glitches whatsoever.

Controls 5/5

Very flexible, and simple. There are 3 different control configurations you can choose from, and they are all relatively simple. Yes, there is the option to turn the invert off.


Violence 4.5/10

Well, all of the game is pure shooting. Mainly in self-defense, for the campaigns, but when it comes to arcade mode, it\'s defiantly just shooting for the sake of shooting. The zombies heads can be blasted off, but there\'s no blood.

Language 7/10

Well, seeing as there is no dialogue, it\'s pretty good. However, there is a player model titled as ?Bad*** Cyborg?;. But, that is the only instance of a swear there is. No sexual dialogue, obviously.

Sexual Content 8.5/10

Very minor cleavage. Some tight clothing, but not much.

Occult/Supernatural 7/10

Well, it is all pretty minor. There are zombies and mummies, and an ankh. In the ?bag tag? game mode, if you are in the tomb, you will be required to run around carrying an ankh, for that is the bag. Any other content issues are irrelevant in this game, and are not to be seen.

Totaled up, the game rating is 60/100.

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