(From E.B. Games.com) An epic war has struck the Marvel universe and its outcome is in your hands! Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects delivers the most authentic and cinematic Super Hero fighting experience ever seen in a video game while remaining faithful to Marvel\\'s comic legacy. Pit the most legendary Marvel characters against The Imperfects, a group of Super Heroes created collaboratively by Marvel, EA, and top comic book industry talent, in all-out duels to determine who among them is the most powerful of all. Control a number of characters from Marvel\\'s library of Super Hero families including Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Iron Man. Pummel and ultimately crush adversaries in fully interactive and highly destructible arenas and experience what it\\'s like to fully posses each Hero\\'s super powers.


For those of you expecting cartoon/comic violence, I am telling you now, that is not so. The violence is bloody (but seemingly only when your character is in rage mode) and brutal. The finishing moves are the most violent, and should not be seen by children. There are gruesome details(i.e., Magneto ripping a guy\\'s heart out in an X-men comic, graphic electrocution, brutal impalement, etc.) The blood is really senseless and looks very stupid (i.e., who expects the Thing to bleed!!! HE IS A ROCK, PEOPLE!!!). The sad thing is games like this that should be rated \\'T\\' will end up confused with games like the Incredibles which was rated \\'T\\' for cartoon violence. Violence: 2.5/10


The addition of bad language in the game was also a disappointment. And, once again, this makes the game sound stupid. Who'd expect Spidey, Iron-Man, and the Thing to cuss?
The worst I've heard any of them say is 'crud' and that's not even a cuss word! The only language I've heard, however was during the victory taunts, so if you turn down the sound during multiplayer or boss battles, you'll be fine. Language:6/10

Sexual Content/Nudity:

As usual, some of the super heroine/super villainess costumes are revealing, particularly Electra, the Wink, and Storm. Paragon\\'s outfit makes it hard to tell if it is revealing anything, but it is definitely suggestive. But this, of course, seems to be generic super-hero fare. Sexual Content/Nudity: 6.5/10


The character who uses magic is the Wink, as revealed in her origin. Electra is also a ninja assassin, and they are into that weird stuff. Also, in the unlockable X-men comic, 2 mutants (Professor X and Jean Grey) have psychic and telepathic/telekinetic mutant powers. Occult/Supernatural: 3.5/10


The game requires you to play as the supervillians (Venom, Magneto, the Imperfects, etc.) and Electra is an assassin. You have missions where you use an Imperfect (or an altered super-hero under mind control) to take out the good guys. Cloning and making creatures out of human body parts is also portrayed. Cultural/Moral/Ethical:6.5/10


The gameplay is fun at times, annoying at others. The Good: Fun gameplay, lots of playable characters, ragdoll physics, fully interactive environments fun multiplayer, good enemy A.I., and large fighting arenas. The Bad: Chain reaction explosions (makes for a really cheap K.O.) Over muscular weaklings (Imagine Storm throwing the Thing!), and the camera zooming out makes it hard to tell which character\'s which. Gameplay: 15/20


Really good graphics. The Human Torch's texture looks bad, and the inside of the mouths could use more detail, the shading looks weird at times, and the way Spidey's mask moves when he talks looks weird, but that's all I can say bad about it. Other than that, the graphics are incredible. It has really good character models, and good cinematics and special effects, as well as great animation. Graphics: 9/10


The voice acting was very unimpressive. It didn\'t exactly wow me. The sound effects were pretty good, and fit the effects nice. Although most of the sounds are punches, creaks, and explosions. Sound: 5/10


Aside from camera issues, the game runs very well. Stability:4/5


The controls are kind of complex. I didn\'t even know some of the characters could do half the stuff they could until I accidentally discovered it midway through the game. Once you get used to them they work fine. Make sure you read what the controls are before you play it.
It would have helped me a lot. Controls/Interface:3/5

Final Score: 61/100


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