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Being a huge Call of Duty fan, and owning all three games, I had high expectations for this game, the first of the series to come out on console. Sadly, it didn?t live up to the other games high standards.


The graphics are average at best. Activision (the makers of this game) obviously rushed it along to get it out in time for Christmas shoppers. When you shoot someone, the death animations are overacted. The faces are emotionless, and they all look the same. On the upside, there are many well-detailed weapons for you to choose from, and the AI?s motions are in sync with what they say.


The sound is the best part of the game. With all the different weapons for you to choose from, you never get tired of what you hear. There are many different tank sounds and you hear lots of varied comments by your comrades. The soundtrack is great, too.

Game Play

Not bad, but not that good either. The game copycats the original Call of Duty\'s Stalingrad level, and turns it into a basic \'follow your leader, and win the level\' type thing. There is a lack of checkpoints, too, so you will get frustrated playing the whole level over again when you died almost at the end. There are some great moments of sheer chaos, but in between, its \'same old, same old\'. Two levels require you to drive a tank, which I found exceptionally fun. There is no spit screen multiplayer, too, so if you plan to play this with your friends, you\'re out of luck. Another cool thing, is that you get to play on three fronts. Stalingrad for the soviets, North Africa for the British, and France for the Americans


It?s a shooter, so what do you expect? The blood is minimal, and I don\'t remember any curses, although there may be some. Enemies are bashed, shot, blown up, and ran over. If you?ve played the other Call of Duty games, you know what its like. There are a few swastikas also, if you\'re offended by that kind of stuff. Actually, pretty clean for a WW2 game.


The British missions are a lot shorter than the Russian ones for some reason. The American campaign is difficult, and i got stuck on it for a long time. The levels are a wide variation between long, and short. There isn?t much of a replay ability factor, though.

Final Ratings

Graphics: 2/5 Sound: 4/5 Game play: 3/5 Appropriateness: 3/5 Longevity: 4/5

Overall 75%

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