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The adventures of Cookie and Cream for the Playstation 2 by look like a children\'s video game by the bright and \'cute\' characters on the box, but underneath it\'s a really really hard game. The game is definitely only for two players, as it requires both cookie and cream to move at the same time and help each other finish level of obstacles under a set amount of time.


A weak point in the game, the Adventures of Cookie and Cream looks like, well, a children\'s book. The bright colorful pinks and greens will at time distract you from your main goal or the current obstacle. I give the graphics a C.


Oddly, I dig the sound. Through out the game we are treated to uplifting but stereotypical gaming music. Each stage has a different track, which is a nice addition to the average 3 to 4 tracks that change each world. A great puzzle in this game requires the two rabbit-like creatures to jump on a large piano and match a rhythm that is played. I give the sound a B+.

Controls and Game play

The best part of this game is the controls and the game play. The game requires you to activate a switch or push a log across the river so cookie can pass, and this is done really easily, by just pressing the circle button. The game play as I noted in the overview really needs to be played by two people, in single player, you must control both, and this is really hard. I give the controls and game play an A.

Offensive Content

Unless you are strongly against the fact the rabbit creatures fall into the water and disappear and reappear at the last checkpoint, nothing is offensive in this clean and fun E rated adventure.


I truly like this game, but only with two players. If you can\'t find anyone to play with, play something else, because the game is terrible in single player.

Graphics: C Sound: B+ Controls and Game play: A Offensive content: A

Overall: B+

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