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This game is definitely very fun to play and you can play along with a buddy, with the same computer and keyboard. You can collect Lego studs in the game that allow you to unlock certain characters in free play mode such as Sandtrooper, Jawa and Greedo. Free play mode is a mode in the game in which you are allowed to change into any character you have unlocked. This mode allows you to access new areas and also allows you to create your own unique character out of the many Lego figure pieces although some of the pieces we saw in the demo we couldn\'t use in the customization. One notable addition to the game is that if you change character in free play mode it doesn\'t change your alignment (In other words stormtroopers will still attack you if you turn into the emperor or another fellow stormtrooper.) and your health remains the same meaning you can\'t use the cheap tactic I used in the first demo: quickly changing characters to replenish your health. There is a new feature in the game in which you are allowed to build various items with not just Jedis but all no robotic characters. Some are rather useless but give you studs, others will lead you to a new area in the game. For example you must build an ATST to blow through a Lego wall to progress to the end of the first level. Speaking of vehicles you are also able to take control of Luke's Lanspeeder and ride the lizard creatures that the sandtroopers used for transportation. As far as replay ability I\'ve played through the demo several times and still have not been able to collect all of the ten Lego canisters. The biggest problem is that the camera is still generally static and multiplayer is painful to play because the camera doesn't pan out enough for both players to move around freely. It's a rather small problem as it just takes so getting use to but seriously the game would be a whole lot better if the camera followed you more like a traditional third person game and multiplayer was split-screen.


While the graphics are more cartoonish in style the graphics are still lame in some aspects, mainly the backgrounds look horrible. But as far as the Lego elements everything is amazing and vibrant. Everything else looks passable but not outstanding, as there isn\'t much visual variety outside of the Lego elements. The in game movies use the graphic engines and are usually rather cheeky but none of them got a laugh out of me.


Good music straight from the movies and awesome sound effects from the Star Wars universe. The Lego sound effects are also very well done especially the building sound effects.


I did have a graphical bug happen randomly once but I was still able to play and it only happened once.


The controls are all keyboard based and with one keyboard you can have two players. You use four keys to move around and four keys to perform actions. You have the jump key, force/build/interact key and swap person/enter vehicle key. But the last key is rather complex as it is both your ranged attack, melee attack and dodge key all rolled into one and sometimes it doesn’t work that well. For instance sometimes I will be very close to an enemy but instead of meleeing them I fire my ranged weapon. Other times I'll be firing my ranged weapon while moving yet when I push the key to dodge incoming fire it fails. Maybe it\\'s the moving part that trips it up. For Jedi characters it works fine because their ranged weapon is the force and there melee attack and dodge are virtually the same thing but any ranged character suffers. Also two additional keys are used for each player in free play mode to toggle through the characters. Gameplay-43/50


- Cartoon Type Silly, Non-Deadly Violence (Ex. Simpson’s Hit and Run, Crash Bandicoot) (You go around killing Lego men but it\'s all very cartoonish. You can rip Lego people\'s arms out of their sockets with Chewbacca. Also you can play as the emperor and his force attack is a mix of force choke and lightning and presented in a darker way.)(-2 pts) - No Blood (-0 pts) - No Gore (Many Lego figures become dismembered but hey they are Legos, what kid hasn\'t ripped apart a Lego figure before?)(-0 pts) - No Foul Language (None of the characters even talk.) (-0 pts) - No sexual dialogue. (-0 pts) - Characters wear very revealing clothing such as bikinis or lingerie (In free play mode you can customize a character and the Leia bikini figure can be used in this customization. I know it may seem silly seeing as her chest is completely flat but it still falls under this category. ) (-3.5 pts) - No Sexual Content (-0 pts) - There is no occult or supernatural environment in the game. (-0 pts) - Fairy tale type magic is used in game by player. (You can use the Force in this game but none of the force jargon is in the Demo seeing how no one talks anyway.) (-1.5 pts) - No authority issues involved with this game. (-0 pts) - No prejudicial bias in the game. (-0 pts) - No gross humor in the game. (-0 pts) - Good value decision-making is required to progress in the game. (You can attack innocent bystanders but if you do everyone else in the area turns on you, discouraging the attacking of the innocent.) (-0 pts)


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