Console: Game-Cube, Xbox, and Playstation 2
Release Date: October 20th, 2003
Category: Sports > Extreme > Snowboarding
Developer: Electronic Arts (EA Sports Big)
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Rating: E for Everyone (Comic Mischief, Mild Violence)

An enhancement to the already spectacular SSX Tricky, SSX 3 will send your couch out of the picture. You may find yourself standing up, screaming for success of your character, then rebuking your slippery fingers for the incomplete Uber trick. This game has 4 new characters. The game has 3 peaks each with around 5 levels. Unlock them, conquer them, and examine them, in this awesome new title: SSX 3.


The detail on the characters is stunning. The mountains in the background are extremely realistic. The formations on the mountain peaks are realistic. The spectators wave their hands and they are indeed more realistic. The wind streaming across your board at 70 MPH blasts snow in the rays of sun that grace this games sheer entertainment. The graphics are a noticeable improvement over the previous SSX title.


Nothing will get you more pumped than the techno that runs into your ears while you are 80 feet up in the air, busting out your moves in front of the Radio Big spectators. The characters are funny to listen to. The music is very cool. In no way does this section of the game lack a single sound-byte.


It will take you five minutes to get used to the controls if it is your first time playing a SSX title. On the other hand, it will take ten minutes to get used to the controls if you already have played a SSX title. There are a few more actions on the controller including 'Recover' which allows you to gain your balance before you crash, costing you many precious seconds in your race. A big difference is the ease of getting onto the pipes. The other change is the sensitivity of the directional pad.


One extra you will notice right off the bat is you don't pick which levels you wish to compete ride to them. And yet another being you can purchase all types of clothing, boards, and skills all at a lodge. The Movement of your character is faster and the tricks you execute gain you money, as well as points.


You won't find too much to wave a stick at here. The girls do wear revealing clothing, but that may be changed, depending on what clothes you purchase. There is a Buddhist peace guy who talks about weird things...nirvana and such. Also a psychopathic muscle man who just got released from the mental hospital. You will find this game appropriate for young children and mid range teen-agers alike.


This game will make all you parents tired, as you watch your children bounce up and down while they control the physical safety of their favorite character. The tunes in this game are clean, addictive, and fun. You will even enjoy watching the loading screens. The entertainment of pulling off the \'Worm\' on a snowboard 70 feet above the air is like no other. Turning off your system will be almost as hard as separating with your teen age love...and could in fact lead to just that if you don't keep a clock in the same room. This game is a blast, and a must have for everyone. I hope you have found this information helpful in the likes of where your next 50 bucks will be going.

Final Ratings

Game Play: A+ Sound: A Graphics: A Appropriateness: B Control: B

Overall: 92% Awesome game...very few flaws

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