Sonic Adventure D.X.: Director's Cut
Published by: Sega
Rating: E for comic violence

(From Case): \'Total CHAOS! Sonic and friends return to the Nintendo GameCube in their greatest adventure of all time! Experience all the epic thrills with enhanched graphics, more action, and all-new exclusive content!\'


The violence is not too bad. You never kill any humans, just robots and the Chaos Creature. You fight Dr. Robotnick(A.k.a. \'Eggman\'),and sometimes you fight Knuckles or Sonic, (Depending on who you use), but you do not kill them.


There is not really any bad language, Sonic talks like a Hippie, and Knuckles says \'Dang\' sometimes, but that is not cussing.

Sexual Content/Nudity:

Amy Rose has a crush on Sonic, but that is about it. Sometimes you can see her panties if the camera goes under her skirt, but it\'s like, for example, seeing Spongebob in his underwear, I mean come on, she\'s a hedgehog!

Sexual Content/Nudity: 8.5/10

Sonic the Hedgehog is an anime, so you can expect some eastern type stuff in there. Tikal is the mystical princess of an ancient tribe that keeps giving Sonic visions and gives him the power to become Super-Sonic to defeat Perfect Chaos. Also, you can use the magical \'Ancient Light\' to defeat enemies, and can collect talisman upgrades like the Warrior feather and Rhythem badge, and there are magical crystals that give the Chaos Creature power. It is required that you gain these powers to beat the game. Also, a bonus mission has you find a escapee from hell. Thus, there is a part of a level in hell. So in this area it\'s better (By a large margin) than Doom III, and worse (By an ever larger margin) than Finding Nemo.

Occult/Supernatural: 3.5/10

The game allows you to play as a bad robot named E-102 Gamma. Although he is a bad guy at first, he eventually meets a certain character,(I won\'t spoil it for you) who causes him to think about what he is doing. He eventually finds redemption and tries to defeat the evil Eggman. Although he turns good, there are some evil missions in the beginning. Just to let you know.

Cultural/Moral/Ethical 6/10

The gameplay is very good, and the story is very Anime. The game has a is free-roaming,The characters are upgradable,There are a bunch of characters to play as,(I almost classified this as an R.P.G.)and,it is Gameboy Advance compatable.Plus the gameplay offers lots of stuff after the game is done that should keep you busy for a while. You can unlock almost all of the vintage Sonic games, There are about a hundred bonus missions, there is great replay value, there are increasing difficulty levels that get harder as you play, and best of all... You can raise Chao! Chao are cute little virtual pets that you can raise. You can enter them in races, transfer them to other Sonic games v.i.a. the Gameboy Advance, and what they become in adulthood is determined by how you raise them. Great Stuff!


The graphics are dreadful by today\'s standards. They boast enhanced graphics, but if that is enhanced, then the original Sonic Adventure must have been very, very, very... very bad. The movie clip parts were good, but not the in game cut scenes. The character\'s mouths moved when they talked, but then the mouths disappeared when they were done. The gameplay makes it worth it though.


The sounds were pretty much vintage Sonic sounds. The \'Whoop\' when you jump, The \'Ding\' when you collect a ring, the \'Whapa-Whapa-Whap\' when Tails flies.That sort of stuff. The voice acting was not very good and the conversations sounded robotic. Also, like I mentioned before, Sonic sounds like a Hippie! Not cool, Daddy-O!(No wait... that\'s beatnik.)


The stability is ok. There are some spaces you should be able to walk into, but there is an invisible \'wall\' there. There are also normally solid object -like certain rocks,eg.- that were not made solid in the game and you pass right through. Besides that, the stability is good.


The controls are pretty simple. You learn them pretty fast. The interface is simple too. There is a very small learning curve, and the controls are virtually the same as Sonic Adventure 2.


Bonus points: Due to the story of redemption in the E-102 Gamma level it gets a +6 bonus.

Overall Score: 75%

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