Published by: Activision Developed by: Neversoft On:PS2, GameCube, X-Box, Game Boy Advance, PC, Mac Version reviewed: GameCube ESRB Rating: Teen for Violence, Blood, Mild Lyrics, Suggestive Themes

The game that started it all three years ago is back, with the third follow-up in as many years. Coming with a souped-up Create-a-Skater mode, a beefy (truly) Map Editor, and (omigosh!) brand spanking new levels! And did I forget that the game ditches THPS2\'s cruddy monetary system in exchange for the old Tony. Now, one of the first things you probably were thinking is how does a extreme sports game have Suggestive Themes?\'s like this: with the totally AWESOME Create-a-Skater comes with new outfits, it also comes with women. Oh\'re muttering in your chair--you can see where this is heading, and even though you probably can see where this is heading, I will state it for the more slow of us. The female skaters can have two choices: skimpy clothing, and non-skimpy clothing. An epiphany for the Tony Hawk games, it made me displeased with the creators to do this. This is for the no-girlfriend teens, and the not-married-30-something-geeky-porn-freaks.

But onto other beginnings in the series. The new revert move allows you to connect half-pipe tricks better than the manual trick which was used to connect flat-land tricks more efficiently, instead of having to ollie your way around the maps. It\'s a good thing, however, to have the revert move, which is basically a switch when you land, and though it takes some mastery to pull it off, it still is easier than pulling off a manual in a bowl or half-pipe.

The moves have been updated as well, allowing better flow. One of my favorite moves, The Jacka**, involves kicking the deck (skateboard) up into your face with blood spraying everywhere. It is bloody, but pretty funny to pull too. They have also added more basic moves, as well as special moves, such as the Coffin Grind. The fully interactive environments add to the general feel of the game, providing new heights in which to skate, including telephone wires, and construction sites. With more sites to skate on, there are more tricks to be pulled off, especially in levels like Tokyo and Airport.

From a Christian perspective, this game has blood, and is violent( because you are able to smack other players on the head when you are playing multiplayer). However, this is mild violence, and the blood can be filtered out, which is good, but detracts from the realism in the game. There is some language, and a few drug references in the lyrics, but you can turn off the music and put on your own. If only the GameCube had a CD Ripper like the X-Box so you can play your own CD\'s on the system, while playing the game. Overall, this game is pretty good, with beautiful visuals, flowing tricks, and no freeze-up at all. With all the new features, it is hard to see how a game can go wrong, and this game doesn\'t go wrong in many things. With the appropriate code to unlock all characters, and you will find that some of the unlockable characters are really bad. There are the Demoness, where you skate as a scantily clad demoness with a move called AC Air, the opposite of Christ Air, where you are making yourself in the shape of an upside down cross. Another move called Going Home, where you melt into the ground and become the likeness of a pentagram. Another character is known as Private Carrera, and she is rather...sexual. One of her moves is Ohhh Yeahhh!, where she has some moves that are provocative in nature. There is also the Neversoft Eyeball, where there is a skater that looks like Frankstein\'s Monster with a giant eyeball for a head. And then there is Ollie the Magic Bum, where you are a homeless man that is drunk.

Final Ratings:

Graphics: A Game play: A Control: A- Appropriateness: D Sound: A

Overall 84%

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