Murder on the Orient Express. (POSSIBLE SPOILERS?)

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Murder on the Orient Express. (POSSIBLE SPOILERS?)

Post by RedPlums »

Okay so the movie title has a sin in it and it's all about someone getting murdered, yada-yada-ya, whatever.


It is such a good movie! I have seen it three times and each time it just gets better!
This is my favourite version of Agatha Christie's world renowned Hercule Poirot.
It is a straight up mystery movie.

Sensual/innappropriate-ness? Very little. (Use of the word prostitute 4 times at most, as well as a conversation around the aforementioned word that a younger child would not comprehend)
Violence? Not much. Not Marvel/DC level, no limbs being chopped off, no massive amounts of blood. A couple of chase scenes that end up in some people being hurt, someone is shot at one point in the movie, but they only show a very little amount of blood. Obviously someone is murdered, but they don't go into detail when it happens, no blood flying, you don't even see the victim during the murder. But you do see the victim after wards, with all of the aftermath, blood and all.
Language? Not much. From what I can remember there isn't any language at all in this movie. However that doesn't mean that there isn't some.
Drugs? Moderate. One character in the movie is addicted to Barbital, and it is made known.

There is one scene towards the end where a character holds a gun to his/her head, which could be distressing to some viewers.

But this movie is so good! It is just a straight up mystery movie, and unless you've read the book, I can almost guarantee that you won't know who did it until the end.

I would recommend it for all people ages 10 and up.

It also has some VERY good acting and picture. Many well known actors, including, but not limited to, Dame Judi Dench, Kenneth, Branagh, Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz...

Go see it.
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Re: Murder on the Orient Express. (POSSIBLE SPOILERS?)

Post by ArcticFox »

I'd like to see it at some point.

I read the book and enjoyed it, but from the trailers it looks like they must have changed a bunch of things. Makes sense though, if it were exactly the same it would be boring.
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