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I've been playing MMOs since the early days of Ultima Online. In fact, MMOs are what made me leap from being a gamer to a game developer. I try my best to at least try out a variety of them... both because I generally enjoy MMOs but I also like to see what they are doing from a game systems standpoint.

There are some reasons that I love FFXIV:

-Story (I'm very narrative-driven)

-combat and how different classes play (yes, low-level combat is far too simple but it steadily ramps up to become insanely fun)

-all classes in one character (this is almost enough to make other MMOs annoying on its own)

-good balance of content in terms of breadth and depth (normal raiding, gold saucer, hunts, crafting, dungeons, alliance raids, potd, Savage raiding, and so on)

-nice community (it's nice to just get to hang out and chat, people are fun and friendly) -lots of FF references (FF is my favorite franchise, and XIV is, to me, the best FF I've played) -respects your time but makes investing more time worthwhile (easy to reach skill floor, harder to reach skill ceiling - same for gear and FFXIV Items)

I get that it's not for everyone and that's good; if it was it'd be pulled in too many directions to be good for anyone.

So what is it that you enjoy about FFXIV? What keeps you coming back for more?

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