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Cheryl Gress
29 May 2023
Thank you G Fuel for sending us a review sample!G Fuel’s Rapid Fire mandarin orange flavored drink i...
29 May 2023
In baseball, the Cincinnati Reds embarked on a journey in 2023 that transcends the ordinary. This se...
29 May 2023
  Introduction Embarking on the journey toward becoming a certified professional in project manageme...

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toprow1Arcade shoot-’em-up action is back! Team up with the entire family for explosive action, signature humor and thrilling adventure.


toprow1Race on 15 tracks full of thrilling obstacles – including the great Gigantosaurus himself!


toprow1The world has grown uninhabitable, forcing humanity to live in isolated colonies. Yuuki, an ordinary student, resents the monotonous life she leads at school.


toprow1"Last Command" takes inspiration from the snake game, but adds two additional actions, "Dash" and "Analyze."


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