My Beliefs That I Decided To Write

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My Beliefs That I Decided To Write

Post by ShadowedStarr »

Alright, my dad said I could post this. I'm sorry if you have to take it down for some reason. Please enjoy this is you can! I know I'm not the greatest writer but I tried!

So, I was finishing up school when I got an idea to just start writing so I wrote this.

I've lived in the United States my whole life and this place is a mess. Sure, it's getting a bit better, but it's still a mess. I know this is not what the Founding Fathers wanted for America. They did not want babies killed just because people said that they're not children or they don't want it. They didn't want thousands, maybe millions to be killed in shootings and terrorist attacks.

I find it quite sad that people are saying the Constitution, the things on which the nation was founded, is out of date. I barely see anything good or happy on the news. It's all about shootings, criminals, death, and politics. We need more people to stand up for their beliefs and not be scared about what the world will think of them.

We need to be strong in these days, not do what is popular or what the media says. We need to find a way to stop the senseless violence without arresting people who might commit crimes, yelling and screaming, hurting others because they don't believe what we do, or telling others they have to change their opinion otherwise we won't be friends with them anymore. Sure, we are all human and there will always be crazies in the world, yelling and screaming, fighting and shooting, but it doesn't have to be us.

This is the land God gave us, this is our Zion. God has made sure that no matter what battles or wars America goes into against others to keep our land that we win every time. Are we really going to tear down this sacred land God gave us down from the inside? Are we going to break this country of freedom, hope, and light by fighting with each other? When the United States was still new, people would come from all over from many countries to join in our freedom. Are we really going to give away that freedom just because we can't agree? The Founding Fathers wanted us to be free, have free speech, the power to defend ourselves, to not have slavery exist in our land, and the freedom to do what we need to in our homes. This is all being taken away from us as we speak. People are listening to what we are saying when in private, taking away our means of defense, they send us to jail if we say the wrong thing, and even though most people don't talk about it some people in the States are being forced into slavery.

In my mind every day I ask “ Is this what my home has come to? Is this really what freedom is now?” If we Americans continue on this path of destruction, abortions, shootings, terrorists, and people listening to our every word, forced vaccines, forcing children to be the opposite gender or no gender, America will surely fall apart. We need to stick to the amendments in our Constitutions. They are the building blocks of our nation. If we don't follow these words or call them outdated or false we will fall apart and then what will this country be? Will we still be Americans or will we just be people? Will we be treated as animals or be forced into slavery? What will happen to us if we make our country fall apart? We are the people who can change the world for better or worse, but first we must fix our own county, our own homes.

We are teaching the children of today all the wrong things. Most cartoons for children for children seven and up that I see are full of innuendos, violence, and just to put it plainly all the wrong things. Children should not be watching and learning these things! I do not hate anyone, I am just stating what I believe, even if I must stand alone to do so. So many people are afraid to stand up and say what they believe because they think they will be hated by others or judged by the media. Yes, we may be hated and judged but many will love that we stood up and said what we believe to be true. We must be strong and anchored in the truth, we need to make sure our children know the truth and know what to do when they are out in the world. So many people will try to get us to follow their path and believe their truth but do not follow them until you find the real truth and if they are lying, do not follow them. I do not care what religion you are, if any religion, but to know the truth you must pray to God to know the truth, and listen to your heart to find the truth.

We need to be happy. Being happy is crucial to to being able to keep ourselves, others, and this country afloat. We need to follow what the Constitution says and follow God's Ten Commandments because these things hold the truth. We need to push through the dark clouds that surround us and grasp hold of others and help them out of the dark clouds of false truths, sorrow, and pain the world puts on them. We need to have faith that even if it takes awhile God will help us through everything. We must fix this country before it falls apart. If America does fall how will we fix what we did? We must not make America fall apart from the inside. We must follow God's commandments, the Constitution, and our hearts. We must help others find the truth so they will not become lost in the world. We must raise our children in the truth and make sure they know how to lead since they will be the ones to carry on the nation when we are gone.

This is what I believe in and as one of the prophets in my church once said “Sometimes we must stand alone.” We must stand up for the truth, our country, our lives, our family, our hope, our truth, and our beliefs.

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Re: My Beliefs That I Decided To Write

Post by ccgr »

I agree. This world is falling apart morally and it's getting worse every day. However, there are still people coming to Christ and they need chance before God presses the "Reset" button on this planet. Unfortunately things will get worse before they get better. Until Jesus returns we need to be witnesses and show people God's love and truth in this messed up world.

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Re: My Beliefs That I Decided To Write

Post by Beastbot »

This is the land God gave us, this is our Zion. God has made sure that no matter what battles or wars America goes into against others to keep our land that we win every time.
This is the only part of your post I disagree with. The U.S. is not Israel. Now, of course if we follow God's law he will bless us-- but this is the case for any nation. The U.S. also has a unique, special founding as well, and I believe God helped it along in some ways (there's no way Washington survived as many battles as he did without divine intervention), but I think we're mistaken if we put the U.S. up to "Chosen" status. It is not mentioned in the Bible or Revelation at all.

Also, since our decline if you'll notice, we've stopped winning battles and wars. I honestly believe that we're long past the point of turning back as a nation-- it's a matter of if, not when, our nation collapses now, IMO. In certain respects I would argue we already have collapsed. Save what/who you can, remember God's Word, and be prepared.
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