OverSpace Odyssey! -- space simulation in a first person view!

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OverSpace Odyssey! -- space simulation in a first person view!

Postby LAVA89 » Fri Nov 25, 2016 12:28 pm

OverSpace Odyssey
In OverSpace Odyssey, you assume the role of a lone space pilot in a small cruiser. You fly through the galaxy exploring the unknown.

Being that you're the sole commander of your ship, you command it manually from the inside. And not only can you walk inside your small ship, but you can also walk outside of it-- top, sides, bottom and all around the ship; using anti-gravity.

Through your travels you'll run into hazards (like meteors and spiders) which you will shoot with a gun in the style of a first person shooter and enemy spaceships which you will battle through your vessel's defense and weapon systems in the style of a tactical combat game.

It is foremost a sandbox game that combines first person shooting, space simulation and adventure elements.

The objective of this current version of the game is to go to four different sectors and find four pieces to an artifact.

Back in 2012 I released a little game called SpaceJourney and made many significant updates since then. However, people had trouble running the game, so I decided to move things over to the much more stable game engine, Unity3D!

I also thought the game was overdue for a name change. So the project is now called OverSpace Odyssey!

OverSpace Odyssey: Gameplay Trailer
This video is a culmination of the work I've done moving it over to the new engine.

Also, I will admit that beginning of the video is kind of slow (mostly showing off the scenery) but it gets more action packed at about 2:58.






I hope that I can release a playable version of the game in the new engine very soon!

Aside from getting the game up to speed with where SpaceJourney was, I have many updates planned. Here's the major ideas I want to implement in the future:
- Interface on laser gun, giving the player more stats when they're away from the ship
- Achievements
- Communication system (i.e. A radio which can play music and receive distress calls)
- A form of currency and trade with friendly non-player ships.
- being able to save your game
- moar polish!
- items that can be picked up and moved around.
- A tow-able freighter (will expand on this when I get closer to releasing this update)
- boarding enemy vessels and having gun fights
- Sleeping \ dreaming
- moar polish!
More Info
I also I made a page on Facebook and indieDB. However both of these sites are in transitional phases, from SpaceJourney to OverSpace Odyssey.

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Re: OverSpace Odyssey! -- space simulation in a first person view!

Postby ccgr » Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:39 pm

Nice work! Glad the porting over to Unity3D is going well. Keep it up!

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Re: OverSpace Odyssey! -- space simulation in a first person view!

Postby harold5187 » Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:30 pm

I found your Overspace video on YouTube, watched it, good job! Unity isn't that easy of a game engine to deal with, I only know of it from the perspective of a gamer playing games that utilize this Engine. I do have a Business Programming background, but that doesn't do me any good in the Gaming Industry.

I have the video game in my head, already completed, the story line is completed! I discovered you can't create a game, without first creating a story line, because the story line creates a starting point where features and functionality can be introduced. For example, how do you know what the game can do, if you don't know why your in the game, or what situation brought you to where you are. 7 Days to Die was created before a story line was ever developed. So many Early Access developers creating the frame work for games, and then adding the story line, after the fact.

I don't know what to do with my game. Most of the documentation is complete, or complete enough to give a full picture of what the game is about and what I want to accomplish. Only thing I don't have is a "title", lol

I was smart enough to think of it all, but too dumb to name the game!

Marketing is an intended deception towards the gamer; Don't worry, it's a good deception...

The Mars Colony
The Martian Campaign
First Contact - Remnants
The Sentinel Wars
Victory - Enemy of my enemy
AI Wars

There are three surprises I want to keep concealed during the marketing phase. 1) First Contact 2) Sentinel's 3) AI Wars

The Mars Colony
During this phase we teach the gamer how to play the game and get used to the controls.
Exploration and breathing in the universe and all it has to offer, with escalating amounts of the storyline being picked up along the way.
During the late 22nd Century, Earth had established it's first Colony on Mars. Over time, all but a few remained who were of the original group, now aged in years, they hold only advisory positions. The real decisions being made by the younger generation, whose ideals and philosophies were moving in directions considered by Earth's International Community, to be dangerous and closely bordering the lines of treason. It had been a joint International venture that had led to the establishment of the Mars Colony. Tensions were beginning to rise; Folks around the systems were talking, many were listening, but the scary part is, ...no one was disagreeing!

Mars wants it's own Independence from Earth on grounds that only a few remain alive, on Mars, that were actually born on Earth, thus based on this fact, Mars is no longer an Earth Colony, no longer subject to Earth rules, expectations, or demands. An Independent Mars can decide it's own Economic policies with regards to Earth, instead of having to meet unfair demands! Earth is not having it!
After about 20 or so hours of gameplay we feel we're ready to give the gamer more responsibilities...

If you want like what you see so far, and are interested in the rest, let me know; I'm not a Graphic's Programmer, I wish I was... Maybe that's why God gave us all unique abilities, so that we would need each other, and have a respect for each, our own abilities.

The secret about the game is this... It's not about the Mars Colony, nor the war between Earth and Mars, ...nor is the game about First Contact, the Remnants, whose planet, Rem, was destroyed by an advanced Bio-mechanical Machine Race, sweeping across the universe destroying all in it's path through "diplomatic promises" of universal peace, harmony and good will towards all, ...while secretly harvesting their body parts to complete a secret Agenda which would introduce a new threat into the game, ...the Sentinel, thus ushering in the Sentinel War, but the game is not even about the Sentinel War... It's about the AI War!

The last phase of the game is the AI War, because the AI realized that all this war and chaos did not exist before the gamer showed up, and it would have been just as easy to program a peaceful game, as opposed to a destructive war game.

Let me know if you want all I have on it... It's taken me years to create this game in my head... It's a replacement for an Aliens: Conquest sandbox game I had developed in my head, along the same lines, but far a better aspiration than was given through Alien: Isolation, a big disappointment, and not even a sandbox game.

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