Blind Prophet, Episode 2: Spiritual Warfare Free on the Amazon Kindle!

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Blind Prophet, Episode 2: Spiritual Warfare Free on the Amazon Kindle!

Postby ccgr » Thu May 04, 2017 5:26 pm

Blind Prophet, Episode 2: Spiritual Warfare Free on the Amazon Kindle!

Blind Prophet, Episode 2 will be launching in the Amazon Kindle store on May 30th, when it will be free for two days!

Flemington, NJ-May 4, 2017 - The second episode in a series of seven planned episodes in the Blind Prophet comic book series will be launching on May 30th, 2017 in the Amazon Kindle store. The series has received solid reviews from diverse audiences, including many non-traditional comic book readers. Blind Prophet, Episode 1: A Prophet Is Born made its debut in the Kindle store on March 18th and the plan is to publish the first four episodes that are already in print in EBook form over the coming months.

“We’ve been marketing the comic books and the Blind Prophet, Part 1 compilation quite successfully at Comic Cons, and look forward to expanding our audience on the Amazon Kindle,” says the author, Joseph Cillo, Jr, “We decided on using a free-download strategy to kick off the book launch. We want to give people a really good deal, and there’s not much better deal than FREE!”

Blind Prophet is the story of a boy, Daniel Prophet, born blind and autistic, who undergoes an experimental procedure that allows him to see into the spiritual realm, where demons tempt and angels defend. In Episode 2, Daniel’s visions become much more vivid, as he gains insight into how to interpret them.

“I wrote the episodes so that a reader can easily start with any of the first three, and understand what is going on. In fact, most comic book stories will start with something exciting that happens in the middle of the story, and then go back and tell the origin story. I wanted to tell the story in a traditional way, allowing the story to build, but by breaking the story into episodes, you can easily start with episode 2 or 3 and get the effect of a more modern comic book story.”

So, why Episodes, and not Issues? “Well, we sort of backed into making this a comic book,” Cillo went on, “It started as a screenplay for a movie. It’s really one big story told in seven episodes now, not an ongoing comic book series, though there is a set-up for a sequel at the end of Episode 7”

While the price for the printed version of Blind Prophet, Episode 2 is $4.99, the Kindle version will be available for just $3.99, once the FREE launch promotion expires. Anyone interested in downloading Blind Prophet, Episode 2: Spiritual Warfare for FREE can get a free sample with an alternate cover when they sign up to be notified at:

Blind Prophet, Part 1 is available in printed form on the Blind Prophet Website at, as well as on Inquiries for purchases directly from the publisher may be directed to [email protected].

Episode 1 is currently available on at:

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