Audio Bible Sung with Rock Music as Vehicle to Carry the Word

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Audio Bible Sung with Rock Music as Vehicle to Carry the Word

Post by ccgr »

Audio Bible Sung with Rock Music as Vehicle to Carry the Word

GREENVILLE, Maine, Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- For those interested in spending more time with the bible the Joe Bolf Band has created an easy, entertaining way to do so. Bolf has recorded whole books of the bible sung to rock music packaged into a new type of audio bible.

Bolf's audio bible contains 30 albums, 296 songs; 32 hours of music on a USB flash drive. It includes Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Ruth, King David and the New Testament. The four Gospels are condensed into one 2 ½ hour album of Jesus, "God With Us," sung in the first person.

A music major in college and woodcarver by trade, Bolf joined his passion for the bible with music and carved, colorful, wood panels to use as album covers. These are displayed as the music plays and grace the case of his audio bible.

Bolf used USB for easy transfer of files to computer, flash drive, CD & DVD and all files can be used on phones and iPads with the appropriate adapter.

"I am very excited about this project," Bolf said. "So many Christians, myself included, feel guilty for not spending more time in the bible. I also hope that those who would never go into a church or read the bible for themselves might be exposed to God's Word. I wanted to make it easy for everyone."

If on iTunes the total cost of this audio bible would be over $300.00. Bolf charges only $49.95.

Initially, Bolf gained national attention for both a carving of his daughter and his audio bible project in "Chip Chats," a magazine published by the National Woodcarvers Association.

The word of God is sharper than a two edged sword. Even when sung to Rock music.

Previews of the music, more information and how to purchase are all available at:

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