Prayer for my Youth Pastors' wife

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Prayer for my Youth Pastors' wife

Post by xXAerowenXx »

Hi all,
I haven't actually thought about doing this before (posting prayer requests from strangers online), but since I'm here I thought this might be a good idea :)
My youth pastor is a lovely and very gentle-hearted man (but very hard-core at sports during youth games!) and he has a family of about I think it was 7-8 kids? the youngest turning only one year old recently. His family and him lives in a humble little home and doesn't have a high paying job, but still always remembers to thank God, always smile, and always prays for all the youth kids everyday.
Anyways the thing I'd like prayer for is for his wife Andrea, she's been battling breast cancer for a few years now, and it has recently spread (I'm not too sure about the details). She's now in constant pain and hardly gets sleep mostly because she can't find relief or comfort from her pains. The closet she can find relief is if she sits on the couch sort of leaning her head back, and that's barely enough to help her sleep either. She's a very kind and wonderful person, she's always wanting to bake for us youthies during youth group and homegroup sessions (she has the mean as peanut butter cookies that I'm in love with), and she's always there to help Derek (her husband and my youth pastor) whenever he needs another pair of hands or just whenever she wants to and can. Their older kids (those who understand what cancer is) are also having a difficult time to adjust and find comfort in the situation, so it'd be awesome if you could pray for them as well, pray that they may find comfort and love from our heavenly Dad as they try to cope through this situation. Despite it all, both Derek and Andrea still remain faithful and thankful to God, and are always praising Him even through the storm. Thanks for your attention and prayers everyone ^_^
God bless.

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Re: Prayer for my Youth Pastors' wife

Post by ccgr »

Praying for their family, please keep us updated!

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Re: Prayer for my Youth Pastors' wife

Post by Avinson »

My prayers go out to that family.

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