Prayer request for ccgr health

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Prayer request for ccgr health

Post by rico001 »

I pray for healing over the ccgr family and health issues lately. Please help Lord amen.
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Re: Prayer request for ccgr health

Post by ong_elvin »

Here's the relevant snippets from the CCG discord for anyone wanting a bit more detail. Times are for me in Sydney, so subtract like 15 hours or so if you're in the USA.
Friday 17th September 2021
[10:35] IBJamon: So we've had several covid tests now, but no PCR. Of all of the tests, only one of the rapid tests came back positive - the rest negative, including me and my wife who have a 100+deg fever. While part of me would like to get natural immunity over with, perhaps 'normal' flu would be better :wink:
[10:37] IBJamon: either way, we want to get over whatever this is
[10:38] IBJamon: thanks for the prayers!
Saturday 18th September 2021
[23:48] IBJamon: My wife @ccgr just lost her sense of smell this morning! We thought we were past this with repeated negative tests... But this sure puts a spin on things
[00:53] ong_elvin, sus, very bad ideas: Noooo don't die Cheryl
[01:44] IBJamon: She's doing much better than I am right now. I'm 'okay' but still have a fever; she is mostly over the fever
Sunday 19th September 2021
[22:38] IBJamon: So an update on me: Cheryl is still doing well. I still have a fever. It's really important that I get over this fever, or things could get ugly... please pray. It's important. (Covid sickness)
[22:41] IBJamon: Also, yesterday my wife asked me to help dig some holes for trees with our new posthole digger. They were just watching me do it when... I lost control and it basically dislocated my shoulder. It went back in but my shoulder hurts BAD whenever any weight is put on that muscle... even the weight of my own hand. It's... bad. Please pray I can get it looked at without needing to go to the hospital. Going to the hospital is all but a death sentence for covid, so I have competing priorities here....

Monday 20th September 2021
[04:55] μ 🐟: does ibuprofin etc help?
[04:57] IBJamon: the problem is if I take a fever reducer I don't know if I'm breaking through the sickness or not

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Re: Prayer request for ccgr health

Post by ccgr »

Walgreens PCR test results show that Kaitlyn and Aaron are positive (Aaron was the first one to get and recover) I'll probably get my positive results tomorrow. I'm not sure how long it takes for symptoms to go away and to re-test in hopes of truly negative pcr results. Amber is coming down with symptoms now too. We're definitely home bound for a while now... Thanks for the prayers!

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