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Bokksu Japanese Snack Delivery Service

Thank you Bokksu for sending us a Classic box to review!

Bokksu is an authentic Japanese subscription plan that partners with centuries old snack makers to deliver sweet and savory treats to your doorstep. Looking at their website’s previous box themes, they seem to have started in 2016. Each monthly box has a theme that inspires the treats within.

Currently, there are two subscription plans available: Tasting and Classic. The Tasting plan has 10-14 snacks/tea pairings while the Classic plan provides 20-25 items. Each box comes with a 24-page Culture Guide Magazine that explains the origin, ingredients, and description of each of the goodies inside. Unless you can read fluent Japanese, I highly recommend looking through the magazine to figure out what everything is.

The booklet explains the box’s theme, and which region of Japan the snacks came from. You’ll also learn a few Japanese words and a recipe! Each food item is broken down by several categories: Manufacturer, Common Allergens, Region, Sweet/Savory flavor, and if it’s Vegetarian. Preparation instructions are also included as some of the teas are a little unique. The Kuromame tea consisted of black soybeans. The Full Moon Tea came with a paper cup mounting drip system that’s more intricate than your typical tea bag. Both teas were good and I tried them with and without sugar/honey to sweeten them to my liking.

I love Mochi ice cream so I looked forward to trying the Mitarashi Mochi. This treat didn’t survive the shipment process very well and was quite smooshed, but it still tasted good. The Usagi (rabbit) Chocolate Balls tasted good and seemed like good quality chocolate. The Rich Baked Chocolat lived up to its name and was quite flavorful. I also enjoyed the Chocolate Azuki Beans: Black Sesame Kinako and wished they came in a bigger package. They were all gone before I knew it!

If you’re not into chocolate, have no fear as there’s more than just chocolate sweets. The Hakata Mitsuki: Delicious Cheese Financier treat has a nice cheese and coconut taste that is quite delicious. Though peanuts are not listed as an allergen on the Funwari Meijin MochiPuffs: Kuromitsu Kinako, they reminded me of peanut butter. The Black Sesame Taiko: Kumamon Design is a sweet blend of seeds and tree nuts that blend together nicely in a thin wafer cookie. The Okashinai Cheese Manju is a cheese and bean-filled cake that is absolutely scrumptious!

On the savory side, there were lots of interesting flavors offered by this month’s box. The Barbeque Flavor Scones reminded me of Chex Mix, it was quite tasty. The black pepper was too overpowering for me to enjoy the Usuyaki Shokunin Chibisuke: Consume Black Pepper Flavor chips. The Gudetama Golden Pack: Tamago Kake Gohan Flavor reminded me of a big cheese puff. The Ofu: Fukairi Shichimi peanut and smoked crackers (salty Kix balls) was good. The Black Sesame Genmai: Honey Soy Sauce Flavor have the honey drowned out by the soy sauce to have a salty flavor to them. Lastly, the Nure-Agesen: Katsuo and Ume Flavor rice crackers reminded me of sushi Nori (seaweed).

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the selection of food offered. Given that I have a sweet tooth, it’s no surprise that I enjoyed the sugary items more than the savory ones. The teas were interesting as well. If you really fall in love with an item, you can order it individually on Bokksu’s marketplace. Shipping is included in both of the plans. If the price is little too steep, you can find 10-15% off coupon codes with a little search engine digging.

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