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Sound of Redemption – The Frank Morgan Story

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Sound of Redemption – The Frank Morgan Story was successfully Kickstarted in July of 2012.  It’s a documentary about the jazz saxophone legend who spent a good majority of his life in and out of San Quentin’s maximum security prison.  While Frank was in prison he was in a band that put on paid performances and was treated well by the warden.

Many of Frank’s incarcerations were drug or theft related.  To finance his heroin addiction, he often fenced stolen property.  In fact, he once stole some recording equipment in front of Stevie Wonder while he was practicing in a music studio!  

Frank Morgan rubbed shoulders with many legends including his inspiration, Charlie “Bird” Parker.  Despite his dad being a guitarist for the group Ink Spots, it was Charlie Parker’s smooth saxophone playing that swayed Frank to follow in his footsteps.  By the tender age of fourteen, Frank was good at playing the alto saxophone and played in various clubs in California including the one his dad owned, Casablanca.

When Frank was fifteen he auditioned and won a Freddy Martin talent contest in 1948, but because of his color, he never got to redeem his award for playing on live TV.  Besides discrimination, Frank had a rough life with his grandmother, mother, and father involved with and running brothels.  He didn’t spend too much time with his family and spent more time with his music friends who turned him onto heroin in the 1950s.  

Frank attended some wild parties in his lifetime and some of the images in the movie show painted and photographic nudity.  There is also drug and tobacco imagery.  Because of these issues and strong language, this film not to be viewed by younger children.

Despite all of the trouble Frank got himself in, he spent the latter half of his life out of prison and making a big impact in the jazz scene in the 1980s and beyond.  In his lifetime Frank released twenty CDs that earned him praise and recognition in various media outlets on television and in magazines.  My husband is really into jazz music and will be on the lookout for Frank Morgan CDs to add to his CD library.  He found the music to be very moving.

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