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Maya The Bee

Thank you Shout Factory for sending us this movie to review!

Maya the Bee was originally a German fairytale that dates back to 1912.  Since then it has been published into other languages, has become a TV show, and now it's getting the Hollywood treatment.  While the movie is a bit different than the book, much of the story remains the same.

Maya is born into an unstable beehive.  The aging queen is seen as "too soft" by her advisor and she schemes to replace her.  Meanwhile Maya is having trouble trying to find her role in the bee community.  Nobody seems to be as carefree as her and she seems to cause more trouble than is useful.  

After exploring the Meadows without permission from her teacher, she befriends a grasshopper and other insects.  It's here that the story borrows a bit from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.  Wasps and bees are hostile towards each other and any reason will suffice for starting a war with the opposing side.  Young bees and wasps are instructed not to communicate with other insects, but especially not bees or wasps.

Naturally, Maya and her best friend, Willy, meet a young wasp and save his life from a spider.  To save face from his angry father, he confesses that they saved his life, but denies his friendship with them.  They meet up later in the movie and he apologizes for that.

Later on in the movie a war is brewing between the wasps and the bees and they plan on attacking each others' homes.  The young friends unite despite their differences and rally insects from all over the meadow to stop the unnecessary violence.  

I don't want to give away the causes or the outcome of this battle as you should see this movie for yourself and benefit from the silly humor within.  My three kids enjoyed and laughed throughout the story.  There is some potty humor with the dung beetle rolling around what he's known for.  Maya is brave, charming, and loveable; my kids are looking forward to watching more of her adventures.    

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