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-People killing people in cold blooded murder (Ex. Grand Theft Auto 3) (-5 pts) (You can get killed in cold blood in this game, but you cannot kill, also there is a part wear an animal attacks another animal and eats it (the view of it eating it is blocked by a stump.). Also there are little clips of past memories that you can hear that have violent sounding noises (Like an arrow shooting.).) -No Blood (-0 pts) -No Gore (-0 pts) -Swear Words Acceptable for Prime Time TV are used Once or Twice (-3 pts) (They say hell and b*****d once.) -No sexual dialogue. (-0 pts) -No Nudity (-0 pts) -No Sexual Content (-0 pts) -There is no occult or supernatural environment in the game. (-0 pts) (There is a part of the game that involves going into what is referred to as ?Dream? but can be seen as a spiritual realm.) -No authority issues involved with this game. (-0 pts) -No gross humor in the game. (-0 pts) -Good value decision-making is required to progress in the game. (-0 pts)


Your main purpose in this game is to solve puzzles. The game has a point and click interface. Basically, you never use the keyboard. You point where you want to go, and click the left mouse button. Also you can click surfaces, and they make some sort of noise (If you click a pan, it makes a clanging noise.). Also you can take pictures of various things, and view them in game. Also you come across an artifact early in the game that allows you to see (or just here.) events that took place the past (This may be considered a magical item, but I didn?t think that was a big deal.). Also this same object will allow you to hear someone speak out the many journals found throughout the game. This game is rather a slow paced game. It?s more about the savoring experience than beating the game. Some puzzles involve sound, and I outright just used a walkthrough because it was way too hard. Also there is a time factor in several puzzles, so you have to be fast. This game has multiple endings, but there is only one that will give you the good ending. All the others result in your death. I found this game just way too hard and had to get some hints after playing only about an hour. I didn?t find this game very fun, but nonetheless the game just had a feeling of really being in the places that you were progressing through that almost made up for the frustrating puzzles. There is a journal you have where you can view your screenshots, and type a short message under each picture. The story is really the brilliance of this game. You visit four different ages (Basically different worlds.) in this game. The first one is Earth the exact location it the home of Atrus and his family called Tomahna. Tomahna is where you have to go to get to any of the other three. Haven is a jungle age full of mysterious creatures an a few surprise as well. Spire is a age that can best be described as a dark place full of rocks. Practically everything in this age is a rock of some kind. Serenia is a hard age to describe. It?s sort of a combination of Haven, Spire and Tomahna. It is inhabited by people, and is as its name suggests serene.


I never saw anything in this game that didn?t look real. There are plenty of unreal creatures, and places, but they look so real. The people look like they are really in the CG world. They used real actors and they all gave a great performance. It?s hard to explain how good the graphics are. The screenshots don?t do justice, because there is always something moving in each area.


The sound is TOO real. You can get lost in this game just trying to figure out where these sounds are coming from. In this game you can actually tap certain objects and get a sound. Like if you touch a pan, you will hear a metallic ring. Also if you touch fire (Which is a rather stupid thing to do in real life.) you will hear a hissing noise. There is plenty of ambiance noise for each area of the game. The music is once again by Jack Wall. It?s has a different feel that Exile, but it fits perfectly with the game. I think this is the best music for a game ever. He uses a lot of vocalization, and also Peter Gabriel performs a song called ?curtains?. Each age has a different feel of music. Jack Wall just has a style like none other. The main theme is very theatrical, while the Haven theme is a sort of a African like style.


I only had one problem. It was a graphic glitch that put a green film over a certain part of the screen. I could still move around, but it just looked weird. Also a word of wisdom: If you don?t have any problems with the game, DON?T download either one of the patches because they have messed up the game for people who had no problems before getting the patch. Other people reported some other minor bugs, but they were running it on very low-end computers. This game is demanding on your video card, you need a good one to run this game well.


Like I said in the gameplay section, you only use your mouse (and the keyboard just for typing if you use the journal (Which I didn?t use.).). It takes about maybe 5 min, at the most, to learn the controls. All you really need to use is the left and right mouse buttons! The menu is simple and easy to use.
Bonus Points
- The story in this game delivers a good moral lesson. (+3 pts)

Final Score: 84

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