System Requirements
CPU: 500Mhz OS: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP RAM: 128MB HDD: 100MB Video: 32MB DirectX 8.1 Compatible Sound: 16 bit DirectX 8.1 Compatible Age: Mature
Cate has come to Akron, Ohio, in search of clues relating to Project: Omega, an enigmatic Soviet plot that threatens to bring about World War III. When her mission takes a sudden turn for the unexpected, she finds herself in a trailer park with ninja assassins all around and a tornado closing in. Her only hope of escape is to defeat the ninjas and their mysterious leader, Isako, before she ends up somewhere over the rainbow or six feet underground. *

What\'s in the demo?

The demo contains chapter 6, Tornado trouble. You are in a trailer park with a tornado closing in. If that\'s not bad enough, you must fight numerous female ninjas in order to get to the boss Isako. Once you get to the boss don\'t expect much, this is considered a teaser and now I know why. Either case, I know what to expect in the final game. Fortunately there is ammo, health, and armor around the park so make sure to scour the trailer patios.


There are many ways to rid yourself of these pesky ninjas. You have your trusty 9mm gun with a couple rounds to start you off. Make sure you search the corpses as you will find katanas and shurikens (throwing stars). Dodging is a skill you will have to master, especially with all the shurikens coming your way. There won\'t be a dull moment!

What to expect in the full game

The full game will have a lot to offer. In the demo you are in Ohio, but the full version will have you traveling to places like India, Japan and Siberia. There are forty single player maps. Multiplayer is not in the demo but will be in the full version. There will be a four player co-op mode which sounds cool.


From a Christian perspective this game is rated mature for violence. I was glad to see an option to turn off blood. However that didn\'t seem to work in the demo very well. Cate\'s outfit is a little light on the top, I suppose it helps make her more agile?

Overall experienceEase of use

The game was easy to install and the interface is pretty easy to get around. The color scheme and music remind me of Austin Powers. For controls you use the keyboard (WASD) and mouse. The graphics were great using the Lithtec engine. The character detail was realistic on the cutscenes. The environment and sound effects were great too. It seems that there are issues with many popular sound cards, mine included; the voices cut out. They say the newest drivers are suppose to fix it but haven\'t on mine. I hope this gets resolved with the full game. The game ran very stable otherwise. Overall this looks like an action packed game. I have yet to play the retail version, however it may have objectionable innuendos like the original.

Final Ratings

Graphics A Game play B+ Sound B+ Interface A Stability C Offensive Content B-

Overall 80% B-

*taken from the demo readme

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