The best character of the Multiversus game – who is?


The best character of the Multiversus game – who is?

When you look at games it is difficult sometimes to understand clearly, what is the leading point. For example, what is the main storyline? Or who is the main character? With the Multiversus game, the situation is a little similar. Looking at all the variety of characters present in the game, it is pretty difficult to say which is the hardest, or the most interesting to play. Learn the Multiversus best character with Mobalytics and keep surprised!


The source that provided the tier list to discuss in this article is called Mobalytics. As the name suggests, they are occupied with making analytical content concerning games and other similar pieces. To be more specific, the Mobalytics team provides:

This blog is a place, where the team publishes information on less popular or new games. Multiversus is one of them.

Him? Really? 

According to the tier list that Mobalytics has made, the best character of Multiversus patch 1.01 is Bugs Bunny. This carrot liker has magnificent abilities and almost invisible disadvantages to notice. Moreover, he is not so difficult to handle, which makes him even better than the other characters with similar features. However, it would be a mistake to consider the heroes of lower tiers much worse than him – and it gives an idea of quite a curious power balance to experience!

To learn more about the tier list that Mobalytics prepared, follow the link above or explore the website to find even more interesting things to enhance your gameplay experience. Remember that Mobalytics watches the newest events happening and tries its best to deliver relevant messages in time!