Game Info:

Developed by:Reflections
Published by: Ubisoft
Release date: November 27, 2017
Available on: Windows
Genre: Musical exploration
Number of players: Single-player
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Price: $4.99

Thank you Ubisoft for sending us this game to review!

Ode is a relaxing musical exploration game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages who appreciate music. In all honesty, the beautiful visuals attracted me to this game over the musical aspects, but I enjoyed both in this game. There are no time limits or hard goals in this title, but you do have to complete one level before moving onto the next one. In total, there are four worlds to explore.

Your main character is a cute little fellow who travels around in a sphere Monkey Ball style. Throughout the levels are orange orbs that need to be collected. While you don’t have to collect them all, you do need to have enough to traverse some areas and completing levels requires you to give away some orbs away to various green life forms.


Strong Points: Fun and relaxing game with beautiful visuals and four whimsical levels to explore
Weak Points: The camera controls can get in the way at times; got stuck once
Moral Warnings: None

The orange orbs allow your character to roll around even faster, turn into climbing pillars, or weave around in the air like a snake. With more orbs, you can stretch out further while you’re a pillar. Thankfully, the orbs are plentiful and not too difficult to find.

Each of the levels have a few giant green creatures that have to change color in order to complete the level. In order to change their color, you have to give the smaller green blobs one of your orbs. Some of the smaller green blobs are easy to reach and others not so much. You’ll have to change your form or utilize your orb flinging ability to reach some of the distant green blobs. Once all of the green blobs, big and small, have been changed to gold, your character can advance to the next level.

Score Breakdown:
Higher is better
(10/10 is perfect)

Game Score - 88%
Gameplay - 18/20
Graphics - 9/10
Sound - 9/10
Stability - 4/5
Controls - 4/5

Morality Score - 100%
Violence - 10/10
Language - 10/10
Sexual Content - 10/10
Occult/Supernatural - 10/10
Cultural/Moral/Ethical - 10/10

While some thought is required in figuring out how to reach all of the little green blobs, most of the fun in Ode is the exploring. The worlds are colorful, whimsical, and full of music. As you roll over mushrooms and other jelly like objects, you’ll hear various instruments and musical notes playing. The music is pleasant to listen to and it changes often. There are no time limits or penalties so carry on and make some noise!

Unfortunately, I did get stuck once and had to restart the level to get moving again. Sometimes the camera angles were annoying, but I was too mesmerized by the pretty visuals to get bent out of shape over it.

Since there are only four levels it won’t take you long to complete the game. You can always go back and replay your favorite level/world. The price is a reasonable $4.99 and I have seen it on sale for $2.49 around the holidays. Ode is fun for people of all ages and the price of admission is fair for the relaxing and fun environments that await you in this 3D adventure game.

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